Great booms came from afar.

Gary the Majini raised his eyebrow "What's that sound?"

Bernie looked at Gary "What sound is that Gary?"

The sound stopped. Gary shrugged "Ah it's nuthin', sooooo I was thinking about asking Cindy to village dance,"

Bernie shook his head "No don't do that,"

Gary frowned "Why ever not?!"

Bernie scratched his nose with the end of his machete "Well I'm already planning to ask her,"

"You can't do that!" Gary exploded "You can't call dibs on Cindy!"

"Shut up Gary, she would never go to the town dance with you anyway!" Bernie retorted.

"Ah shut up you two!" A voice boomed.

They both turned around to see Big Fat Fred Executioner Majini. He pointed at them and laughed.

"I'm already taking Cindy to the dance, so you better back off!" Big Fat Fred Executioner (We'll shall now refer to him as the Fat Fred).

Gary put his hands on his hips "Well that sucks!"

Fat Fred chuckled and then looked over to the executioner pad "Oh I need to do my job,"

Fat Fred waddled over to his spot and readied himself.

Microphone Majini ordered Fat Fred to kill Butcher man. Which he thusly did.

Some more stuff happened but then they noticed some whit guy hiding in a houseā€¦. and it wasn't just an inexplicably white Majini but was an actual enemy!

"Bernie! Let's get that bastard!" Gary ordered.

Bernie and Gary rushed towards the house.

Long story short. They died.