This story is ABANDONED. It was abandoned by its original author, Fettucini, a long time ago. As I stated in the beginning, it is NOT my story. Stop asking me to update. Stop asking me why I've abandoned it. Stop asking me if I plan to continue it. I do not. There have been several other attempts to continue Fettucini's work, I have not thought much of any of them. I have held no special councils with Fettucini, I do not know where he planned to take this story. I do not believe I could maintain the fidelity of the characters should I even attempt to take over from here.

Fettucini does not exist anymore on FFnet. Don't ask me what he now goes under as his penname – I neither know nor do I care.

If you don't like the characters, or think that they are offensive – you're probably right. I agree. I think Fettucini would agree. He has chosen to write the characters in this fashion. Don't complain to me.

As a final thought, I've had this story now up on my profile for almost four years. It was published in a form of 61 chapters on my profile, but not because that was the way Fettucini had intended. While there are no story differences in this reposted version, there are several spelling and word choice differences. This is the original version as saved by another fan of Fettucini's work. It was emailed to me a long time ago, and I appreciate the person that sent it.

Why has it taken me so long to fix it? I don't know. I've no excuses, but it is updated now. Why did I give you false hope that the story had been updated by posting it? Because I hope that this time, everyone will read this note and stop bothering me. Naïve, probably.

If you want to try your hand at continuing the story, you don't need my permission. Go for it, as far as I'm concerned. Just try not to butcher it like most of the others have.

And by the way. Pretty much everything you think is spelled wrongly, you're the one wrong. Fettucini was British, not American, as far as I can tell. His spellings are perfectly legitimate.