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Chapter 1

Getting Ready

Peyton Sawyer wasn't really a girly girl. Sure she like to do her hair and have her make up just right, and the occasional mani-pedi always did a girl good. But she didn't like to get dressed up and wear the high heel strappy sandals. She especially wasn't big on dresses. A great pair of jeans with an even better pair of boots with a modest heel would suit her fine. However, for this occasion, she felt it warranted a little effort. The mood was going to have to be just right, and everything had to be perfect.

She'd chosen to take a bath rather than shower to let the essence of her bubble bath soak into her skin as she ran the loufah sponge up and down her long legs. She'd gone for a full wax of all the important parts earlier in the day, so shaving wasn't necessary. As her fingers glided over the smoothness of her legs, she imagined for a moment what it was going to be like when he was doing that. Realizing that those kinds of thoughts were not permitted for what was going to take place, she quickly shook herself free of them.

When she was done with the bath, she took a quick shower just to wash her hair and put her make up on while her hair was still up in a towel. She then took more than an hour to get the blonde curls in her hair to fall just right, just how he liked them so his hands could get lost in them. Damn it!! She was doing it again. It didn't matter what he liked, or what she liked. This was not about feelings or sensations or remembrances of times past. This night was a means to an end. It had to work, because Peyton wasn't sure she'd be able to do this again. How had she even got to the point where she needed to collect on an agreement made when she was barely an adult? Somewhere way back in the recesses of her mind and her subconscious, she knew the answer to that question, but that would once again be treading in dangerous territory. It had been a very long time and she wasn't sure she could go back there again, and she was pretty sure he would feel the same way.

The one thing that made her think for a second that he might feel something else was the fact that this was his idea, well along with her best friend Brooke's eager encouragement. They had all but dismissed the pack they'd made, but when it was on the table again, he'd named the time and place and made all the arrangements. Maybe he genuinely wanted to help her or really did have feelings for her. Maybe he just wanted to get laid. After all, he was a guy, although she couldn't imagine that finding sexual partners was a problem for him. Just look at him, although she couldn't figure out when he would have time considering how much time they spent together.

Her thoughts were all over the place and driving her to distraction, and she realized she'd been sat on her bed in a daydream-like state for almost half an hour. Now she was quite possibly going to be late. She reached for her dresser opening the top right hand drawer and pulled out the lace corset with suspenders attached. It had no fewer than twenty hooks at the back so she had to do it up at the front and turn it around. The underwires were stiff and created the look of an incredibly full bosom with the lift they provided. As she slid the first stocking up her smooth leg, she wondered if this perhaps wasn't a bit of overkill. After all, this was a sure thing, but then no one said it had to be all business, and given their history and the last few months especially, she really didn't want it to be. They could have some fun too, and she couldn't wait to see the look on his face. The last piece was the pair of low riding hipster panties. She'd considered a thong, but decided that the space created between the corset and the panties exposing her belly button, was infinitely sexier than showing a bit of ass cheek.

Brooke had provided her with the dress for the evening. Brooke had her own clothing company and had designed a one-of-a-kind original for this specific occasion. She was the only other person who knew about this aside from the two participants. She'd thought it was rather daring and a little dangerous considering what was at stake, but secretly she was hoping that all her best friends dreams were going to come true on this one night. Some dreams Peyton hadn't even expressed to her, but she knew what they were, and she knew that there was definitely hope. The dress she designed for Peyton appeared to be your simple little black dress, but Brooke had put a lot of thought into promoting Peyton's assets with its design.

The dress was knee length with a pencil skirt to accentuate the length of Peyton's legs and she'd instructed Peyton to wear 3-4 inch red heels for added effect. The square neckline with sleeveless wrap around tank straps would leave a lot to the imagination with no cleavage visible, but the corset would heighten the curiosity that the cut of the neckline would surely invoke. The back was gathered and drooped to just above where the corset ended, exposing enough her back to be sexy, but not giving away the surprise underneath. The bodice was fitted to Peyton's exact measurements and accentuated her flat stomach and curvy hips. The zipper was down the left side seam and virtually invisible.

Peyton finished her look with small dangling rhinestones in her ears, and a simple gold chain with one lone rhinestone that sat in the middle of her chest just below her collarbone. Now all she had to do was wait for him to pick her up.

Across town, Lucas Scott was having trouble getting his look just right. He was just now finishing his third shower after each unsuccessful attempt to get his hair to do just what he wanted it to. He'd never been one to make too much of a fuss over his hair, but each time he's gelled it something had gone horribly wrong and he'd felt the need to start over.

This time he squeezed the gel in his hands, rubbed them together quickly and just dragged his hands backward through his short dirty blonde hair. The spiky mish mash effect that was created was satisfactory on this attempt so he moved on to the task of what to wear. His hands were sweaty and clammy and he didn't want to be thumbing through clean shirts and suits like that so he stood back and stared at the clothes hanging in his closet.

He stood with his left arm crossed over his body, holding his right elbow. His right hand covered his mouth as he contemplated a) what he should wear b) why it mattered so much and c) why he had suggested that he and Peyton go through with this. It seemed to him a bit of a miracle that at thirty years old, they were both single and available to do this. When they'd made the deal neither could have imagined that they would both be without partners in life. If anyone besides Brooke had known about this, it wouldn't have surprised them that this was going to happen, just as it didn't surprise Brooke. The only people really oblivious to how this would and should end were Lucas and Peyton.

Lucas continued to ponder everything about what he was about to do under the guise that he was thinking about what to wear. In truth, he stared into his closet thinking about how the evening was going to go. How were they going to get to where they needed to be by the end of the evening? How would they part when it was over? How would they know or WHEN would they know if the evening had been a success? Would their relationship change? He had answers to most, if not all of these questions, he just wasn't sure that Peyton would like his answers. He had to remind himself that this was an unemotional arrangement. A means to an end for Peyton. Anything for Peyton. But who was he kidding? Of course there were emotions involved. There had always been emotions involved for them.

Lucas finally settled on a crisp white pinstriped shirt with cufflink cuffs, a royal blue tie that brought out his eye colour, all combined with a tailored black Armani suit. He looked like a million bucks he thought. He splashed some rather expensive cologne on quickly and grabbed his keys off his dresser and set off to pick her up.

Peyton heard the car pull up outside. There was no mistaking the sound of Lucas' classic Mustang that had once been his Uncle Keith's. She'd actually heard him turn into the beachside complex where she and Brooke lived long before he reached the front of the house. Instead of going out to meet him, she decided to wait for him to come to the door. This wasn't exactly a date, but she kind of wanted to feel like she was being wooed. It made what she was about to do seem more…justifiable.

Lucas stopped the car out front and went up to the front door. He'd been to this house countless times before and usually just walked right in as they all did with each other's houses, but something told him that he shouldn't do that this time. He was calling on a lady, he thought and chuckled to himself at how Peyton would react to that very proper behaviour.

He rang the door bell and waited what seemed like minutes, but was actually only about thirty seconds before Peyton opened the door. They stood eyeing each other up and down for a few seconds with dropped jaws, soaking in just how amazing the other one looked.

"Wow, you look…" they both started at the same time, and laughed a little uncomfortably.

"I'll just grab my purse and we can go" Peyton finally said through the discomfort.

As she was about to walk passed Lucas to go out the door, he grabbed her elbow gently and pulled her in to give her a kiss on the cheek and slide his hand down the small of her back.

"Peyton, you really do look absolutely gorgeous." He said sincerely and her eyes twinkled a little brighter as she smiled up at him.

"Well, I wanted to make this as easy for you as possible." She replied flirtatiously.

Lucas looked down at her and smirked. "Easy is not what I'd say you're making it." He said in a deep seductive voice, and then stood back to give Peyton a gentle push out the door.

"Come on Blondie, let's go make a baby…" he said airily as they left the apartment. Peyton giggled and blushed at it being put so bluntly, but seeing him looking like that and smelling like that, she couldn't think of anything she wanted more at this moment than to make love to Lucas Scott.