Ginny was sat in the back of the car, silent as the moonlit highway stretched out in front of the head lights. This wasn't exactly her usual behaviour but at this point none of them were really interested in talking; they had been travelling for hours, all the way from the hotel in Wales they had been staying in after their home had been blown up, all the way to their new house in La Push; a native reservation just outside of Forks, in Washington's Olympic Peninsula. They were moving there because it was where her mother had been born and her grandfather, uncle, aunt and cousin still lived. It was almost seven in the morning when they got there, the removal firm had already moved their things into the house so they found their rooms and fell asleep.

Ginny was woken by the pale grey light shining in through her bedroom window, Forks was the wettest place in the continental US, so it was under a near constant cover of clouds, rain and fog. She got up and looked out of the window; she lent her head against the glass and sighed, her thoughts straying to Harry. Harry was her boyfriend, they'd been together since his last year at school but he had moved away to America to live with his adoptive family. They had kept in touch with each other but he had never told her his phone number or the address and one day a few months ago he had stopped calling altogether. She had been hopeful when her mother had said they were moving here that maybe she could track him down but then she realised the sheer size of the states and remembered that she didn't know which state he was in.

There was a knock at the door, Ginny heard her mother answer it, "Oh Quil sweetheart it's lovely to see you" said her mother as Ginny came into the kitchen; she was hugging a young man who Ginny supposed must be her mother's cousin Quil Ateara; with black hair, black brown eyes and muscles like someone from world's strongest man, he was one of the strongest looking people she had ever seen. "Hey you must by little Ginny" he said spotting her and smiling, "I fell even smaller looking at you" Ginny grinned, just then her older brother Ron and his girlfriend Hermione came in, "Ron, Hermione, this is my cousin Quil" her mother said, Hermione's mouth fell open in surprise "wow," she said, and then noticed then all looking at her "I was expecting a red head" she lied quickly. After that everyone sat down and got talking, Hermione in particular was interested in what La Push was like.