Later that day Sally and Rob arrive at her flat.

"It's nothing much" She said quietly, in part a little embarassed by the appearence.

"It has the basics, besides from what I remember you live at the station anyway with the gym and such" Rob replied with a smile "Lets go and get some food in you. I don't think you've eaten much all day. Are you feeling OK?"

"Yeah" She answered with a smile "I've just been very tired recently, stressed. You know what comes with the job"

Rob didn't seem convinced but let it slide, he was more focused on improving their relationship after he left. He made his way to the kitchen with Sally and both of them enjoyed the familiar habits when they were cooking, lSally for example nicking the ingredients and Rob gently tapping the back of her hand. It was comfortable and relaxed. Just as Sally had finished chopping the onions, she heard a knock at the door and went to answer it. Her eyes slightly red from the smell of the onions.

"Frank...Hi" She said slowly

"Are you alright? May I come in?" He asked politely

"Sorry I've got Rob over at the moment, was there any reason you wanted to come in?" Sally answered well aware of the reason but refusing to dwell on it.

"Just to see you. We didn't finish our discussion earlier" Frank insisted sounding a little impatient

"Yeah. Sorry about that. I was just excited to see him again" She excused herself even though she knew she owed him nothing

"Must be great when someone you love comes back in your life suddenly" Frank answered trying to see her reaction

" is" Sally answered smiling slightly

"OK. Well...when can we finish?" Frank said "I mean it was important"

"We are finished. Look can we talk about this tomorrow. Meet you for a coffee before work yeah, at the little Cafe?" Sally suggested eager to get rid of him

"OK that sounds ideal. I have other plans tonight anyway" He said quietly, meeting Sally's eyes and she turned her head away

"Yeah. Well tomorrow at 5 right?" Sally tried to smile

"Tomorrow" Frank promised

Sally shut the door before leaning against it. Rob chose that moment to come out, a look of concern on his face recognising Sally's worried tone and slumped posture.

"Hey, He could have stayed if you wanted" He said softly, the way her spoke to her when he knew she was upset

"No. It's better this way" Sally said smiling shakily

"You OK?" Rob asked worriedly

"Yeah. We were just having a very intense discussion before you showed up. But was glad you did, need to think what I'm going to say" Sally replied

" garlic bread too? Fresh of course" Rob asked picking up the hint to change the topic, to which Sally smiled gratefully.

"Yeah sounds good" She replied, an impish smile on her face

She went back into the kitchen and they continued on as normal, preparing food.

Later that evening they sat down to dinner and chatted absently about what they'd been doing. They then made their way to Sally's sofa and sat with a glass of wine each plus a bottle on top.

"So no one in your life at the moment" Sally asked Rob

"Not yet. Had a few 'flings' for want of a better word, nothing serious, you?" Rob said remembering a few disasters

"Same, really" Sally replied though her and Frank jumped to her mind

"So tell me about you and Frank. I feel I walked in on something important earlier" Rob said quietly

"It's complicated. You see we slept together, twice. Things have really been tough at work, and I thought we had something...but then I...OK. Your going to hate me for the next part. I was pregnant with his child, and I had a termination. I'm not ready to be a mum and I can't trust him 100%. He has a very sad and dark past, and while at times I could forget that, I mean it's in his past, but his past also becomes his present. He still does bad things and while I know he does good, I will never be able to trust where he is or what his doing" She finished

"You had a termination? You coped with that alone? Why didn't you call? Why didn't you say? Oh Sal" Rob said pulling her a bit closer. Their was no disapointment in his eyes. He understood Sally wasn't ready to be a mum especially if she didn't trust the man. That was why she'd been looking a bit pale since he'd arrived and eaten little.

"It was 2 days ago, I took a pill." She answered

"Oh I'm so glad I came when I did." Rob said "I wondered why you looked a bit pale."

"Look Rob, It's sweet but you don't need to be here for that" Sally answered honestly

"It's a big deal Sal" He answered "You can't go through this alone"

"Anyway Frank and I talked about going solid, said he'd stop. Then just as I was thinking maybe giving the baby idea a chance, he left to deal with some 'business'. He didn't tell me what. Then Mick let the cat out of the bag saying he had slept with Mick's wife before we were dating which he hadn't told me about. Plus....his...just. Oh I don't know, why do I always attract the self destructive guys?"

"It's your caring nature, It's who you are. You think you can change people, when really people don't want to change. Your kind of damned if you do, and damned if you don't" He finished with a loving smile on his face

"Thanks" She said with a smile

"Any time. So what's up with Adam, you said his had a hard time recently" Rob directed the conversation elseware

"Yeah. Franks involved somehow. I don't know how. Adam's just been very distant and jumpy. Maybe have a word with him, see if he's OK?" Sally had noticed that Adam was less like the carefree guy she had come to know and love as a friend.

"Yeah will do before shift tomorrow. Anyway want to hear about the fire station I'm working at?" Rob asked hoping he could sway Sally

"Yeah, go ahead..." Sally was relieved the conversation had gone elseware

They continued to chat into the night, before they decided to call it a night. They got changed and climbed into bed, both drifting off into the first restful nights sleep either had, had in a long time.