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The music died down and the dancers left the stage leaving two people alone as they gazed into each others eyes. They continued to stare into one anothers eyes neither seemingly noticing the outside world so wrapped up in each other to notice. Suddenly they were pulled apart by well wishers, agents and family. Though they both longed to be in the others arms rather than having to talk to people they didn't have any interest in talking too. All too soon the hubub died down again and they were again reunited.

"Trace, can you forgive me for not being there for you yesterday?" the young man asked the girl in his arms.

"Of course I forgive you, You more than already made up for it you know" the raven haired girl replied then asked timidly "Link, that kiss wasn't just for show was it?"

The young man looked down into the girls chocolate orbs and shook his head before answering her inquirey with words, "No Trace that kiss was definately not for show. I have been wanting to kiss you for a while know, in fact practically since we formally met." he couldn't help the slight blush that showed itself at his admission.


"Yes really in fact I would love to kiss you again if you would let me."

"Link I would love for you to kiss me again but unfortunely I have to go home now. " the girl said as she turnd to go only to be stopped.

"There is something I need to tell you Tracy."


Grinning he said quite clearly "I wanted to know if you would consider becoming my girl"

Tracy was floored. She had dreamed of this moment for so long she didn't think she had heard him correctly. All she could do was nod and smile.

That summer was filled with all kinds of outings for the young couple. They were often seen with their friends Seaweed and Penny who after the intergration of the show had started dating openly. Even though they were harassed at every turn they didn't care; for they were able to see past the color of the others skin and see the person that they truely were.

The next school year started. Their senior year and Tracy and Link found that they had almost every class together-which was something they both had hoped for. It was right after the school year started that Tracy and Link found themselves in a situation that neither had been prepared for.

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