The Weasel's Other Desire

Chapter 1: Escaped Again

"Wacky Weasel has escaped AGAIN???!!!" yelled the chief of police, Leonard Kanifky.

It was supposed to be another normal day at the police department. Officer Bonkers and Officer Lucky Piquel had come in for duty as usual. None should have gone wrong.

However, thanks to the cunning and evil Wacky Weasel, it was anything but a normal day. Wacky Weasel is the most cunning toon there had ever been and he had major fixation on eggs. What weasel doesn't? Bonkers was not particularly happy that Wacky had escaped, but if he was able to outsmart Wacky once, he knew that he could do it again. Lucky, however, was just aggravated that the weasel that almost ruined Bonkers's confidence as a cop was on the loose again.

"How in the world did that weasel escape again? I mean, didn't the prison take precautions to make such he didn't escape again?" asked Lucky.

"Yes, but still he's escaped. Now, the city's eggs are doomed! You know how much he loves eggs and how great he is at stealin' 'em!" replied Bonkers.

"You're right, Bonkers. You and Lucky need to cuff that weasel and get him back in prison as fast as you can!" said Chief Kanifky.

"Right away, chief! We can take care of this!" replied Bonkers.

"Yeah, sure…let's go, Bonkers," said Lucky.

As the duo went out of the chief's office, Bonkers began getting a bit more fidgety than usual. He hated all the trouble Wacky Weasel had put him through the first time, but he could not let that get in his way.

"We gotta hurry! We gotta get going right now!"

Then Bonkers realized that they were missing one major detail. He stopped Lucky and tried to get his attention.

"Now hold it. We don't even know where he could be!" he pointed out.

"True! However, since we've dealt with him before, we know where he'd be, right? Now where would he go? He loves eggs, so where would he go to get any type of egg?" asked Lucky, trying to get Bonkers to think, which he did much of.

"Now I remember!! He'd go to the grocery store, the museum, a chicken farm, ANYPLACE with eggs!!"


Bonkers was absolutely right.

Wacky Weasel was a weasel with green fur, and long green hair that ran down his long skinny neck and touched his shoulders which were several inches from his head. He wore a short purple trench coat, a red cap, had a black nose that shined in the light, and had yellow eyes.

Wacky had just broken out of prison to steal more and more eggs, since they were any weasel's favorite things. The sleazy weasel had just broken into the grocery store for the second time and started swiping every egg he could find. While he swiped, he could not help but laugh to himself continuously. He does that a lot, apparently.

As Wacky laughed and placed eggs in a grocery bag, he heard a crash. He turned around and saw Bonkers D. Bobcat come through the door.

"Okay, Wacky! You've done it now!!" he cried out.

"Oh, did I really?" asked Wacky in his scratchy voice, which sounded not neither high pitched, nor low pitched, but was about in between.

"Yeah, ya did!" replied Bonkers.

Wacky growled and started throwing random eggs at him, knowing he could always get more. Bonkers started getting creamed with eggs and the nasty weasel kept hitting him in the face. The bobcat started to get a bit angry.

"That's it, Wacky!! I'm really gonna throw you back in prison this time!" he declared.

The weasel stopped throwing eggs and calmed himself. As he held his bag of eggs in his right hand, he inhaled and exhaled and just started talking as if Bonkers was a friend instead of an enemy.

"Sure thing, Bonkers. If that's how it's gotta be, then fine, let's go," he said smoothly. Bonkers's eyes widened. He almost could not believe it.

"But…wait, really…I'm surprised that you…WAIT A MINUTE!! I know what you're trying to do! You're trying to trick me again, like last time. Well, not this time. Besides, remember what I told you last time? This is my cartoon!!" Bonkers said patriotically.

Wacky rolled his eyes.

"Oh please," he muttered to himself. "Well then Bonkers, looks I'd better take my cartoon back!"

Bonkers threw his arms out while holding a pair cuffs in his left hand.

"No way! Now get over here, so I can cuff you…please?" replied Bonkers.

Suddenly, and out of nowhere, Wacky pulled out a gigantic flyswatter. Bonkers stood still as the flyswatter came falling on him, but before the flyswatter could swat him, Bonkers was pulled out of the way. He landed on the store's tile floor, looked up, and saw Lucky, who had just come into help.

"Awesome, possum, Lucky, but what took you so long?" asked the toon bobcat cop.

"Got a little sidetracked," replied Lucky in a not-so-excited tone. In reality, he was actually outside in the police car, listening to other cops on the police radio, checking to see if there was any help needed by others, while he'd let Bonkers go into the store by himself, thinking that a toon like Bonkers, could take down a bad toon like Wacky Weasel. He had done it before, so why not do it again.

While Lucky was helping Bonkers get back on his feet, Wacky was running towards a back door marked "Exit" on it. As Wacky ran into the door, he laughed hysterically. The cops noticed and took off after him. When Wacky came through the door, which led him outside, he quickly took a look around and jumped on the roof of a passing car. When the driver looked up and saw Wacky, he screamed and tried to find a place to park, so he could try to get rid of the weasel criminal. When the driver parked, he threw himself out of the car, he tried to shoo off the weasel.

"Hey shoo! Get outta here!" cried the driver. Wacky remained silent for a couple seconds then spoke.

"Hmm…you know what, pal, you're right. I oughtta get off and find my own car," he replied.

The driver took a breath.

"Okay, great…that's all I ask," he sighed. Wacky nodded and smiled a friendly smile. Unfortunately, the smile turned into a crooked grin. Before the driver could say another word, Wacky pulled back out the flyswatter, smacked the driver in the head hard enough for the him to fall on the ground out cold.

"Don't get your hair in a twist. Can't let ya report me, man. Besides, I just had to use it for a quick minute to get away from Bonkers. Now it's time to get away in my own car. Better to say this in my head, so that no cops hear me," Wacky thought.

Wacky whistled loud enough to call his own car, as he thought he would. After he whistled loudly, a yellow car drove by then completely stopped in front of him. His car was a bright yellow, had blue tires, a purple roof and had lights looked like eyes and what looked like a mouth with big white teeth stuck on the front. On the roof there was the number 176. Wacky Weasel opened the car door, threw himself inside, started the car with a pair of car keys he had in one of the pockets of his coat. He drove off at incredible speed. One second he was there, and then the next, he was gone.

As Wacky Weasel drove down the streets, that crazy weasel paid no attention to the people and other toons around him that just so happened to be passing by. He was too bus talking and laughing to himself.

"What a dangerous day! I loved it! And I love my prize of eggs!" he said to himself as his mouth watered.

He started to take a right turn at an intersection when he realized something important. He must have turned in the wrong lane, for when he turned, he saw signs passing him by saying "Wrong Way". Then, as he turned his attention away from the signs, he saw a bright blue car, which looked similar to his, driving towards him. Wacky went wide eyed. He tried to find a way out of the lane, but was distracted by a voice coming from the blue car.


Wacky Weasel returned the message.

"SHUT UP!! YOUR VOICE IS BOTHERING ME!!" he yelled in return.


Before the voice could say anything else, the cars did indeed collide. Wacky Weasel's car and the voice's bright blue car made a loud crunch sound. The collision damaged the roof of Wacky's car, which he fell out of when his car got damaged because, unfortunately, Wacky had forgotten to put on his seatbelt. He flew out of the car and into the concrete road. When his head fell onto the pavement, all the Wacky could see was blurs and swirling images. The last thing he saw a dark silhouette.

Then there was nothing.