This ties together Orcarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess. It does twist the story a bit.

Link left Hyrule after OOT, because he had to disappear for the seven years of darkness... He ran into a bit of bad luck that led to the story of MM and his short/long stay in Termina. Then, wishing only to forget what had been, to start anew, he ran away from being a hero.

This led him to Ordon, where he became a Shepard. No one asked him his past, and he told no one.

However, the events of TP force him to reclaim his old ways, and once again take up the sword and become the hero.

After TP, he returns to the Lost Woods of OOT... And thus does this story begin.

Chapter Nine: The Hero and The Sage

It was impossible for all three of us to ride Epona, and since Mido was injured I let him and Saria ride together while I ran. I was faster than I had been, before entering the Twilight. Perhaps more of the beast lived on within me than I knew...

It took us a few days to return to Ordon, and on the way, Mido truly learned a lot. He was a completely different person than in my memories, and for once, I was glad that my memories were not all I had. I liked this Mido a lot more.

"So, is that the right way, Link?" He asked, releasing an arrow from my bow.

"Not quite, Mido, you're too stiff."

"Oh. All right." His next shot was much better. "That was it, wasn't it?" He shouted excitedly.

"Yes, Mido, that was great." I grinned.

It was a fun trip. I had always traveled alone, as Heroes must, but I liked having friends to talk to.

The days went by all too quickly... And then, we were home.

"Well, look who's back!" Rusl greeted me. "And this lady must be Saria. And you brought someone else, too..."

"Mido." He said, holding out a hand.

"Well met, Mido." Rusl clasped his hand tightly. "You look like you wound up on the wrong end of a fight, I must say."

"That's basically it." He smiled. I helped him and Saria down.

Then, Ilia ran over. "You're hurt! Is this Link's fault? He can be terribly inconsiderate."

"Oh, no, actually, Link saved me."

"Well... You're still hurt. Come on, I'll take you to the Sacred Spring."

As she led him away, I finally figured out what the Goddesses had planned. Knowing this, I smiled. It solved two of my problems for me, after all.

Then Saria turned to me, and taking my hand she smiled. "So, Link, which house is yours?"

"It's impossible to miss, Saria. I'll show you."

So, time passed. We were happy just the way things were. I worked on the ranch like I had before, and she planted a garden by my house, tending the plants daily. The villagers said her song made plants grow 'like magic,' and soon everyone wanted her to play her melody at planting time.

As for Mido, he found work as a teacher, as well as helping Ilia's father. All the village kids loved him, saying that he was great at understanding them. It was almost like he was still a kid himself, sometimes. And they all thought he would make a great mayor one day, when Ilia's father was too old.

It didn't take long for everyone to forget how they had come here, or how I had saved Hyrule.

Here, it no longer mattered that Saria and I had been chosen as the Hero and the Sage.

To them, we were just the ranch hand and his wife.

Nothing more.