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Chapter 10: Naraku's Insidious Plot

Kagome sighed as she looked up at the night sky. Koga, Miroku, and her and been trailing after Naraku to keep him from finding Inuyasha and Sango. So far it seemed to be working, but she couldn't help but worry since Sango would now be due any day. Hatchi had also joined them with a little force from Miroku. One mention of the windtunnel and Hatchi obeyed any command of Miroku's. Kagome also found out it was alot harder to take out demons with out Inuyasha and Sango since they were the best fighters on the team. She turned in her sleeping bag and slowly remembered Shippo as well. The fox kit had been so close to her and now he was so far. She remembered how he would cuddle up with her for bed and when they battled he was right by her side. She rolled back over to where she was facing the small camp fire as it began to die down. She looked across the fire and remembered how Sango had always layed across from her. That spot was now replaced by Hatchi. She missed Sango as well talking about her problems with a female instead of a male. Slowly she looked over to Koga as he slept against the tree like Inuyasha, and she found herself missing him as well. Kagome turned and looked at Miroku. He was sound asleep, and she knew he must be missing Sango as well.

"I miss them." She said quietly and fell asleep.

After Kagome fell asleep Koga and Miroku opened their eyes. They faked their sleep so they could talk with out upsetting Kagome.

"She misses them, Monk." Koga said looking at her.

"I couldn't blame her we were all close like a family, and the stress with Naraku isn't any help for her either." Miroku said.

"And shouldn't Sango be due any day now with the pup?"

"Yea......she is." Miroku said looking at the ground.

"Do you want to go there and see it? Or will it be too hard to see?" Koga asked glancing at him.

"I think it would be ok and I think Kagome needs it." Miroku smiled.

"Well then we should get to sleep." Koga sighed.

Miroku agreed and they went to bed. In the morning Koga woke Kagome and informed her of their plans. She smiled and agreed and off they went.


Inuyasha, Shippo, and Seiya slowly entered the birthing hut. Sango had just given birth to the pup early that morning. Lady Anako smiled as Sango held the pup and smiled.

"Congragulations Inuyasha. Sango has given birth to a son." Lady Anako smiled.

Seiya and Shippo ran over to Sango to see the pup as Inuyasha walked over and sat next to her. Sango carfully handed Inuyasha his son. He had brown hair with silver tips, small dog ears that were brown with silver tips, and small golden eyes. Inuyasha smiled as he put his finger in his son's hand. Shippo and Seiya looked at him.

"Daddy what are you going to name him?" Seiya asked.

Sango smiled and rested her head on Inuyasha's shoulder.

"Rafe. His name is Rafe." Inuyasha said.

"Hello Rafe I'm your big brother Shippo and this is your big sister Seiya." Shippo smiled.

Setsuna slowly popped her head in.

"How are you doing Sango?"

"I'm good Setsuna. Thank you." Sango smiled as Lady Anako let her in.

She walked in and looked at the pup.

"Wow he is so cute." She smiled.

Sango looked at Setsuna. She noticed that her pretty brown hair was let down instead of a pony tail, she was wearing a long kimono instead of a short one like she always does, and for once she was wearing red eye shadow.

"Setsuna why are you all dressed up? You didn't dress up for me did you?" Sango teased.

"No I sort of wanted to impress someone I like." Setsuna blushed.

"Is it my daddy?" Seiya asked.

"No not your daddy! I mean yea he is charming but no not him!" Setsuna shouted waving her arms in front of herself blushing a brighter shade of red.

Inuyasha, Sango, and Shippo laughed. Then suddenly they heard a familiar voice.

"Um hello Sango? Inuyasha?"

They slowly looked to the door to see Kagome standing there.

"Well hello Kagome." Sango greeted.

"I went to ya'lls hut and everyone said you were giving birth this morning and that you were here." She said standing there.

"If you want to see the pup you can Kagome." Inuyasha said.

Kagome smiled and walked over and looked at Rafe.

"Oh my gosh it looks like both of you." She smiled.

"His name is Rafe, Kagome." Shippo said.

Seiya looked at Kagome.

"Um yes little one?" Kagome asked looking at her.

"I remember you. You visited along time ago aunty." Seiya smiled.

"Aunty?" Koga asked walking in with Miroku behind him.

"And the uncles too!" She shouted.

Soon Miroku and Koga got a look at Rafe. They congragulated Inuyasha and Sango and talked about Naraku. Inuyasha and Sango were glad to hear that Naraku thought they were still with the group. Kagome told Sango about all the plans Naraku seemed to come up with and how they could counter since she was skilled in that.


A few days later Kagome, Koga, and Miroku headed out again after Naraku with a new strategy plan to get Naraku. Sango sat in the open area of the hut holding Rafe as Inuyasha took Seiya and Shippo out for training practice. Setsuna kept popping her head in the hut repeatedly to check on Sango, and once again she popped her head in.

"Hey Sango how are you doing?"

"Once again Setsuna I am fine stop worrying ok." Sango chuckled.

"Well it's just that Nana gave birth and she has been having health problems." Setsuna said refering to another villager.

Nana was a fragile woman that had given birth to a daughter. She had always been fragile since she was a child and Lady Anako had warned her that she would have health problems if she had a child, but Nana is also as stubbern as a bat.

"Setsuna I am a strong woman. I am fine I promise. So how are things with this mystery guy?" She asked.

Setsuna frowned and walked in and sat down.

"He keeps ignoring me. What am I doing wrong? He seemed to like me before."

"Setsuna just be yourself don't dress up to impress him. If he liked you when you weren't dressed up then you are fine because you are being yourself." Sango smiled.

Setsuna smiled and stood up.

"Your right Sango. I won't change myself just to please a boy. I am going to be my own woman and do the things I love to do." She said holding her fist up in a victory pose.

Sango laughed as Setsuna ran out of the door to be her normal self. Sango also noticed how peaceful this village really was. There were barely any demon attacks and if there were they were puny demons as Inuyasha called them. She smiled and looked at Rafe. Seiya and Shippo have been training alot lately and she could picture Rafe doing the same when he got to the right age. It still amazes her that Inuyasha could be the caring father he was. She alway pictured him beating the kids over the head like he use to, to Shippo. He never did have patience for them either. She chuckled again and thought about what they were doing. Kirara walked over and jumped on her shoulder and looked at Rafe.

"Isn't he cute Kirara? Our family keeps getting bigger and bigger doesn't it."

Then slowly her mind trailed off and she found herself thinking of Kohaku.

'He'd be an uncle now.' She thought.

Slowly she shook her head from the thought of her brother before she started crying. She walked in to the kitchen and set Rafe down in some hay Inuyasha had brought in so he could lay on it while she cooked. Slowly she began to cook with the thought of Kohaku still in her mind.


Inuyasha was taking a break with Seiya and Shippo. They had been training hard all morning and Seiya had been training even harder than Shippo. It still suprised him how fast Seiya was aging, but as Lady Anako had said it was because when half demons are young they grow fast like demons so they will be able to take care of themselves quicker. She was now only a year and a month old yet as hyper and quick as Shippo. He watched as Shippo and Seiya sat and talked about the training, yet something felt strange. His ears perked up and listened making sure Seiya and Shippo didn't know he was worried about something. He heard the normal sounds that he heard, nothing out of the ordinary, but he knew something was up. Slowly he stood up and looked at Seiya and Shippo.

"Ok you two we are done for today time to head home." Inuyasha said.

"Aaawww but dad we only have been training for half of the day." Shippo said.

"Yea we train til dinner time." Seiya chimmed in.

"I know but don't you think that your mother misses us." Inuyasha said leading them away.

"Ok." They said as they walked on.

As they got to the edge of the meadow Inuyasha turned around and listened to the sounds still feeling the same strange feeling. Still nothing out of the ordinary.

'I don't think I am going to take the kids training for a while something's not right here.' Inuyasha thought as he walked after his kids.

Little did Inuyasha know he was right to be worried because as soon as he was out of sight one of Naraku's siamyosho flew out of a tree. It had been watching Inuyasha the whole time he was training with the kids, and of course Naraku could see what the siamyosho could see.


An evil chuckle escaped a eerie miasma fog in a creepy castle. Deep inside of the castle sat the evil Naraku as he watched what the siamyosho saw through Kana's mirror.

"So that is where you've been Inuyasha, and starting a family too." Naraku said chuckling to himself.

He wave his hand dismissing Kana. He smiled and looked out the eerie window.

"And on top of that Inuyasha, you and Sango are now together and have just welcomed a new son to your family. I think it is time I payed a visit to you and Sango." Naraku laughed.

Naraku had been wondering where Inuyasha and Sango had been for awhile now. He had noticed that the group was moving alot slower than they usually had and where his scent was the strongest it took them forever for them to find him. That was when he sent the siamyosho to spy on the group. He was suprised first of all to see how close the siamyosho got without being taken down by Inuyasha. The second was seeing Koga and third the group was only the reincarnation, monk, and wolf. He even had another siamyosho watch Kaede's village for sight of the half demon or slayer. He had once spied on them before to see the slayer get mad at the monk for groping her behind and the half demon and reincarnation get into fights. He figured they were hiding in the usual spots they hid. He sent a siamyosho to the destroyed demon slayer village and another to where Totosai was, but not luck. It was only when one of his siamyosho were heading back to Kaede's village did he spot the five strikes of the tetsusaiga destroying a demon, did he find out were Inuyasha and Sango really were and what was going on. He never imagined that the slayer and half demon would ever be together, but now he was pleased with the thought. He knew Inuyasha and Sango were the stongest members on the team and now that they had a family they would be an easy target because of their own children. Naraku laughed as he realized the things they treasured would now pull them down into their defeat.

"Kagura." Naraku called as he stood up and removed the top part of his kimono.

Kagura slowly walked in with her fan open covering her mouth. She slowly got on her knees and looked up at him.

"What is it Naraku?" She asked with a small glare.

"I want you to go give Inuyasha this message. I want to see what he does when he gets it. I want you to tell him I am creating a new reincarnation of myself, and I will be sent to attack him. Let's see what he is going to do, and how he is going to protect his family." Naraku chuckled evily.

Slowly he pulled out a sword and drove it into his back cutting the spider mark on his back. He then placed it in a jar and smiled.

"This reincarnation might actually be Inuyasha's down fall. Another think Kagura tell him my demon will be after him in about a week." Naraku smiled and dismissed Kagura.

Kagura slowly walked out of the castle to the court yard and glared hatefully at the castle. She then pulled a feather out of her hair to where it grew to her large flying feather, and headed off to Inuyasha and Sango's Village.


Inuyasha lead the kids into the hut to see Sango still preparing dinner. Shippo and Seiya sat around Rafe and played with him. Sango smiled and looked at them then looked at Inuyasha. He slowly lead her into the dinning area. Sango looked at him with a worried look.

"Your back early. What's wrong Inuyasha?" She asked caressing his cheek.

"I got a bad feeling out there." He said grabbing her hand.

"What do you mean a bad feeling?"

"Like we were being watched. Like if we were in danger. I have learned to trust my instincts, and I just know what I feel."

"Do you think..." Sango was cut off by Inuyasha holding a hand up.

"Stay here." Inuyasha ordered walking out of the hut.

Inuyasha slowly sniffed the air and growled. He quickly dashed to the forest to the meadow he and the kids had been training at. As he walk to the center of the meadow he heard a twig snap and spun around. He saw Kagura slowly walk out from behind a tree. Inuyasha quickly grabbed the hilt of his sword. Kagura held up her fan in a stop motion.

"Let go of your sword Inuyasha. I just bring a message from Naraku." She said lowering her fan.

Inuyasha kept his hand on his sword and let out a message.

"What does Naraku want?" Inuyasha asked.

"I am here to bring you a warning. Naraku has made a new reincarnation of himself and will be sending it after you and your family. He also said the demon will be sent after you in a weeks time. I suggest you prepare yourself." Kagura said pulling the feather from her hair.

"Wait Naraku knows what is going on?!" He shouted.

"Of course. Your his main prey." Kagura said as the feather grew and she flew away on it.

Inuyasha glared at Kagura as she flew away then quickly raced back to the hut. He ran in to see Sango serving the dinner. She quickly jumped and looked at him.

"What is it Inuyasha? Why did you rush out like that?" Sango asked walking over to him and grabbed his arm.

"I'll tell you later." He said taking a sigh of relief.

Shippo looked at him then looked back to his food and began to eat. Inuyasha sat and joined then eat. After they were done eating Sango put the kids to bed and joined Inuyasha near the small fire in the center of the hut. Inuyasha sat gazing into the fire seemingly lost in thought. Sango realized it was the same look that he got when he was thinking about Naraku. She slowly sat next to him and placed her hand on his thigh which snapped him back to reality. Inuyasha slowly wrapped his arms around her and sat her in his lap. He held her close and rested his head on her head.

"Inuyasha what is going on?" Sango asked.

"Naraku has found us." He said in a worried tone.

"What?! What are we going to do?!" Sango shouted.

"Ssshhh don't wake the kids. I know your shocked so am I, but we only have a week to try and figure out what to do."

"A week? What happens in a week?" Sango asked looking up at him.

"Naraku will send his new reincarnation after us, and probably will destroy this village." Inuyasha said with a sad tone.

Sango slowly thought about everyone at risk. First off her family, and second the people she had come to love in the village like Setsuna and Lady Anako. She looked at Inuyasha as he seemed to go back into thought.

"Well I don't want anything to happen to the village, but I think I know something we can do. It might now be the best but it is the only idea I can think of." Sango said putting a finger on her lip.

"What?" Inuyasha asked.

"I think we should go to my old village. The Demon Slayer's Village. We can try and set traps for the demon and hopefully that will work, but most of the huts are badly damaged and are not really livable." She said thinking of her plan.

"Well you know how to set the traps better than I can so I guess you can do that, and while you work on the traps I can easily rebuild a hut or two." Inuyasha said.

Sango smiled and nodded. The plan was sealed with a kiss and the two of them headed off to bed ready to set out the next morning to the old Demon Slayer's Village.