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Dear Diary?,

I have always thought of diaries as some stupid piece of shit for little girls.

Whenever I receive one I throw it into the black abyss I call my room.

But things have changed.

My eyes have seen things that I should have never seen. It has made me go crazy and lose control.

I keep to myself, it's called being shy.

I need to tell someone what I saw, but it is my problem, and can never be any one else's. I do not want to drag someone else into this. It is my funeral not theirs.

I can tell no one of what I saw, it is too dangerous, and so for now I am alone.

No one can know what I saw, so I entered the black abyss I call my room, grabbed this crappy diary, and decided to tell it my tale.

I never liked diaries, but I need to let my fear out somewhere, so here it goes…

A walk, it was just a walk, but it forever changed my life.

In all my 17 years of life, nothing has been inscribed in my mind more than this, the pain is unbearable.

For the first time in 17 years I was truly scared for my life, and I have a feeling that the fear will be hear to stay for even longer.

Me and my beagle, Lucy went for a walk. We always enjoy a walk in the forest, so it seemed just like one of our regular walks, but let me tell you it was not even close to one of our ordinary walks.

As we were walking I noticed Lucy start to tense up, and her ears stood in attention. I dismissed her warning thinking that it was just a squirrel. That was one of the biggest mistakes of my life, I should have turned around and ran home, but instead I continued to walk forward.

As we continued to walk I heard some sort of crying, and the crinkling of leaves and branches.

I dismissed those noises thinking that the crying was the song of a bird, and the noises were from a creature, probably a deer.

But they were from no animal; they were from a monster from the deepest depths of hell, a murderer.

We walked on, and then I saw two figures. I slowly crept forward to investigate.

Then I saw, what I should have never thing.

I stood frozen in fear, unable to even move my legs, to run.

I saw a girl crying as a man pointed a gun at her. I knew the girl; it was my 6 year old neighbor, the one that always pissed me off with her constant nagging. I was about to yell something, but before I could even open my mouth, I heard Lucy bark.

The man turned his head around. I saw his face, and stared into his eyes, the eyes of Lucifer. My mouth hung open and I screamed "STOP!"

Then he laughed a laugh that could have only come from the Devil himself. Then he pulled the trigger, and the girl screamed. Then her screaming ceased and she soon let the cruel hands of death consume her.

The man turned to me.

He was in his forties.

He laughed at me, seeing my fear, pointed the gun at me, and said "Run, if you tell anyone about this I will know, and I will pull the trigger. You'll be dead soon, whether you tell or not. Now run home and live your last days in peace, or panic."

Then he gave another one of his hell laughs, and I ran all the way home, not even looking back. I ran the fastest I ever ran. It was a good thing my parents weren't home, or they would have heard my screams of terror, and my cries.

I sobbed for hours at home.

That night I had gotten no sleep, and the next day, I decided I needed sleep, I grabbed a handful of sleeping pills, not caring if I over dosed and died in my sleep. Anything would be better than this pain. That morning I sadly awoke, to life, and got up for another day of torture.

Then I decided to grab this diary and write what I felt.

Three Hours Later

The CSI team was driving to yet another one of those countless murders.

Grissom stood above the dead girl, and stared into her cold dead eyes. He turned to Nick and solemnly said "She's dead."

He punched him on the shoulder and said "Duh… Thank you Captain Obvious!"

Grissom stared solemnly at the dead girl; he wondered "Who would even think about killing a poor innocent girl? She didn't even get the chance to live to adulthood, or even become a teenager life. It just doesn't seem right.

Nick Looked solemnly at the girl, and examined the crime scene. He noticed there were four pairs of footprints. He said "Hey Grissom, take a look at this. There are four footprints."

Grissom examined the scene and said" I only see two prints."

Nick said "Look carefully, there is the victim's print." Then he pointed to another print "I have a hunch that this is the killer's print, but look at these ones." Grissom saw a print that looked like it belongs to a size eight woman and her dog.

Grissom said "So, we have another victim."

Nick "No, I believe it was a bystander, but I still don't know why the killer would let her get away."

Grissom said "You sure, because what if she was his partner?"

Nick "Well, if she was her partner, it just wouldn't make sense. They ran off in different directions."

Grissom looked at him and said "Well, the only way we will know is if we follow her tracks.

They followed the tracks, under a bush. They were expecting to see a body. But there was no body. They were at a dead end, and then they saw that the tracks continued.

They followed the tracks into the backyard gate of a house. They heard the barking of a dog, and saw a pair of hiking boots.

Grissom turned to Nick and said "I think we found our bystanders."

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