Return of the Familiar

"Frank, I thought you said you loved me?" Sally cried looking at him

"I do. I'm sorry Sal. I slipped up. It's not been easy you know" Frank retorted

"Well you know exactly were to stick your apology" She replied glaring at him

"Sal just listen to me..." Frank tried again

"Look if you think I'm going to..." She trailed off and Frank looked at her. Her eyes had gone wide, a huge smile spread on her face. Dodging around she took off at a run, just as Frank turned her around and threw herself into the arms of a tall, stranger who appeared in the yard, though there was something familiar about him. He watched as the stranger swung her around, before putting her down on the ground and kissing her softly on the lips. It was not overtly romantic but it still made Frank grind his teeth slightly. She maintained her smile, before grabbing the strangers hand

"You have got to see the others, they will be so psyched" She said laughing and dragging him along and almost knocked Frank over in her haste

"Rob, this is my colleague Frank Mooney. Come on we need to see the others, Adam will be so psyched to see you. His had a tough time recently. It was a shame you couldn't have made it to Recall's funeral. Anyway come on" She said still smiling and Rob laughed at her enthusiasm.

"I should go away more often if this is how I'm greeted" He said smiling at her child like enthusiasm, following Sally up towards the mess.