This right now is going to be a One- Shot story that may end up being my next multi chapter story. While working undercover during a joint FBI operation in Iraq that was compromised. The team discovers that Tony had gone missing when he does not return home. It is a race to find Tony alive before anything happens to him. Please let me know what you think and if I should continue. As always please read and review.


Squad Room

All day Gibbs had been anxiously waiting for the call from Tony to say he was getting on the airplane and was on his way back to D.C. The undercover operation was a difficult one, but Tony jumped at the opportunity to be the undercover operative. The team had spent the previous month testifying at the trial of Mathew Connor. He was a Naval Petty Officer arrested for selling Navy weapons to a local militia. Tony and Ziva were the ones sent undercover.

After a successful operation Mathew Connor was arrested and charged with selling illegal weapons. Unfortunately, he came from a very wealthy family and had hired high priced lawyers to discredit Tony and Ziva's testimony. In the end he was convicted of all charges including the assault of a Federal Officer. He was sent to Leavenworth for life.

It had been a grueling two months that had taken a considerable toll on Tony. During the arrest, one of Connor's men stabbed Tony in the side. He spent two weeks in the hospital then was released to testify.

Three days after the end of the trial, Director Leon Vance received a call from the FBI, specifically requesting Gibb's team. The FBI wanted a member of the team to go undercover as a marine officer to investigate the activities of a Marine Captain Tom Reynolds. He was suspected of selling munitions to El Quaida insurgents there in Iraq. Tony eagerly volunteered for the operation against the wishes of Gibbs and Ducky, who said that Tony needed more time to recover from the last operation. However, with Vance's recommendation and his reputation he was chosen to go.

Every day over the last two months, Tony communicated with Abby via the internet because Abby had the most secure line. He would report on the status of what was going on and any breaks in the case. About a month into the operation, Tony got the breakthrough that he needed. He was sent by one of Reynolds associates to make a gun buy. It all went off without a hitch and Tony was finally in. Gibbs suspected that Tony and Abby had kept in such close contact to help support each other. Also, Tony had not been okay emotionally for a long time. Then, a week ago Gibbs received a phone call from Tony that he felt he had been compromised and that his line of communication with Abby was no longer secure. Gibbs called McGee, Ziva, and Ducky and asked for them to meet him in Abby's lab. Gibbs sped across town and saw that for once they had beat him there. Gibbs had explained that Tony had just called an hour earlier to say that he had been compromised and that the secure feed between Tony and Abby was also compromised. Gibbs explained that he would let Abby know in the morning but right now, they had to get Tony back.

"Gibbs" Ziva said "How will we be able to get him back?"

"There were two FBI operatives that were put into place as backup for Tony. Tony was able to give me their names and numbers before he had to take off again. I got a hold of one of them. He had heard about Tony and is making contact and is securing a safe flight out in the morning." Gibbs replied.

For the first time in years he was actually afraid. He was fighting to keep his composure for the sake of his team. He was going to dread explaining to Abby what had happened. He felt useless, as did Ducky, Ziva, and McGee waiting all night for word that Tony was found. They all waited in silence, only stopping for coffee or to get a snack from one of the vending machines. About 5 am the operative called to say that they had located Tony and were putting him on a flight back to the United States at 0800. He also said that Tony was injured but would be able to make the flight okay. He also assured Gibbs that he would have Tony call him as soon as he made it to the air field. Feeling a sense of relief, Ducky, Ziva, and McGee went out for breakfast. About 0700 Abby came walking into the squad room.

"Gibbs" Abby said "It's time to talk to Tony. I've already got the feed up."

Gibbs went running down the stairs to Abby's lab with her running in tow. Abby was worried and was wondering what was going on.

"Abby" Gibbs snapped "Turn the feed off now. Tony has been compromised and they are tracking Tony through your video feed."

"I'm so sorry." Abby cried "I didn't know. Is Tony okay? Are we bringing him home? Tell me Gibbs please."

"Abby" Gibbs replied soothingly "We found him and he should be on a flight home in about an hour. He was given an armed escort to gather his things and get medical treatment before he left."

Abby started to panic. "How did he get hurt? I thought he was okay. Oh Gibbs please help him."

"Abby" Gibbs said as he put his arms around her. "Tony was beaten, but none of his injuries were serious. We don't know the extent of them. All I was told is that Tony was ready to come home and asked for a pizza several times."

Abby laughed as they went back up to the squad room to wait for Tony's call. They were back, placing the food at each of the desks. Abby sat at Tony's desk with Tony's coat around her arms as though receiving comfort from his scent. After they all finished eating, they noticed that it was almost 0800. Then it was 0800. Then it was five, then ten minutes after. Finally at 0830 Gibbs cell phone rang. Gibbs listened then turned to his team to give the bad news.

"Tony Didn't make it to the plane. When he didn't arrive with the escort, the FBI agent went to his undercover and found all of his things gone. There was blood all over the bed."

The end for now! Like I said, please let me know if I should continue or not!!!