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Two days pass. Tifa wakes up, looking at the clock on the side of the bed. She sees that it is just a little past noon, and that she has been sleeping for the past two hours. Did Cloud go to work today? She sits up stretching, groggy from not getting a lot of sleep the night before. I hate keeping him up, especially like that. I just hope the sickness either dies down or goes away soon. She yawns, then climbs out of the bed. Right there next to her feet as they hit the floor are a pair of fuzzy red slippers. She smiles, remembering this Christmas present from the kids the year before. I'm so glad they're comfortable.

Leaving the room, she looks down the hall and sees no one there. She hears nothing, and sees that it is a bit dark, save for the sunlight that streams into the hall from the different rooms. Taking a few steps, she goes to the kids' room, but they are not there. For a moment, she stands there and thinks. I'd hear them or something if they were here . . . It's never this quiet. She wonders if someone came and took them out somewhere, or if Cloud did himself. Well, that would be nice. She smiles, then travels from their room to the stairs. Holding on tightly to the rail, she descends them, and enters the bar area of the home.

It is dark. Tifa notices that none of the windows are open, and none of the lights are on. She stays there next to the rail for a while, not moving any closer the center of the room, or the counter. She wonders why it is this way, why everything is either closed or shut off. What's going on?

"That was fun Cloud!"

Tifa lets out a sigh of relief when she hears the small voice of Marlene. She wonders where the little girl is, along with Cloud, and Denzel, who is most likely with them. Leaning against the wall, her arms crossed, she listens more for her family.

"Yeah? Well, maybe I should take you guys out there more often."

"Yeah! The squirrels were funny."

It is Denzel's voice she hears next. "Chasing each other for the acorns. Why did they just go find some more?"

She sees the two children, along with her love, in the window on the way to the door. Taking that as her cue, she walks further into the room, turning on a couple of lights so that it leaves a dim lighting in the bar. She sees Denzel first come through the door, then Marlene after seeing the lock turn. She smiles as Marlene lays her eyes on her.

"Oh hi Tifa! You're up now!" The little girl runs to the woman, wrapping her small arms around her waist in a hug. Denzel does the same, then pulls away for a moment to stare at her stomach. He thens hugs Tifa again.

Tifa laughs as Cloud comes through the door now. "What is it Denny?"

He lets her go, but Marlene clings to Tifa for a little while longer. "Cloud told us this morning."

Marlene confirms Denzel's thoughts with a nod. "Yep! He said you were going to have a little baby . . . something. Do you know if it's a girl or a boy yet?"

Tifa smiles, glancing at Cloud before putting her attention back on the kids. "I do not know yet. We have to go to the doctor next week so that he can make sure everything is okay. But, I will tell you this," she bends down so that she can whisper in their ears, "I keep having dreams about toy cars and trucks."

Marlene lets her go, squealing. "Does that mean it's going to be a boy?!"

Cloud approaches them. He picks Marlene up as the little girl giggles even more. He gives Denzel a fatherly ruffling of the hair. "Well, that's not official, but I trust Tifa's judgment."

Marlene practically jumps out of Cloud's arms and runs up the stairs. Denzel grins, then goes after her. The grown-ups hear nothing but Marlene screaming, "We're going to have a boy! Whoohoo!"

Cloud chuckles, then turns to Tifa. She has a faint blush on her cheeks, and her eyes dart from Cloud to the couch. He wears a lop-sided smile, before growling and tackling her down onto the sofa. She laughs as he assaults her throat with butterfly kisses, lightly nipping her skin, then her ear. She pushes him gently, and he gets the message. Coming up, he catches her breath in a kiss, one of the most passionate kisses he's ever given her. She gets caught in it, not thinking, and barely breathing anymore. It is her giggling in their embrace that interrupts it. He stops, looking down at her. Her eyes are closed, her mouth open, letting out the enjoyment she shares with him. He does nothing but stare at her, wondering how he ever got the privilege to behold such a beautiful sight. She sees that he has stopped, and looks at him, wonder in her eyes. When she takes notice of the look he gives, she bites her lip, smiling. Reaching up, her arm around his neck, she pulls him back down, gently catching his lips with her own. Her other hand cups his cheek, his hands on the sofa next to her head to hold himself up.

Suddenly Cloud rips himself away from her, but the only thing that keeps him from getting off of the sofa is her tightening grip around his neck. He sighs. "I'm sorry about that Tifa."

Her eyes show confusion now, and endearment. "Why? I enjoyed that Cloud. I still am."

He smiles. "No I meant just leaving you so abruptly. I forgot for a moment that the kids are still here."

Tifa giggles. "Oh right . . ." Her arms sink away from his neck as he plants one more gentle kiss on her lips, then her cheek, down to the spot behind her ear. She shivers slightly when he gets her there. "I love you so much Cloud."

He lifts his head, a small smile playing on his mouth. "I love you too. And I love this," he adds, his hand resting softly on her belly. Her hand covers his own, and she finds herself unable to look away from his gaze.

But now, what is there to love?

Tifa sits in a chair, her face in her hands, her quiet sobbing barely heard in the room. Cloud's hands rest on her shoulders as he stands behind her, listening intently to what the doctor says about their misfortune. Their doctor's appointment wasn't scheduled for the next four days, but Tifa insisted they come early. Cloud didn't know why at first, but as soon as she said something was wrong, and after telling him the details, he brought her to the hospital as soon as he could.

"Would you mind telling me what makes you think something is wrong?"

Tifa gulps, not exactly knowing what to say. She takes a deep breath before constructing her story. "For the past three days, I've been having a cramps. I've also been . . ." She takes another deep breath, her eyes watering, Cloud's hand holding hers a little tighter. "I've been bleeding, lightly, and it won't stop. I . . . I don't know why . . ." She sniffs, her hand coming up to her face to wipe her cheeks where tears have leaked prematurely. Nothing's wrong. I'm just anxious, nervous about everything.

A few minutes later, Tifa lays on a bed, having an ultrasound done. Cloud sits next to her, holding her hand, but not saying anything. He doesn't exactly know what to say; he only studies the doctor's face as he moves the handle around Tifa's flat stomach, one that they soon find out will not be growing.

He clears his voice. "Well, this," he says, pointing at the screen, "is the fetus but . . ." His brow furrows. "There's something . . . oh my." For a few moments more he studies the screen, moving the handle around her belly in small movements. When he is done, he hands Tifa a towel. She wipes what is left of the jelly-like fluid off of her stomach, before getting up with Cloud and following the doctor to another room. Here she waits when he leaves, sitting in the chair while Cloud paces.

When the doctor comes back in the room, it becomes one of the most devastating moments Tifa ever thought she would witness.

"I'm very sorry, but . . . well, I don't know any other way to put this other than the fetus is no longer active.

Tifa shakes her head, tears streaming now. "No! I couldn't have miscarried! No!"

And now Cloud stands here behind her, trying to be as supportive as he can at the moment while the doctor tries to explain what they should do for the next couple of weeks. He nods and answers when he needs to, but most of his attention is on Tifa. She cannot pay attention to the doctor at the time, trapped in her grief. When the doctor leaves, once again apologizing, he gives Tifa his full concentration.

Cloud walks around to the other side of the chair, in front of her, and bends down to one knee. Taking one hand he whispers, "Tifa?"

She sobs continuously, saying nothing to him. She cannot hear him, only the words of the doctor as they keep ringing in her head. Her mind is somewhere else now, to the point in time when she first learned about her pregnancy. The joy that they share when he tells him. And now everything they are beginning to prepare for has been snatched from them like it doesn't even matter.

Cloud sighs, helping her stand up. She looks up at him, her tear-stricken cheeks, her sadness almost unbearable for him. She bites her lip, then cries, "I'm so sorry Cloud."

He holds her close, whispering comforting things in her ear. "It's not your fault Tifa. None of this is your fault. It's okay. It'll be okay."

How they get home, she doesn't remember. Walking through that door, she doesn't remember. All she remembers is seeing the kids' happy faces as their parents come back from the doctor with what they think is good news. Denzel is the first to say anything.

"So what did they say? Is everything alright?"

But Marlene notices Tifa's blank stare, her empty eyes. Taking the woman's hand, the only mother figure she's ever really had, she asks quietly, "What's wrong Tifa?"

Tifa's eyes widen. She looks down at Marlene for a moment, but she cannot say anything. Her eyes water once more, and her hand falls from that of the little girl's. Tifa runs, across the room and up the stairs. Her destination, their bed, the same place they shared a month and a half ago where she conceived this false dream.

Cloud sighs, feeling a small lump in his throat, knowing that the kids are going to want some kind of explanation for Tifa's sudden disappearance. He tries to swallow it, but to no avail. There is a small ruffle of his pants, and he sees the girl clinging to them.

"Why was Tifa crying?"

Denzel stares out toward the stairs for a few moments longer, contemplating what has happened here. He does not understand. Why would she be so sad when she was just so happy a week ago?

"What's the matter Cloud?"

The blond shakes his head, taking both of their hands and leading them to the sofa. He sits down, and both kids climb onto the couch next to him, one on each side. They sit there, big brown and blue eyes staring up at him. He sighs, then tries once again to swallow the now larger lump in his throat. How exactly and I supposed to tell them? They're children. How will they understand? He gulps again. "Kids, do you remember last week when I told you that Tifa was going to have a baby?"

They nod, smiling.

Their grins bring him some happiness on this dreary day. "Well, we went to the doctor today to make sure everything was okay. To make sure nothing was wrong, and so that we could learn what we're supposed to do to make sure everything stays okay."

"We know Cloud. You guys are good parents," Marlene says, her voice a little more cheerful now.

Cloud waits a minute before saying anything else. He doesn't get emotional, but there is something about what Marlene says that moves him near tears. I never thought I would hear something like that. Especially if it included me. He clears his throat, lost for words like he always is when he's trying to use too many. "Well the doctor didn't have to tell us anything today to make sure everything is okay. Something happened."

Denzel's eyes grew slightly wider. "What happened Cloud?"

He sighs, looking down at their small hands in his larger ones. "Sometimes, when a woman is pregnant like Tifa was, the baby will . . ." He can't help himself from looking at their faces, and it nearly makes him want to give up the effort of telling them something like this. He doesn't want to sadden them, to make them feel bad about all this, when they practically had nothing to do with it.

Just when he is about to speak again, he hears loud footsteps descending the stairs of their home. He doesn't turn around to see who it is, because he already knows the clank sound Vincent makes when he walks. The steps stop, right at the bottom, and Cloud sighs. He's not going to help me here. I don't expect him to, when it's not his problem. Cloud takes a deep breath and says, to the children who are still staring up at him, "The baby will die," he nearly chokes on the word, "before it is born."

Marlene gasps, her eyes watering. "Is . . . is that what happened to Tifa?"

Cloud nods, feeling this all too familiar wetness in his eyes. He blinks it away, refusing to cry. Not in front of the kids. Probably not at all. It's not because I feel absolutely nothing. I mean, it was going to be my child. I just have to stay strong for both the kids and for her. He gulps, looking at their faces once again. Marlene is not looking at him anymore, but clinging to his shirt, her head resting on it. She is not crying, or so it seems to him, but she remains silent for a while. Denzel doesn't move. His brow furrows, as if he doesn't understand just what happened.

"Wait. But how could that happen? I thought . . ."

Cloud shakes his head, letting out another deep breath. "I know Denzel. But, it's not one's fault. We have to remember that. Sometimes, it happens, but that doesn't mean Tifa can't have another baby."

Marlene's head shoots back up, looking at Cloud again. He sees that there are tears streaming down her cheeks, but he fights the urge to look away from her. "S-she can?"

Cloud nods, hearing the snort of the gunman behind him. "Well, I have to talk to her about it first okay? And make sure she's alright. But you guys, for the next couple of weeks, I would really appreciate it if you tried not to mention things that had to do with the baby so much okay? Tifa is really upset about this right now, and we don't want her to be sad for too long right?" Both children nod, getting off of Cloud and racing upstairs. He shakes his head, seeing no point in trying to get them to come down. The warrior gets up, looking now at his friend.

"What was that about?"

Vincent looks up at Cloud from the resting post he is currently in. His arms remain crossed, his back against the wall, but he raises an eyebrow. "What are you talking about Cloud? I wasn't snorting to undermine what you said. It's true, but I don't know if presenting the kids with that example so early was a good idea."

Cloud shrugs. "I don't know, I had to tell them something. I hate it when everyone's like this. Depressed."

"And," Vincent adds, "everyone hated it when you were like this Cloud. You remember."

"Yeah I know. Right now I sound like a big hypocrite. But, what else can I do?" He goes behind the bar, but does nothing. His hands rest on the counter, and he looks down at the wood, thinking about their whole situation. "Vincent, thanks for watching them on such short notice."

The gunman nods. "You're welcome. I was in town anyway, trying to find out what was wrong with my phone. It keeps going in and out. They told me they would fix it, to come back later today." He shrugs. "Phone companies are really shady Cloud."

Cloud laughs at that, then sighs. "Yeah, I know Vincent."

Vincent gets off of the wall, walking over to Cloud and resting a hand on his shoulder. "She'll be fine. Tifa's tough. See you guys later."

As he walks out, Cloud says, "Thanks Vincent." The door closes, and he is left alone to ponder what exactly has happened here.

Four days pass. Tifa lies in bed awake, next to him. He sleeps, tired from working all of the previous day and most of the night before he gets home. His soft snoring lets her know that he is in a deep slumber, which is rare for him. His arm lies around her waist, her head on his chest. He is peaceful, or at least that is what he seems to be, but she is not. She wonders what will happen in the future, in their future. The day before Cloud came to her, asking her a question she doesn't think she is ready to answer. At least, not at the time.

He sits on the bed next to her. She only lies there, still grieving their loss.

"Tifa, can I ask you something?"

She nods slightly, barely moving. She hears him sigh, knowing he is troubled by some thought of his own. She wonders why she is acting like she's the only one who's upset about what has happened. She wonders this everyday, and everyday she comes to the same conclusion: that she just can't help it.

"Do you think, maybe in a month or two, we could--"


He looks at her, complete shock written all over his face. "What?"

She gulps, her voice a small whisper, her throat dry. "I can't. I can't try again Cloud. I can't do this again."

Devastation. That is the one word he can use to describe how he feels at the moment. "But . . . Tifa I--"

She shakes her head, almost screaming. "I don't want to!"

Now she thinks about this moment, where she crushes him without even meaning to. Why did I say that? I don't mean it. I do want to try again, to start fresh. Why did I say that to him? Tifa looks up at Cloud, who lies with one hand behind his head, his quiet breathing soothing her to some extent. I'd hate to wake him now but I have to say this. I'm afraid if I wait too long I won't change anything.

She moves up, resting her weight on her elbow so that she can look down at him. She doesn't know why she has been bestowed with the wonderful gift of being able to watch him sleep. He is so peaceful now, very unlike during the day when he is up. He lets his guard down when he sleeps, something she does not expect of him often. Running the back of her hand gently across his cheek, across the scar put there two years before by a reincarnation of Sephiroth, she sighs. I don't deserve him, just like he used to think the same about me. Why have I put him through this?

Her hand travels from his face to his chest where her head once lay. Her eyes run across his scars, many memorials to a hard past. She wonders, for a brief moment, how he has survived it all. Cloud is Cloud. She smiles at the thought, looking back up at his face. Her hand stays where it is, shaking him lightly.

"Cloud? Cloud," she calls softly. He stirs, but does not respond. She takes a deep breath, smiling, before her lips run their course along his cheek, his jawbone, his neck. He sighs, but she still believes he is asleep. Finally her mouth lays claim to his own, and it is not long before she feels him doing the same. When she pulls away, his eyes are still closed, but he is smiling.

"Why'd you go? I thought this was a dream or something." He finishes this last statement with a yawn.

Tifa giggles. "Cloud, I need to tell you something. It's about yesterday."

He shakes his head, his hand coming from behind him to his face. "Do we have to do this now? I really don't want to argue or anything--"

"I didn't mean it."

He moves his hand down so that he can open one eye and see her face. "What?"

She sighs. "When I said that yesterday, Cloud, I was just upset and . . . I didn't mean it. I want to try again. I want a baby Cloud, and I want to try again."

He closes his eye, letting out a long breath. "I'm sorry Tifa if I sound like an asshole, but you couldn't have told me that in the morning?"

She shakes her head, giggling at his sleepiness. "You don't sound like an asshole. I know you're tired. I'm sorry for waking you up, but I was thinking about it and I had to tell you now."

He nods. "Okay Tifa. I'm glad you told me that. I really am. I know I don't sound like I am, but I'm happy. I'm just really," he yawns again, "sleepy and I . . ."

Tifa laughs quietly. "I know Cloud. I'm sorry. Go to sleep."

After he falls back into his slumber, she only lies awake for a few more minutes. Her thoughts are no longer bothered, and she can now go to sleep with no trouble.

She covers her face with the pillow, biting into it. It's been two and a half months since it happened. But I'm not letting that bother me anymore. We are going to try again . . . or we are trying again--

Finally she screams. Luckily the pillow muffles her voice or else they probably would have woken the two children that lay down the hall. She couldn't wait for him anymore, and the next time the kids are visiting with someone is a month from now, with Yuffie. I love those two so much. I don't want to seem like I always want them gone, but sometimes--

For some reason, she finds that she cannot think straight, or complete her thoughts at all. The pillow is ripped away from her, thrown somewhere discreetly in the room and his lips find her own for the millionth time this night. She smiles into his kiss, feeling the end of their adventures for the night coming close. He stops, taking a hold of her, and flipping onto his back. She rolls over with him, and she continues kissing him again. He chuckles, pulling away from her. She feels hot, from what has just happened, the sweat on her arms and face and everywhere else on her body. But, the most important thing is, she is happy. She is happy with what they are able to this night, or what she hopes they have accomplished.

His panting makes her smile a bit more as she stares down into his eyes. There is joy in them, and what she likes to call satisfaction as well. Yes! Go me! Giggling, she layers his neck with kisses. "I love you."

He laughs again. "Tifa, I know. I love you too. That was . . ."

Her head comes up so that she can look at him again. "Wonderful. Amazing. Extraordinary. I can keep going if you want me to."

His smile says it all. They don't need words to describe anything. They only need each other.

One week ago, she lie in bed with him, praying that their efforts will work. Now, she paces around their bathroom, waiting for her three minutes of patience to be up. There is a pink and white rectangular box on the sink, and the appliance that comes in that box sitting on top of it. She whistles to herself, trying to do something that will let the time pass her by without her noticing. But her anticipation wears away her patience, and she scampers over to the small gadget. She looks at it, and sees that the results haven't come up yet. Come Tifa. You just have to wait a little longer. She sighs, putting it back down, and opening the door.

Taking a few steps down the hall, she peers into the room of the two children that stay with them. Only one bed is occupied by the little girl Marlene. She sleeps quietly, taking her nap like she does just about every other day. Tifa sighs, smiling, then goes to the top of the stairs to listen for Denzel. She's hears the television on in the lower level, and hears him and Cloud laughing at something on the screen. Giggling quietly to herself, she wonders about how far Cloud has gone since he finally came back home two years ago.

He's accomplished so much, and overcame all his fears and anxieties about having to lose someone special, about having to watch them get taken away from him. I'm glad he's home now, but I never expected us to end up together. How the world changes in such a small amount of time I will never understand.

She looks at her watch, and sees that five minutes have passed now. "Ah crap!" Running down the hall, she reaches the bathroom. Nearly falling over on the rug, she grabs the little white instrument. Her eyes flickering back and forth between that and the box, trying to make sure she doesn't read it wrong. But, to her disappointment, she isn't. Letting out a sigh, she slumps against the wall. For a moment longer, she stares at the little thing, before tossing it in the box, and tossing the box into the small waste basket.

Down the stairs she finds herself. Cloud turns around on the couch, watching her for a moment. "Hey Denzel," he whispers, "can you go upstairs for a minute?" The little boy nods, smiling, and jumps off of the sofa. On his way up, he gives a small hug to the bar hostess, who smiles and lays a gentle hand on his head for a moment before he races the rest of the way up. Behind the bar she goes, leaning against it, her forearms resting on the counter. Cloud gets up, walking to the other side of the counter, mimicking her actions. One hand holds hers. She looks up at him with a sigh, then shakes her head.

He reaches across the counter, a hand laying on her cheek. She takes a deep breath, her eyes watering, but she does not cry. She refuses to do so. Cloud takes this same hand and puts it lightly behind her head, pulling her a little closer to him. He kisses her forehead, then rests his against hers. She sniffs, but they don't say anything. He knows that words are not needed to give his support, which is all she knows she needs from him right now.

Once more, they go through this procedure. A month and a half later, Tifa finds herself in the bathroom again, waiting. The three minutes pass by quickly this time, and she is glad they do so that she can see the result she has been waiting for.

Just as she thinks she might scream with joy, she hears the front door opening. Dropping the test and its box into the trash, she runs down the hall, and the stairs that come after them. Cloud doesn't see her right away, taking off his shoes and placing them next to the door. He then removes the holster that holds two swords on his back, and hangs that up on the wall above his shoes. He doesn't just leave them there, but until he goes upstairs, he doesn't feel like wearing them.

Just as he turns around, Tifa jumps on him. "Whoa!" Her legs wrap around his waist, and he his arms around hers. He can't even get a question out before she is kissing him. When she pulls away, he smiles saying, "I guess I should be gone for more than twenty-four hours more often if I'm going to be greeted like this. I know I've been gone since yesterday. I'm sorry about that but--" She silences him with her lips again. He does nothing but oblige to her whim. When Tifa pulls away, she is giggling. "Okay so what's up with you Teef?"

Her smile becomes a bit bigger. "Do you remember two weeks ago?" He nods. "Well, I just thought I should tell you what I thought about that. I mean, how wonderful it was."

Cloud raises an eyebrow. "Oh? Well for me to be greeted this way, maybe I should show you how wonderful I can be more often."

She laughs. "I wouldn't mind that. But, that's not what I'm talking about. I mean, that night was . . . magical?" She thinks for a minute. "Yes, magical is a good word."

He laughs. "Tifa, what are you getting at?"

"Oh nothing. Just how magical that night was to have . . . created a miracle."

His eyes widen. "You're pregnant?" She nods, laughing. He kisses her, then lets out a joyous cry. "This is . . . this is--"

"Marvelous." She stares down into his eyes for a moment. He puts her down, then kisses her again. Both hands cradling her face, her arms around his neck.

They do not notice the two children that sit on the bottom step.

"Marlene, what do you think they're so happy about?"

"I don't know Denzel. But, I'm just glad they're happy. It's nice to see them happy don't you think?"

He nods. "But, do we have to sit here and watch them be happy?"

Marlene giggles. "No silly. That's rude! Besides, I want to go play that new board game Tifa bought the other day." She gets up, and Denzel does the same. Together they race up the stairs, leaving their parents to wallow in their happiness.

"I think one more big push should do it Ms. Lockhart."

She tries to control her breathing like she's supposed to, but it is just so hard in her current situation. But, she wouldn't rather be doing anything else than this, what she is doing now. Cloud stands next to her, holding her hand. When she looks up at him, he appears to be a bit pale, but there is stays with her. I'm so happy to be with him right now. Taking a deep breath, she pushes, closing her eyes and yelling while she does so. She grips Cloud's hand tighter, who winces. And then she feels nothing. Her eyes snap open, and the first thing she sees is Cloud. His eyes are wide, and not on her. She averts her attention to what he gazes on, and she sees the doctor holding a small baby in his hands. A smile slowly spreads across her features. She longs to hold it, but she knows that it has to be checked on, weighed, measured. She hears it crying, and her eyes water, wanting to do the same.

"Congratulations to your healthy new baby girl." The doctor smiles, asking if either one of the parents want to hold it. Cloud shakes his head, for a reason Tifa cannot understand.

Tifa nods, smiling as the doctors makes sure she is snug in the small bundle. He then hands her to Tifa, who cradles the baby as she looks down at her. She is no longer crying, but looking around her new environment. Her burgundy colored eyes dart this way and that. Tifa gulps, taking a finger and running it along her head, which is smoothed out by a head full of blond locks. She giggles as the baby takes a small hold of this same finger when Tifa lightly rubs her on the cheek. At her laughter, the baby smiles, giggling herself. A lone tear runs down Tifa's cheek. She looks at Cloud, wondering why he doesn't want to hold their child.

"Cloud? What's the matter?"

He gulps, only looking at their child and smiling. "I wanted you to hold her first. And, I was afraid."

"Of what?" The baby lets out a cry, wanting Tifa's attention again. The brunette turns back to her, letting the small one play with her finger.

Cloud sighs. "I don't know Tifa. She's tiny, and fragile, and I just . . ."

Tifa laughs at him, and the baby laughs too. "Oh Cloud. I don't think you're going to hurt her. You know how to be gentle. I've proof of that." She smiles as the baby reaches up. Tifa looks up at him. "I think she wants you Cloud." Tifa lays a soft kiss on the child's head.

Cloud bites his lower lip, then lets out a deep, long-held in breath. He turns to Tifa, but for a moment he just stares at her, watching her with the baby. There is this emotion in her eyes, one he has seen many times before. It is elation, and it's more different now than it ever has been before. He smiles, pondering. I've never seen her so happy. This is . . . the most joyous day of our lives. He takes a step, right by the bed, and Tifa looks up at him. She smiles, holding up the baby so that he can take it. He gently lifts her out of Tifa's hands, staring down into her dark red eyes. Well, she's got Tifa's eyes . . . and my hair. He laughs when hi eyes lays upon her next feature. "Wow. I never thought I would see this day." His eyes grow at his next realization. She looks . . . she looks like me. "Tifa did you notice that?"

"Notice what Cloud?"

He looks down at her, hearing the tiredness in her voice. Her head is turned, facing him, but her eyes are droopy. I think thirteen hours of labor will do that to anyone. Especially when it interrupts a night of sleep. He nods to the doctor as he comes back in the room to take the baby for measuring. Cloud lets her go. When she is no longer in the arms of her father, she begins to cry. Cloud stares at her, and Tifa's head shoots up to look at what might be wrong. She laughs quietly when she realizes the problem. The doctor looks at Cloud, shrugging, and gives her back to him. He cradles her gently, and her crying stops. There is a smile, or what he thinks is one, on her face as she giggles again. A yawn soon follows.

"I'll come back in a few moments to measure her. She should be asleep by then. What are you going to name her?"

Tifa smiles, looking up at Cloud. She is never really good with the whole name thing, and she wonders what he will come up with.

The baby giggles again, and Cloud sighs. "Xia." He looks at Tifa, who nods.

She looks at the doctor, who is waiting for their final word on the baby's name.

"Her name is Xia Marie Strife."

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