The day finally arrived, Ginny was nervous and couldn't sit still, the wedding would take place at the Cullens' house, Harry having been kidnapped by his brothers the previous night.

When Alice arrived to pick Ginny up that morning it was to find an agitated red head being held down by her brothers, "calm down, Ginny" Ron was saying, "I can't, I just can't sit still, I'm too nervous" Ginny moaned, stamping her feet on the floor, "don't worry, I'll get Jasper to calm her down when we get to the house" Alice said, "ok, you two get going, we'll be along later" Amelia smiled as the two boys released Ginny.

As they pulled into the garage, Ginny noticed an area that was sort of fenced off with white ribbons, seeing her puzzled expression, Alice smiled "there's allot of people coming today, the garage can't hold all the cars so we've made a make shift parking lot" she explained, Ginny nodded.

They went into the house and Ginny stared in amazement at the house, even though the wedding was going to be outside, the house was decorated with thousands of lilies, orchids and a strange flower that Alice explained was ginger blossom. Alice pulled Ginny up the stairs and into her room where she began the process of turning Ginny into the angel Harry often described her as.

After seven hours the transformation was complete, topped off with an absolutely amazing dress, white silk, with six petticoats and a tiara made from real silver set with emeralds Ginny looked and felt like a princess. There was a knock at the door and Alice opened it to the tiniest crack, seeing that it was Mr and Mrs Weasley she let them in, "oh, Ginny you look beautiful" Mrs Weasley sobbed giving Ginny a careful hug so as not to tear anything, "well that looks amazing" Mr Weasley smiled at his daughter and gave Alice a quick squeeze saying "you did great Alice" and she gave him a gentle poke.

Ginny's bridesmaids were going to be Alice and Hermione, with Hermione as maid of honour, Harry had had a slight issue with choosing his best man (having five brothers, a brother in law and a best friend to chose from made things a tad awkward) so to avoid complications, had asked Carlisle to fill the spot, Harry's little sister Elizabeth would be flower girl with Jasper's son Jack as page boy.

Ginny stood at the foot of the stairs with her father by her side, as Edward began playing the piano they stepped forward and walked out of the door, passing up the aisle between the two groups of guests, to avoid embarrassing Ginny the guests had been sat mixed, some of the guests that were friends of Harry's were sat on Ginny's side of the aisle, the local priest stood at the end of the aisle, in front of him stood Harry with Carlisle by his side. When Ginny's party had reached them Harry held out his hand and Mr Weasley placed Ginny's into it, before stepping aside to take his seat with Hermione and the other Weasleys while Alice, Carlisle, Elizabeth and Jack took theirs opposite.

The ceremony was simple the priest said the traditional words but instead of 'until death us do part' Harry and Ginny had decided to go with the family tradition of 'for as long as we both shall live'. Finally Harry heard the words he had been dying to hear for years, "I now pronounce you, husband and wife, you may kiss the bride" the priest said, "about bloody time too" Harry said pulling Ginny to him and kissing her so deeply that they were bent over, several of the watching audience whistled and Emmett yelled "you go little brother" earning him a smack to the head from Rosalie.

The chairs and wedding arch were removed to the house and the after party began in earnest, Harry and Ginny having first to greet the many guests, first their families, then various friends from Hogwarts who had flown over for the wedding, such as Luna and her new boyfriend Alex Scamander, both in bright yellow, and Neville and his own boyfriend (A/N sorry peoples but I decided Neville would be bisexual for my stories). Finally various friends and family members of Harry's that Ginny had never met. His various aunts, uncles and cousins from his mother's side, including the infamous Volturi and his maternal grandfather and his mother, then his great-grand parents Amelie and Sam all the way from Morganville, Texas, his grandparents on his father's side from Ireland, his father's brother and sisters with their partners and children, including his aunt Lucy and her two children Feume and Kyouya, with Kyouya's boyfriend Tamaki and the people they and Harry had gone to school with. At the very back of this extremely long line were a group of people with very pale skin, accompanied by two, rather less pale, people.

"Hello Brother" the brunette at the front said, "Kaname, so glad you could all make it, hello Yuuki" he smiled as he addressed the brown haired girl hanging off the other boy's arm, " congratulations brother" she smiled, flashing fangs in the light of the sunset. "Purebloods, Ginny" Harry explained as the two filed passed them, next in line where another pair of vampires, "Kain, Ruka" harry greeted them warmly, they gave their congratulations and entered the main party, then came a vampire boy with what was almost certainly a human girl on his arm, "hello Aido, and Sayori, what a pleasant surprise" Harry smiled down at the girl, "we got together a few years ago" the boy, Aido explained, they passed and behind them came another pain of vampires, "Kaname asked me to keep an eye on Takuma" the girl explained, "that explains it, nice to see you Seiren" Harry smiled as the pair walked passed, almost at the end of the line were another couple, "Senri, Rima" Harry smiled at them, "hello brother" the girl giggled as she hugged him. At the very end of the line came a blonde man with two silver haired boys, "Chairman Cross, welcome, and you too, Zero, Ichiru" harry smiled at the boys, "greetings brother" the two said moving past, suddenly the happy couple found themselves pulled into a tight embrace, "oh aren't you just the cutest couple ever, you look so sweet" the chairman cooed, "Chairman Cross let go!" Harry nipped his wrist as a warning.

After all of this they had their first dance, the song was called pretty baby and as people took pictures they cut the cake and Ginny poked Harry's nose leaving a small dot of frosting before liking it off. After the dancing was done, Ginny was whisked away to get changed for the leaving for the honeymoon.

When she arrived downstairs Harry was waiting and he kissed her, then they ran to the car as the hailstorm of rice began.