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"Well, well, well!" Steve exclaimed. "If it isn't Tony DiNozzo coming back with his boss and team!"

Tony held out his hand and Steve shook it. "How 'ya been, Steve?"

"Good. Unless..." He turned to Gibbs.

"No, he didn't go anywhere near the cockpit."

"I'm good then, Tony." He leaned in close to whisper into the agent's ear. "Got caught by the boss, huh?"

Tony shrugged. "Sorta," he whispered back. Then he went off to the side, standing by the rest of the team. "Boss, I'm gonna take my car back to the office. See 'ya all there?"

Gibbs nodded. "Take Ziva and McGee."

Tony only nodded and started off towards the parking garage. His two co-workers followed in silence.

"So, what was he doing in Indiana, Jethro?" Steve asked only when the three agents had left.

Gibbs leaned in and whispered a response. Afterwards, he smiled and thanked the man for the plane. Then he turned to Abby and Ducky. "Come on, we gotta go too."


Tony drove without a word. Not even the music was on, and that was too unusual even for him. He just drove silently. It was Ziva who broke the silence.

"So, Tony, do you mind me asking you a question?"

"Ask away, Ziva."

"Why did you crash a plane at the airport?"

McGee leaned forward in the backseat, interested in the conversation. "Yes, Tony. Do tell."

Tony smiled. "It was a long time ago and I don't remember."

"Come on!" Ziva pressed. "I know you know!"

Tony glanced quickly at her. "You can read my mind?"

"That, and I can tell when you're lying."

"We've been through this before, Tony." McGee said. "And I highly doubt anyone would forget something as big as that."

Tony turned down another street and stopped his car behind a long line of traffic. "Perfect..."

"Well this is the perfect opportunity to share." Ziva said with a smile. "So go ahead."

Tentatively, Tony took his hands off the wheel and turned in his seat towards his partners. "I was Gibbs' probie and we had a case at the airport. There was a dead Marine found at an empty terminal.

"Why was it empty?"

"It was a new addition ready to open the next day." Tony inhaled. "Well, after much investigating, Boss uncovered a security guard that worked for Steve who had killed him."

"Why'd he kill him?"

"The man, Tom Micah, was involved in allowing shipments of drugs and weapons to pass through security and get on planes. The Marine, a Lieutenant Harrison, suspected this and was sent to exploit him."

"That doesn't explain why you crashed a plane into the terminal." McGee stated.

"Hang on, I'm getting there." Tony made sure the traffic wasn't moving. "When we found out, he was hiding somewhere in the airport and we didn't know where. It took us a week to search the whole place thoroughly. Gibbs and I checked the planes. I took the last one, which was where Micah was. He was trying to take off."

"Ah." The events were becoming clear for Ziva. "So you crashed?"

Tony nodded. "Yeah. I turned the wheel a little too far to the left and we crashed into the wall." He smiled. "Boss ran to the sight, pulled me out, the nwent back for Micah."

"What happened to you?"

"My hands were glued to the wheel from shock. He had to pry my hands off."

The car filled with laughter.

McGee's cellphone started to vibrate. "It's Boss."He picked it up. "Yeah, Boss?"

"The minute you guys get back, I need you to start reviewing the case and try to locate the girl."

"On it." McGee snapped his phone shut. "We hafta find Amy Taylor."

Tony moved the car slowly along with trraffic. "So let's review then."

Ziva sighed. "Well, we know that Amy was known to run away from her home after her father remarried a year ago following the death of his wife."

"Wow, Ziva, take a breath!" Tony slammed the brakes, ending less than a foot from the car ahead of him. "What? The guy made a sudden stop!"

McGee continued. "Amy would be gone for a few days, then come back on her own. That probably means-"

"-she didn't want anyone to know where she'd been," Ziva concluded.

Tony stared off into space. He didn't even realize when the traffic began to move and cas started to honk behind him. "She lost her mom...runs away..." he looked at Ziva. "Remind you of anyone?"

"Wh-" Her eyes grew wide. "You!"

Tony nodded. "McGee, find out where Janet Taylor was buried. Hurry!"

"Uh, I don't have my PDA!"

"Call Abby!"

"She's with Gibbs!"

"Ziva?" Tony turned to her. "If ever there was a time where we could use your awesome photographic memory, now is the time."

Ziva closed her eyes, deep in thought. "I didn't interview her, Gibbs did....Hang on..."

Tony and McGee watched her eagerly.

"...Uh...the, uh...ooo! The cemetery on Gregor and Fifth Street! Hurry!"

"If you haven't noticed, Zi, I can't move the car."

Ziva unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car.

"What're you doing?!"

She ran to other side, opened the driver's door, and pushed Tony to the passenger seat. It took a little while because he was wearing his seatbelt. "Move!"

"Ziva, no! You're not driving my car!"


Ziva pulled up in front of the gates of the cemetery on Gregor and Fifth Street, "What'd I tell you? We made excellent time!" She got out of the car, leaving Tony and McGee to catch their breath and follow her. "Now all we hafta do is find out where she was laid to rest."

The three of them walked through the gates, scanning the nearly empty area. Nearly empty. McGee spotted a silhouette against the sunset. "There she is!" He started to hurry his pace.

"Relax, McGoo. She's not going anywhere." Tony pulled his friend back a little to walk at a slower pace with him and Ziva.

Amy heard the footsteps behind her, but didn't turn around.

"Amy? Amy Taylor?" Ziva approached her calmly.

"How'd you find me?" She asked without looking at any of them still.

Tony squatted down next to her. "Family."

"I don't understand. She's not your relative." Amy broke contact with the tombstone and looked into Tony's eyes. "Is she?"

Tony smiled lightly. "No. She's yours. And if I were you, I'd have done the same thing if I ran away."

"Some people don't have the guts to run alone." Amy said. "You don't seem the type either."

Ziva joined them on the ground and motioned for McGee to do the same. "He actually did, you know? Just yesterday."

Tony nodded. "I still can't believe my boss didn't fire me for it."

"Why'd you run?"

"'Cause I'm like you." Tony's smile remained on his face. "I lost a sister, well, not blood sister but I think you get it....She was special, and I didn't wanna forget her. Like you don't wanna forget your mother."

Amy's eyes grew cloudy with tears. "But your father didn't replace her. He didn't bring in a stranger into your life, did he?"

Ziva held in her breath. What was Tony going to say to that? Did he think that about her?

"He did. And at first, I admit I was...stubborn. I didn't wanna accept it. But turns out she's like my best friend now." Tony looked at Ziva. "She wants to kill me sometimes, and I, well, can't even beat her in a wrestling match."

Amy laughed. "You must be wimpy compared to her."

Ziva and McGee laughed.

Tony did too. He whispered for Amy's ears only. "I'll never admit that to her."

The end! That's it! Hope you liked it and thanks for reading!!!