Chapter 2: The House

Wacky Weasel had been completely knocked out. He saw nothing but darkness for a long period of time.

Several hours had gone by before Wacky started seeing color again. They were blurry images, but there was still color nonetheless. The blurry images began to form more clearly as the crazed weasel began to notice a face staring at him. As his sight returned to him, he suddenly realized that the face belonged to someone. After a few seconds, his sight finally came back and came clearly. He found himself lying on a comfortable lime green couch. The walls that surrounded him were lavender colored. But of course, this was after he had noticed the face. The face was similar to the silhouette he had seen before he lost consciousness. The face also just so happened to have been sitting right beside him as he lied on the couch.

The face belonged to a weasel, like him. However, unlike Wacky, this weasel was a female. The female had light blue fur, long dirty blonde colored hair that was about a four or five inches longer than his hair was. A small, thin, purple bow was tied in her long hair. The light blue she-weasel wore a long gray shirt and blue jeans. Her eyes were hazel eyes that had mixtures of green and brown. When Wacky saw her face, he gasped, and then noticed something that bothered him.

"Why are you stroking my hair?" he asked in an awkward tone. He was right. This she-weasel was stroking his long dark green bangs that hanged over his yellow eyes.

The she-weasel took her hand away, thinking that it would help.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was bothering you," she said in soft tone. Wacky sat up in the couch as the female weasel stood up.

"It was, sweetheart! Now if you'll excuse me!" he replied as he began to jump from the couch. As he jumped, he leaped off the couch and started racing toward the kitchen. As he entered it, he looked around.

"Seen it all before. Now where's the…oh, there it is!" he said as he spotted the refrigerator. When he saw it, his mouth began to water again and rushed towards it. He opened the refrigerator door and found three cartons of eggs. Wacky chose not to waste any time. He swiped the three cartons, and began to make a run for it. He ran away from the kitchen and started running towards the door. Before he could touch the knob, however, the she-weasel's hand grabbed his arm and pulled him back. She pulled him to the floor. Wacky looked up and growled. He got to his feet and tried to get past her, but could not.

"Now, hey, hey, wait a minute! What's the big idea, sweet cheeks?" asked the angered weasel.

"I can't let you leave! There are policemen at every corner!! When I saved your butt, I had to bring to my house privately, but they spotted me and followed. We're trapped until they go away!" replied the she-weasel.

"Yeah right! I can get passed these guys! Watch this…uhh…what's your name anyway?"

"Lucy-n-Skye Diamonds," replied the she-weasel. Wacky and the she-weasel, Lucy-n-Skye stared at each other for a few seconds before she spoke.

"I was named after the famous song," she said.

"Clearly," replied Wacky.

"You can call me Lucy."


"I know who you are. You're Wacky Weasel. You're that famous egg stealer, who's only been caught once by that toon cop, Bonkers," Lucy said. Wacky glared.

"Yeah, I know, so don't remind me, Luce. I'd just escaped him and his partner, that Lucky Piquel. Then there was the car crash…" he said, trying to remember what had happened.

"Oh yeah, you sure had one nasty fall. I couldn't just leave you there, so I rescued you," replied Lucy.

"Yeah well, whatever…GOODBYE!!" he said as he ran to the door at super speed. When he ran to the door and twisted the door knob, he ran thru, only to find a steel wall, that collided with him. When he collided with the steel wall, he came back into the main room flatter than a pancake. When Lucy saw this, she could not help but laugh her head off.

"Ha, ha! Sorry, Wacky, but with the police outside my door, I had no choice, but to put my house on lockdown. Sorry to burst your bubble!" she said.

Wacky jumped to her and pulled on her shirt.

"WHAT??!! You can't do that! I ain't gonna stay here!" he exclaimed, sounding upset.

As Wacky ranted at Lucy, the she-weasel could not help but lose attention as she heard his voice more and more.

"He's so serious, but so funny! He must be a total professional. God, he's certainly something. I've never met a weasel like him. Other weasels I've met are either psycho maniacs or total losers. Not this one…he's different. Despite what others may say, I think he's quite amazing. I mean, always stealing eggs and only getting caught once. That's certainly special. I like looking at him and hearing his voice. He sounds like Rip Taylor, come to think of it. God, he's so handsome, despite what others may think. I wonder what he thinks about me. I hope they're all good opinions. I've gotta help this guy. He just interests me," thought Lucy.

"Do you understand what I'm saying?" asked Wacky. Lucy came back to reality and shook her head with a smile.

"Well then…," he said. Then after a short silence, he held out his paw.

"Let's shake on it," he said in a friendly tone.

Lucy nodded and placed her paw in his, but when she did, she was suddenly electrocuted.

"AAAUUUGGGHHH!!" she yelled in shock.

After a good three seconds, Wacky pulled away from her, laughed at her, and showed her the joy buzzer stuck to his hand.

Then, he took a large toon hammer and pushed Lucy into the floor with it. Wacky laughed at her again as he threw the hammer on the ground, rushed into kitchen, came back out with a carton of eggs, pulled out a steel cutter and began drilling the front door down. After finally getting through, he started running for his life, forgetting that the police were still outside house and shooting at him, all except for Lucky and Bonkers, who had no guns, so they attempted to chase him, but that was before Lucy had pulled herself out of the floor, ran outside, used weasel speed to block the police cars, and went charging after Wacky.

Fortunately for the police, one of the cops was able to take a quick picture of Wacky and Lucy as they ran far from the house and out into the city.