Seven Months Later:

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."- Lao Tzu

Miley sat in her room, trying to keep herself occupied by flipping through a magazine. The next morning she was planning on standing at an altar with Lilly as Hannah and Lola. She was actually looking forward to it a lot. With their first wedding, there had still been pain and doubt between the two girls, but now they had finally moved beyond the years of hurt and reconnected with the love they once had when it was pure and truly happy.

Right now though, Lilly was at the fire station so typically, Miley could not find something to do and she was bored out of her mind.

Growing antsy, she paced around her room trying to figure out what she could do with her time and then she heard the doorbell ring. Eagerly she hurried down the stairs and opened the door to see a delivery man.

"Are you Miley Truscott-Stewart?" he asked.

"Yes." Miley replied as she looked at the box he was holding. She was getting more excited as she realized she had a delivery.

"Sign here, please." he handed her the clipboard and watched her quickly sign. He handed her the box and wished her a good evening.

Happily, Miley closed the door and hurried back up to her room. Quickly putting the box down she eagerly started to unwrap it. Within a matter of seconds she lifted the top to reveal a beautiful, shimmering blue dress. Gasping at the sight of the lovely spaghetti strapped outfit, she lifted it up and examined it. Inside the box she noticed a note in Lilly's handwriting. Unable to hide the smile on her face she picked it up and read: Be ready in 30 minutes. She didn't really know what was happening, only assuming Lilly wanted to get a jump start on celebrating their anniversary. Lilly always liked to surprise her but this was a lot different than anything she had ever done before. The mystery surrounding the evening got her excited and she quickly got herself ready.

Thirty minutes later the doorbell rang and Miley hurriedly put on the finishing touches to complete her outfit. "This will just have to do." she said to herself and then quickly made her way to the door. Opening with a wide smile she expected to see Lilly, but then raised a curious brow when she saw Oliver standing before her, decked out in a black suit and chauffeur's hat. "Oliver?"

"Miley, I am your driver for the evening." he grinned, revealing his deep dimples.

"Driver? Where's Lilly?"

"Don't worry about it. I'm taking you to her. Now," he extended his hand to her, "your chariot awaits."

Giggling to herself, she linked her arm with Oliver's and the two walked to his car. He opened the back seat, and she gave him a wary look.

"Work with me here Miley." he told her with a sly grin.

Hesitantly Miley got in and saw a card and a single white rose on the seat. Amazed at what length Lilly was going she picked up the rose and note as Oliver made his way to the front and started to drive off. Removing the card from the envelope she almost turned into a puddle of mush as she read Lilly's handwriting. On the front the word Love was written in silver embossed lettering.

Miley Ray, I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love you. One of the days I cherish most is the first time we said those words to each other. At that moment I knew I would always love you.

Miley immediately thought back to that Fourth of July night sitting on a blanket with Lilly on the beach. As she continued to remember, the car came to a stop and she looked out the window to see the beach she knew all too well.

"Oliver, why are we here?"

"I'm just following my assignment," he said and got out of the car. In seconds he was opening her door and helping her out. "There's something waiting for you on the beach"

Expecting to see Lilly, Miley eagerly walked down onto the sands of the beach to see a a small patch dimly lit. She thought maybe Lilly would be coming out of the shadows, but instead she saw another white rose on top of another card. On the outside the word Trust was written in silver embossed letters.

Miley Ray, we would not have gotten this far without trust. We've weathered some storms and our trust in each other has been put to the test, but we have survived and I believe that we always will. I hope you will always trust me and believe in me and know that I will always be there for you. No more mistakes, I promise.

Thinking back to everything they had been through and how whenever they had a disagreement and felt that break in trust, they could always find solace and reassurance by being together at their spot that overlooked where they were married on the beach. Holding onto her second rose she walked back to the car to be greeted by Oliver once again and she hopped into the car, ready to see what else Lilly had in store for her.

Minutes later, Oliver drove by the pier and parked. Miley looked out the window realizing where they were and smiled to herself. "It's like she's reading my thoughts," she said to herself and soon made her way out of the car. "So where to now Ollie?" she asked brightly.

"You're favorite spot." he told her, a bit confused by the simple instructions Lilly told him to give her.

"I know exactly where to go." she smiled and walked down the boardwalk, ready to see what next trip down memory lane Lilly had planned. Sure enough, she reached the bench at the end where they loved to spend together. It offered a perfect view of the water. There resting on the bench was another rose along with a card. The word Honor was written in silver embossed letters.

Miley Ray, I hope you never forget how much I honor you and our relationship. I will never take you and what we have for granted. I respect you and cherish what we have. I will love you always.

Her eyes filled with tears at her words and she hurried back to the car, ready to tell Oliver no more trips, no more games, she wanted to see Lilly. She wasn't sure if she could take any more on this emotional journey Lilly had sent her on. All she wanted to do was wrap her arms around Lilly and never let her go.

Oliver leaned against the car watching Miley approach him. Her eyes were shimmering with fresh tears, but the glow of happiness on her face was undeniable.

"Are you ready?" he grinned.

"Oliver I'm ready to see Lilly. I don't know what else she has planned but..."

"That's where I'm taking you now. Are you up for a little walk?"

Miley nodded her head eagerly and linked her arm with Oliver's again. Soon, they arrived at the Rico's. Stopping a few feet away, Oliver looked at Miley and smiled. "This is your final stop. Go and have a great evening."

"Thanks Oliver. You were a great chauffeur." she smiled and gave him a quick hug. Oliver soon walked away and Lilly slowly walked towards the dimly lit area to see a table covered in a white table cloth and two white candles already lit. Holding onto her three white roses she quickly picked up on the theme. Lilly was such a perfectionist and she appreciated how much time it must have taken her to arrange all of this. As she stood there, looking around at the lovely set up Lilly soon walked out wearing a thin white and black dress. She looked devastatingly gorgeous and Miley's smile widened even further at the sight of Lilly pushing out a cart with two covered plates and a bottle of wine.

"I hope you're ready for dinner." she said with a sexy smirk that left her even more amazed.

"Lilly." she called out her name in barely a whisper. Lilly stopped the cart by the table and walked to Miley, taking her hands in her own.


"Very." she said quietly and let go of Lilly's hands. She immediately curled her arms around her neck and Lilly wrapped her arms around her small waist, holding Miley close to her.

"You look so beautiful." Lilly whispered.

"Thank you Lilly." Miley smiled, "Who helped you pick this out?" she asked.

"No one. I know what you like," dhe replied confidently. "And I know what I like you in." she added in a low growl.

"You're so amazing."

"Not nearly as amazing as you. I love you so much Miley. Happy Anniversary."

"But Lilly our anniversary isn't until tomorrow."

"Well Miles, it just so happens to be," She looked at the white gold watch on her wrist, "One minute after midnight. The day my life changed forever." She smiled at her wife.

Miley looked at her full of surprise that she would go to such great lengths and her eyes shimmered with fresh tears. "Lilly..." she said softly.

"Shh... it's ok. We have plenty of time for that," she grinned. "Now dinner is getting cold, and I cooked."

"You did?" she asked, getting even more amazed by the evening.

"With a little help." she winked. "Come on."

"I love you Lilly." Miley whispered.

Grinning from ear to ear Lilly stood turned back around and looked at Miley. Sh looked at her with her deep blue gaze, showing so much love for her. Gently, she touched her cheek and leaned in closer. "I will love you always Miley Ray," she whispered. "Always and forever."

Miley and Lilly lay in bed together, holding each other tightly as they enjoyed the feel of finally being back together after what seemed like a lifetime apart. As if it were destiny or a twist of fate, they were able to realize their anniversary together, loving each other for hours, expressing a sweeter love, a more perfect love neither had ever known. Miley slept peacefully in Lilly's arms, resting her head on her strong chest, lulled by the rhythmic beat of her heart. Lilly enjoyed the feel of Miley's small frame molded next to her. She had never felt more complete and whole as a person, now that she and Miley were happy again. She watched her sleep comfortably in her embrace. She looked perfectly at peace and possessed a certain sweetness as she breathed softly, her nose wrinkling a little and her mouth slightly agape. Miley looked like an angel in her arms and silently Lilly thanked God in a quiet prayer for bringing her back to her where she knew she belonged. Soon Lilly too drifted off to sleep, keeping her arms wrapped around Miley, never wanting to let her go again.

Hours later, Miley woke up in Lilly's embrace and a smile quickly came to her face as she remembered last night. As she lazily roamed her fingers along Lilly's chest like she always did, she soon slowed her actions as she became transfixed on the rings on her finger. A happy sigh escaped her lips as her mind wandered to how Lilly made love to her so slowly and passionately .

"Morning bright eyes." Lilly said in a groggy voice.

Miley was surprised to hear her voice and looked at her happily. The smile on her face grew as Lilly took her hand and laced her fingers with hers. "Hmm ... good morning." she said lazily as she stretched under the covers. "How long have you been awake?"

"I didn't really sleep. I kept dozing on and off, but I just wanted to watch you. I sort of wanted to make sure you wouldn't go anywhere." she chuckled softly.

"You watched me all night?"

"Are you surprised?"

"Well, yeah ... it can't be that exciting."

"It was. You look so beautiful when you sleep. Your nose has this little crinkle, it kind of just ... I don't know, sort of like a rabbit or something."

"A rabbit? Lilly are you calling me a bunny?" she laughed softly.

"Maybe." she said hesitantly, not too sure if she took the comparison as a compliment or the opposite.

"Hmmm ... well you know what bunnies like to do?" she asked in a sultry voice. The change in tone did not go unnoticed by Lilly and she immediately knew her words were a compliment.

"What's that baby?" she asked in a low growl. Miley moved, putting a leg on each side of Lilly's body and straddled her. Feeling her naked body on top of her own, Lilly was quickly ready for anything she wanted to do. Miley lowered herself and kissed Lilly passionately. Her body heating with every passing moment as she darted her tongue into the warmth of Lilly's mouth and she slowly and very methodically moved her tongue inside. Miley moaned deeply, as her body tingled throughout, the surge of electricity ending at her heated core, that coated itself thoroughly.

Lilly's lips roamed to Miley's neck and she feasted on her soft flesh. Miley lost herself as Lilly's hot lips electrified her searing flesh with his fervent kisses. "Lilly?" she whimpered. Lilly's arms held her close to her and her hands roamed the length of her body, making her way to her rear that she squeezed softly as her kisses grew more hungry. "Hmmm... sweetie?" she panted. "Ever hear ... of the phrase..." she pulled up from Lillu and stared her in the eyes, her blue depths playful and seductive. With a mischievous smile she continued, "going at it like rabbits?"

Lilly smirked in response to her question. "Oh, Miley I think I just fell more in love with you." she chuckled excitedly and rolled over so she lay on top of Miley and almost immediately as they landed on the other side of the bed she plunged her fingers deep inside of Miley. Lilly captured Miley's lips into a blazing kiss that left Miley gasping for air.

The sound of forks clanking against glasses filled the room at the country club. All eyes were on the young couple as they sat at the head table, both in gorgeous white dresses that were much more extravagant than the ones at their real wedding. The day was a beautiful summer day adding to the splendor of the afternoon wedding that left two very proud families filled with joy and excitement. Members of the Truscott family, mixed with the Stewarts clan, mixed friends, celebrities, and with many photographers and a television crew filled the room. They looked on to see the happy couple oblige to the incessant request and lean in towards each other for a sweet kiss. The cheers that followed left the two laughing as their lips parted.

"I have a feeling they're just getting started." Miley joked.

"I think you're right." Lilly agreed. "But I don't really mind."

"I didn't think you would." Miley mused.

"You know me too well Mrs. Montana." she grinned. "Have I told you how beautiful you look today?"

"You may have mentioned it a few times."

"Well, I think it deserves repeating," she said with a mischievous grin. "Hannah, you look more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I love you so much."

"I love you too Lola. I never thought it was this possible to be this happy."

"I will try my best to keep you happy everyday for the rest of our lives."

"I plan on holding you to that promise."

"I want you to bright eyes. Always and forever," she said softly and gently placed her lips against Miley's for a tender kiss.

After their first dance, it was now Lilly's fathers turn to twirl Lilly across the dance floor. While Jackson hit the dance floor with Miley.

John was visibly in his element, the proud father of his little girl on her big day.

"I'm so happy for you princess. You just look so beautiful," he said unable to hide the emotions. "You remind me so much of your mother. She is so proud of you honey."

"I know she is, too Dad." Miley smiled.

"So my little girl is married," he said sentimentally and then chuckled to hold back his emotions. "Who gave you permission to grow up so quickly?"

"It just happened," she smiled. After a brief moment she continued. "But honestly Dad, in reality we have really been married for a year today."

"Of course I know that Lilly pad." John spoke, "Of course I know that. I'm just a bit concerned but I'm your father and I'm supposed to be, but Miley is a good young woman. I know she will do everything in her power to be a good wife to you. She has a bright future, just like you," he smiled as he thought about Lilly's acceptance into the law program at Malibu. "I know you will weather whatever storms come your way. I have faith in you two."

Lilly hugged John tightly. "Thank you Daddy. I love you."

"I love you, too princess."

Miley watched on as Lilly seemed to just glow more and more with happiness. Looking on at her wife and father-in-law dancing she couldn't help but smile, like everyone else in the room.

"I've never seen you this happy." Jackson said as he held Miley as they danced. Miley looked up at him and nodded her head in agreement. "You know," Jackson continued, "Honestly I had some doubts about this whole thing. I mean Hannah being married on live television.

"I was never worried." Miley said. "I wanted the world to know my love for Lilly."

"Well I just wanted to congratulate you and to tell you how proud I am of you Miley." he grinned. "I know dad is looking down at you and Lilly and feeling the same way."

"Thank you Jackson. It means a lot." she added seriously. "I know he is, too Jackson. I feel his presence." she smiled.

"Not a problem, but you know it would be out of character if I didn't go into big brother mode today and tell you that Lilly better take good care of my sister. If she ever hurts you again, in any way..."

Miley quickly interrupted. "You'll never have to worry about that. Jackson, you know as well as I do that things won't always be roses. There will be some ups and downs but the important thing is Lilly and I love each other, we respect and support each other. My love for Lilly is stronger than my own sense of pride."s he added in a light joke.

"You don't have to say anymore." Jackson replied.

"Well I'm glad we understand each other," she grinned. She soon heard another song begin and knew it was her cue. "Now, I'm going to go dance with my wife." she said and kissed her brother on the cheek before going to get Lilly.

Moments later, Miley and Lilly were surrounded by a number of their guests dancing along with them. The two were in their world as they moved slowly to the ballad that filled the room.

Always and forever

Each moment with you

Is just like a dream to me

That somehow came true, yeah

Lilly held Miley close to her as she rested her head on her shoulder. Miley's arms were curled around Lilly's neck, like they had been so many times before. Lilly nuzzled her head against hers, with her eyes closed she savored every moment. There was nothing she wanted more than to spend a lifetime of moments like this with Miley. Holding Miley close to her and feeling how her body molded perfectly against her own were accentuated by the powerful lyrics that filled the room.

And I know tomorrow

Will still be the same

Cause we got a life of love

That won't ever change and

Everyday love me your own special way

Melt all my heart away with a smile

Take time to tell me you really care

And we'll share tomorrow together

Ooh baby, I'll always love you forever

Slowly Miley's fingers started to softly play with the hairs at the nape of Lilly's neck. As they moved together she listened to Lilly's heart beating so strongly. Her heart that allowed her to love her so completely and now, they were married. Just thinking about the last few hours made her own heart burst with joy. She would be spending the rest of her life with the woman of her dreams, not only as Miley but as Hannah as well. No more hiding their marriage from the world. As the lyrics of the song sunk in Miley couldn't help but think about their future together. Loving each other and one day having children created out of that love. There was nothing she wanted more than to share a lifetime of memories with Lilly who loved her with a gentle strength she was always certain only she possessed.

Ever, ever, ever

There'll always be sunshine

When I look at you

It's something I can't explain

Just the things that you do

If you get lonely

Call me and take

A second to give to me

That magic you make and

Everyday love me your own special way

Melt all my heart away with a smile

Take time to tell me you really care

And we'll share tomorrow together

Ooh baby, I'll always love you forever.

As the song began to fade Lilly glided her hand up Miley's body to her shoulder and then softly touched her cheek. Gently she guided her towards and captured her lips with her own. Lilly kissed her so slowly and tenderly Miley lost all feeling and she became putty in Lilly's strong hands. Lilly seemed to just drink her with her smooth movements. Locking her lips with hers methodically and sensually, all eyes were on them and yet they felt alone. Lilly kissed her with the sweetest passion. It was perfection. It was love. It was everlasting.

"Yes," she smiled. Her eyes shimmered with tears, "always and forever." Lilly kissed her forehead softly. Miley looked up at her with a bright smile and ran her hand along her dress, feeling the athletic frame she knew so well. "Lillian Alexis, do you promise to trust me and support me through good times and bad? To give me reassuring hugs when I'm upset and encourage me when I doubt myself? To keep telling your corny jokes that make me laugh?" she giggled softly at the thought. "To be my strength and to continue loving me so completely for the rest of our days?"

Lilly leaned in and whispered, "always." She brushed her lips against hers, gently touching them and she kissed her sweetly. "... and forever."

"True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart."- Honore de Balzac

The End