Its Time To Forget The Pain

Chapter 1: Inuyasha Stay

Sango sat on a bench on the outside of Kaede's hut. She was thinking about Kagome and what she had done to Inuyasha. She couldn't believe her best friend could really be that cold hearted.

'How could Kagome do that to Inuyasha? Yes he has gone after Kikyo but he has always come back to you. But for you to go off with Koga and not tell us........' Sango thought to herself, til she was interupted by a familiar voice.

"Sango what are you doing. Why do you look so mad?" The little fox kit asked looking at her with curious eyes.

"Nothing Shippo. It's alright."

"Did Miroku go off with another woman or something?" Sango laughed at the comment.

Shippo had always known when she was mad it was because of the monk, but how could she tell him that she was mad at Kagome. Shippo thought of her as his new mom, and Sango didn't want the kit to know what she had seen and heard. Everyone knew other than the villagers and Shippo. Kagome had said it a week ago while they were out helping Kaede with a demon that decided to attack in the middle of the night. They were walking back to the village when she told the group.


(A week ago)
"You guys I need to tell you something." Kagome said as she slowed down to a stop.

"What is it Kagome?" Sango asked looking at her friend. Everyone else stopped in their tracks.

"I am leaving tomorrow." She said in almost a whisper. Inuyasha's ears perked up and looked at her.

"What do you mean your leaving we just got back from your weird world?!" He shouted. Kagome looked at him.

"NO YOU IDIOT!" She shouted and then calmed down. "I am leaving with Koga."

"Koga why Kagome?" Miroku asked.



Inuyasha stared blankly at her not knowing if he had heard her right. Kaede and the others stood in silence.


(A week later)
Kagome had left the very night Sango wasn't sure if she had indeed gone off with Koga or she had gone back to her own time. Inuyasha had not step foot into the village since Kagome had told him what she thought. It hurt Sango to see her friends turned against each other when she thought even though they fought they were still a cute couple. She sighed and looked around hoping to catch a glimse of Inuyasha's silver hair, but instead saw the monk.

"Hey Sango. Thinking about Kagome and Inuyasha?"

"Miroku I just don't get Kagome anymore. She has been with Inuyasha for so long to think she could say those things to him. He looked so hurt." Sango said looking at the ground.

Miroku put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her chin up so she was looking in his eyes.

"This is how somethings are Sango. We can't control them even if we wanted to." Miroku said.

For some reason Sango had the feeling he could careless for the half demon and Kagome. Sango sighed and shook her head, then she looked up and out of the corner of her eye she saw Inuyasha walking through the village. Miroku followed her gaze. Inuyasha turned and look at them and walked over. It was different from his usual dominant look he gave. He looked weak as if he hadn't eaten or slept.

"Hey Inuyasha." Miroku greeted.

"Hey...." He said in a small whisper.

"Inuyasha are you alright you look awful?" Sango said standing up and going to his side.

"I'm fine but I need to talk to you two and Kaede." He said and headed off to Kaede's hut.

Sango looked at Miroku and gave a consered look. Shippo jumped on Miroku's shoulder as they started to walk to Kaede's hut. When they got inside Kaede was sitting and Inuyasha beside her.

"What do ye want to talk about Inuyasha, we are all here?" Kaede asked.

"I'm gonna leave too." He said looking at the ground.

"What?!" Sango shouted.

"Your not planning to go after Kagome are you?" Miroku asked.

"No I am going off on my own I'll finish off Naraku by myself."

"But Inuyasha..."

"No buts Sango I made up my mind. Besides no one here would like me around. After all I am just a worthless half demon."

Inuyasha then stood up and ran out the door racing off.

"INUYASHA!!" Sango shouted running to the door.

"Why bother Sango its better for that half demon to leave."

Sango looked straight at Miroku.


Sango shouted running into the back of Kaede's hut and changing in to her demon slayers outfit, then ran out of the hut calling Kirara. She then jumped on Kirara and headed off after Inuyasha.


Inuyasha ran into a clearing. He had heard how Sango had called his name in such pain, but he was no longer wanted. Miroku had, had a pleased look on his face and Kaede seem to look back at the food she was preparing. The only two that seemed to have a reaction was Sango and Shippo. He could understand that even though he was mean to Shippo, the little fox still saw Inuyasha as a father to him. Then he thought about Sango's expression, it seemed like she really didn't want him to leave but still there was no point in him staying. Inuyasha stood in silence. He was so confused about everything, about why Kagome had said those things, why she chose Koga over him, and how Sango had called his name.

'Why did she sound so sad? She loves the monk so why care for me?' Inuyasha thought til he heard her voice.

"INUYASHA!" Sango shouted as Kirara landed.

Sango jumped off of Kirara and ran over to Inuyasha dropping her Hidikotsu. Inuyasha stared at her as Sango started to cry.

"You idiot where do you think your going?! Why are you leaving us?! Kagome may be gone but we're here!" Sango shouted.

"You guys will be better off without me. Kagome was right about everything she said. I am an idiotic, selfcentered, annoying half demon."

"I don't care Inuyasha that is who you are and you can't help that. If she can't love you for who you are then she's no good for you!"

Inuyasha turned to walk away. He knew Sango was right, but he couldn't understand why she cared so much, after all she loves Miroku. Inuyasha kept walking. Sango ran in front of Inuyasha. The next thing he knew Sango had her arms wrapped around his chest as she cried. Inuyasha was startled by her sudden embraced. Inuyasha slowly looked down at Sango as she beried her face in his chest.

"Sango w..w...what are you doing?!"

"I made a promise to you Inuyasha."

"I don't remember you promising me anything, Sango." Inuyasha said as he tried to remember if she did or not.

"I told Miroku this when you turned into your full demon form that one time, and Sesshomaru had to stop you. No matter what you choose to be, wheither it be a demon, human, or stay a half demon. Where ever you go I would always be right by your side. Your never going to be alone because you"

Inuyasha stared at Sango in disbelief. Sango clung to Inuyasha's fire rat tighter, and slowly looked up into Inuyasha's golden-amber eyes.

"So please Inuyasha, please stay here with me."

"And if I don't?"

"I'll follow you."

Inuyasha looked at Sango and gave a soft smile. He then slowly whipped away Sango's tears gently.

"Fine I'll stay here but just for you." He said softly.

Sango gave a big smile and hugged Inuyasha. Once again he was stunned by the hug. Then slowly he hugged her back. He held her close not wanting to let go as if something would hurt her if he did, then he started petting her hair and breathed in her scent. After a few minutes they both let go of each other blushing, then headed home together.