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Dear CSI,

I know that my hours are winding down. My death is inevitable. It's not that I enjoy the fact that I will die, but I know that if I have to, then I want to leave with all my mistakes fixed.

I decided to look through my yearbooks. I wanted to remember everyone that has been in my life, whether they are good or bad. As I was looking through the yearbook I saw a face that was familiar. Oh my fucking gosh, this was the murderer. My first grade teacher is the murderer.

But what was his motive. I looked at my cell phone. I wanted to call him back, but he had his number blocked.

I waited, soon he would call. After about half an hour my prayers were answered.

Ring. Ring.

I answered the phone "Hello?"

""Hi, Sarah."

"I just wanted to talk. So how'd you like my little surprise?"

I hated his surprise and I almost yelled in the phone "you stupid son of a bitch", but I kept my temper; I would need to do that in order to surprise him.

Instead of continuing his topic I decided to talk about something else. "I know who you are."


"Yes… see I know this case even better than the CSI. Yes I do. In fact I already know the murderer, Mr. Mendoa."

"How the hell could you possibly know that?"

Yes! I was seriously pissing him off. My plan could work now. His cockiness could be his downfall. The tables were turning. Now I had the advantage over him.

"I recognized the face. Now will you be kind enough to tell me why you killed the girl. You don't have to tell me, if you're scared of a little girl."

Now he was seriously pissed. I heard him take a big breath and I knew he was contemplating his choices. But he would tell me, that's where his arrogance could actually help me.

"Sure, but let me say the moment I tell you this you're life is over. You will die, I can't bear letting that information out, but not today, how about tomorrow. Oh yes tomorrow sounds splendid. So here I go, but if you tell anyone I will kill you, your family, and anyone that has any affiliation with you. Okay, so the girl had a seriously hot mom. Her dad, was a business man, he traveled a lot. One weekend I decided to spend the weekend with them. It was the best weekend ever, but one person spoiled it, her daughter. She hated her daughter for that, and I did too. That little bitch threatened to tell her father that her mom was cheating with me. Well I just couldn't allow that, so I killed her. It was too easy, but one person stopped all that, you."


I hung up.

I got a call. I ignored it.

Ring. Ring. I got another call; I decided to pick up even though I know who it was.

"Hey, you do not hang up on me, or ignore my calls, bitch!"

He screamed. He was seriously pissed.

"Sorry, I just did." I heard him screaming on the other line and I hung up.

Now he was seriously pissed, but I didn't care.

My mom was down stairs crying. I heard her yell "Sarah there's someone here to see you."

I expected it was a friend coming here to comfort me. Ugh, it was the people from the crime lab. Why couldn't they just leave me alone? "Ugh… why are you guys always here."

My mom spoke "Sarah, be nice to your guests there here to see you."

I rolled my eyes "Whatever."

I walked down stairs and they asked me to go with them to the crime lab.

My mom drove me. As I walked through I looked into the office. I remembered each office and name I heard and saw.

I entered there interrogation room.

They fingerprinted me. A lady by the name of Catherine Willows told me to open my mouth.

I opened saying "Aughhh…."

I tilted my head and then closed my mouth.

I leaned back in my chair, put my feet up on the desk and said "So what you wanna know?"

She smiled, crossed her legs and said "Do you know anything about the death of your father or quite frankly any of these deaths."


"Can you tell me about them?"

I leaned forward and said "I dunno, can I?"

Her face twitched a little bit, but then she relaxed. It was part of her job to remain relaxed even though inside she was pissed.

"I think you can, miss… ummm."

"Sarah Levy."

"Okay, Miss Levy will you tell me about the murders."

"I could, but I don't wanna. Eh… Maybe later."

Okay now I was being a total bitch, but they would realize it was just an act soon. But when they made that realization, it would be too late.

"Sarah, please tell me NOW." (Emphasis on NOW)

"Fine, people died there names were Dadda, Annoying neighbor girl, and Friend."

She let out a sigh "Ughh…"

She then continued "Okay, so I'm guessing you don't know much. I bet you don't even know who the murderer is."

I put my hands on the desk and stood up. I looked her strait in the eye and said "So you think I'm dumb, just a stupid child who knows absolutely nothing. Well you are sadly mistaken. The truth is I already have this case figured out, while you the CSI, the supposed smart ones, know nothing."

"Sit down Miss Levy."

I sat like an obedient dog. Okay, now I have to admit I didn't enjoy lying and acting like a total bitch, but I have to admit it was fun.

She breathed deeply and said "Fine. Do you know who the murderer is?"

"Yes I do. It's me. Surprised are you?"

Catherine POV

"Yes I do. It's me. Surprised are you?"

What?!!!! How could this girl kill her neighbor, her BEST friend, and her dad? I looked at her and realized that she was not a crazy psycho so how was that possible.

"Was there anyone else, involved?"

"Yes. I do. See, that little girl has always annoyed the crap out of me. So I killed her, I had to. I thought that after the murder that everything would be fine, but no; see my 'friend' Abby kept on annoying me and my sister. I was about to get rid of her, but my sister had already done that job. Well, my sister couldn't control the guilt. She told my mom and then my mom told my dad. He threatened to turn us in! Can you believe that he threatened to turn his two daughters in? Well, my mom couldn't handle it, so she killed him."

Her story was very believable but there was something that I couldn't believe. I decided that I would test her.

"Okay, well given the circumstances. I guess you can leave."

"What?! We're not under arrest?"


"But we killed three people! That deserves jail."

She was crying, which meant her story wasn't true. But that also meant that she preferred the safety of jail than her home. Was jail safer than her home?

I spoke up. "If you killed them then yes you go to jail, but you didn't. All the evidence points otherwise. A confession is good, but we also need proof of the truth."

"Fine." She wiped some tears from her face and said "Can I go home now?"


Grissom POV

I saw the girl, Sarah leave.

I finally realized that she was being blackmailed. Wait so that means because of her, two other people died and she would probably too. She needs to let us help her, but she won't… this makes our job so much harder. I realized that I could do nothing; all I could do was let things play out. Sometimes the hardest thing is to do nothing. ( Actual Grissom quote!)

"Hey Sarah, if you're being blackmailed, you know you can tell us."

"No… Why would I possibly be blackmailed? No I'm not being blackmailed. Can you stop bugging me! Jeesh!"

She was blackmailed, and she wouldn't let me help her.

She was letting herself die. Sometimes I really hate this job.


Dear CSI,

I walked out.

Grissom tried to ask me if I was being blackmailed. Oh My Gosh he knew. How? I tried to lie, but we both knew that I was lying.

I left and drove home.

I decided that Mr. Mendoa would call me soon, and then I would be dead. Well I couldn't let that happen without a fight. So I began filling this diary with the info that the CSI would need to solve the case.

I wrote letters and everything that people would need once I passed.

Then I got a text it was from him it said "Meet me in the forest. You know where."

It was time for me to meet my destiny.

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