Title: Wired
Pairing: Rin/Kai

Rating: PG
Theme: 14. radio-cassette player
Author's Notes: And grad school is at it again. I'm writing as I have inspiration, time, and the mental strength to make myself sit down and write.

It was a little-known fact that Rin slept naked whenever possible. Really, no one would ever have a reason to know that. He didn't share a bedroom with his sister, and whenever he slept at someone elses' house, or when someone slept at his, Rin wore pajama pants out of a sense of decency. But, left to his own devices, Rin preferred to sleep without them. He hated the feel of being constricted.

Contrary to that, though, Rin also couldn't sleep without his headphones on, music gently lulling him off. It wasn't at all unusual for Rin to wake up tangled in the cord of his headphones, trapped in many ways, but even with that, Rin couldn't give it up. He needed his music, and he needed to make sure that no one would be able to hear his music. It was the perfect compromise.

Both of his sleeping habits, Rin had managed to hide from Kai for several months into their relationship. Sleeping with Kai was a clothing-optional experience, anyway, and when he was with his boyfriend, Rin didn't want music, didn't want anything that could block the sound of Kai's voice or his breathing. So, as far as Kai knew, Rin slept just like anyone else he knew.

That all changed the first night Kai snuck into Rin's bedroom.

Kai hadn't even know why he was climbing up to Rin's window in the first place; all he knew was that he felt this need to see Rin, to curl up with him, probably because of the dream he had woken up from. And it was the middle of the night, too late to call or knock. Sneaking it was.

He didn't even notice Rin at first, so concerned Kai was with getting into the room without knocking anything over or waking someone up. But once he was in and the window was closed, Kai crept over to Rin's bed. And froze in shock.

Rin was stretched out on his bed, blankets long since kicked to the floor. He was sprawled out without shame, completely bare, and honestly, that was the first thing that Kai had noticed. He actually had to work hard to tear his eyes from Rin's groin to take in the rest of him. Rin's hair was all over the place, spread over the pillows, and his hands…where were Rin's hands?

Kai blinked, taking a step back in order to figure this out. He followed the curve of Rin's arms up above his head, as if Rin had passed out mid-stretch. But it wasn't just that fact that made Kai's brain nearly shut down.

No, it was the fact that Rin's headphone wire (headphones? Since when did Rin wear them at night?) was wrapped around his wrists and forearms, almost as if he was tied…up….

Kai actually had to close his eyes and take deep, calming breaths. It would be very bad from, he was sure, if he just started molesting his boyfriend in the middle of the night without any warning. So he poked Rin's side and whispered. "You! RinRin!"

Rin murmured and turned his head away from Kai, but didn't wake.

"Rin!" This time, Kai shook him a little. "Come, on, Princess, open those big blue eyes…."

"Not a princess…." Even fast asleep, Rin reacted to that, and he blinked, staring at the wall next to him. "Mmmm…wow. That was different. Never dreamed that Yuu tied me up before." He yawned and started untangling his hands from the headphone cord as if waking like that was a commonplace occurrence for him. "Wish that could happen more."

"Wouldn't you prefer really being tied up by me, and not just dreaming about it?"

Rin jumped, nearly falling off the bed in his shock. "Yuu!" He hastily pulled off his headphones and set aside the battered old radio, sitting up and groping for his blankets. "How did you get in here?"

"Window." Kai couldn't help leering at his boyfriend. "Aw, why cover up now? I was enjoying the show."

"Yuujirou! My parents are right down the hall! Hana's next door!" Rin hissed, cheeks reddening with embarrassment.

"That didn't stop you a couple weeks ago." Kai pulled off his shirt and took a seat on the edge of Rin's bed, leaning over to kiss him gently. "Come on, shove over. I just want to sleep anyway right now."

A bit warily, Rin did as told, waiting for Kai to lay down before settling himself down again, head pillowed on Kai's chest. "Is everything alright, Yuu?"

"Yeah." Kai, bent to press a kiss to Rin's hair, then ran his hand through it soothingly. "Just woke up and wanted to be with you."

"Mmmm." Rin sighed, closing his eyes. "Can't say I'm complaining," he murmured, already relaxing towards sleep again. "You're much better than my radio, anyway."

Kai chuckled but didn't comment, feeling sleepy himself. He was sure he'd have more to say about it in the morning, though. And more to tease him about, too.

--The End--