This story is ABANDONED. It was abandoned by its original author, Fettucini, a long time ago. It is NOT my story. There will be no continuation or finish from my end. There have been several other attempts to continue Fettucini's work, I have not thought much of any of them. I have no insight from Fettucini and I do not know where he planned to take this story. I do not believe I could maintain the fidelity of the characters should I even attempt to take over from here.

If you don't like the characters, or think that they are offensive – you're right. I agree, they are offensive and the viewpoints that Harry espouses on sexuality are especially vile at times. I'd like to think Fettucini would agree, but I'm unsure on that front. The reality is that children are mean, in fact, adults are too. The things that Harry says in this story are right tame compared to the stuff I heard in high school. These attitudes exist. Do I like them in my main character? No, not particularly. Think of them as the character flaw that everyone who is screaming "Gary Stue" in the reviews wants.

If you want to try your hand at continuing the story, you don't need my permission. Go for it, as far as I'm concerned. Just know that there are a lot of unfinished plot points and to be honest a lot of plot holes and a pretty fucked up main character. Also, a lot of words use the British spelling in this fic, most words are spelled correctly for that.