"But Boss-"


"But you didn't even-"


"Do I hafta say it again, DiNozzo?"

Tony sighed and broke eye contact with him for a second. "No."

"Good." He walked over to his desk and sat down.

Tony did the same but went to his own desk. Behind him, he could hear Ziva and McGee chuckling to themselves. Oh well. They could have their laugh; they didn't even know what he was asking about, and neither did Gibbs. Maybe if he actually listened this time he'd understand.

"Uh, Boss, I think I found something interesting." McGee transferred the data on his computer screen onto the big plasma.

"What am I looking at, McGee?" Gibbs asked.

"Uh, the little girl, Amy Taylor, was reported to have run away from her home at least five times since her mother passed away three years ago, and her father remarried."

Tony looked up at the screen. Amy's smiling school ID looked back. It was taken just this year, but he could tell the smile wasn't real; she was hurting. Her eyes looked at me with the pain of losing a loved one....kinda like Tony.

"How long would she be gone?" Ziva asked.

McGee typed some more on his computer. "The police would be notified and would normally find her within a week of her disappearance. Sometimes she'd come back on her own."

Grabbing his coat, Gibbs hurried towards the elevator. "I'm goin' back to question her parents. That's good work, McGee."

As soon as Gibbs disappeared behind the elevator doors, Ziva and McGee dropped their act and decided to make their move.

"So..."Ziva started. "You're having a little problem, Tony?"

"No, Zee-Vah."

"Then what was that about?" McGee asked.

Tony looked at him almost incredulously. "You should know, Probie!"

McGee gave him a questionable look. "Should I?"

Tony nodded. "You forgot."

Ziva looked at both of them. "What is it?"

Tony shook his head. "Nothing." He stood up and stretched. "How long do you think before the boss comes back?"

"Maybe an hour," Ziva replied. "Why?"

Tony headed towards the elevator. "I'm taking the rest of the day off. Maybe tomorrow too."


Tony didn't respond. He simply grabbed his jacket, headed for the elevator, and disappeared behind the doors.

"Gibbs is gonna kill him." McGee stated.


"WHADDAYA MEAN HE LEFT?!?!?!" The entire squad room hushed as Gibbs confronted his team. "I leave for less than an hour, Tony leaves, and you two didn't even try to stop him?! Did you even attempt to ask him where he was going?! You didn't even call me!"

"Boss, he-"

"What, McGee?!" Gibbs leaned close, staring directly into the junior agent's eyes. "What'd he do? Did he say anything?"

Ziva stepped forward. "He'll be back probably tomorrow or the day after that."

"And where'd he go?" Gibbs demanded. "We're still looking for the missing girl! Find him!"

McGee flew into his chair and began to type furiously. "On it, Boss!"

"I'll check his cell phone," Ziva stated and went to work.

Gibbs glanced over at his Senior Field Agent's desk. What the hell was going on?! Tony wouldn't leave when a little girl was missing! It was completely out of his character. The job always came first, and Tony knew that. Where would he go?

"Damnit." Gibbs stood up and paced, causing McGee and Ziva more pressure. "Did Tony say anything about a party or a visitor? Anything?"

Ziva and McGee thought for a mooment.

"Not that we know of," Ziva stated. "He didn't come to work happily either."

"What does that mean?" McGee asked.

"He doesn't have a date tonight," Gibbs replied. Hurriedly, he accessed Tony's calendar on the computer. There was nothing scheduled for today. "Where are you, DiNozzo?"


The woman behind the counter handed the ticket to Tony. "Thank you, Sir."

Tony took his ticket and walked away from the booth. He didn't have long to wait until his flight would be ready. Inside his pocket, he felt his phone vibrating; probably Gibbs. Taking it out, he read the caller ID: McGee.

Do I wanna answer? Tony thought to himself. Nope. He ignored the call and just sat there. How could they forget? How could McGee and Gibbs not remember? Did they try to forget on purpose? Or did they just not know that today was the day?