Er.... how many months has it been since I've last posted something...? DX I'm so sorry!! Well, this is my latest fail AU KuroganeXTomoyo fanfic, Cantarella, based off the vocoloid song by KAITO and Hatsune Miku... Yeah... Prolouge... -gets shot-

"...Syaoran-kun! Syaoran-kun!!"

"Ah?" The young boy blinked, turning around to suddenly see Fai, pushing his way through the crowded ballroom. "Oh! Fai-san! I'm glad you could make it."

"Of course! I would never miss a party held by the famous Daidoji family." He smiled in turn, scanning the room, idly. "So... where's Kuro-sama?"

"Kurogane-san? I think he's out looking for Tomoyo-san..." Syaoran thought aloud, trying to remember.

"Heh, Indeed he is."

"Ah?!" Fai and Syaoran jumped with surprise as they heard Yuuko's voice from behind. "Y-Yuuko-san!"

Fai coughed, frowning, as he turned to face her. "And just how do you know where Kuro-tan is?"

"Fai-chan, it's against my policy to reveal the location of my customers." She shrugged, her fingers tracing the tip of the wineglass she was previously drinking, smiling to herself as she piqued Fai and Syaoran's curiosity.

"Kurogane-san.... bought something from your shop, Yuuko-san...?" Syaoran asked, somewhat surprised, while Fai smirked, suspicious.

"Not that I doubt your word, but my I ask what he partook from your shop?" Fai smiled back, having the feeling it wouldn't be good. "It's very unlike Kuro-chi to even speak to you, Yuuko-san."

"Yes, yes, but since tonight is a special occasion, after all, I suppose he had no choice but to come to my humble shop." Yuuko said, almost to herself, now scanning the room herself.


"Syaoran-kun, why don't you go find Sakura-chan?" Fai said suddenly, to their surprise. "I'm sure she's looking for you."

"R-right." Syaoran blinked, catching the air that Fai wanted to speak to the witch himself, as he began to disappear into the hall. I hope.... Kurogane-san and Tomoyo-san are alright...

"...Yuuko-san.... you said that Kuro-wan is looking for Tomoyo-chan, correct?" Fai frowned, now concerned. "And that he purchased an item from your shop. Are the two subjects related...?"

She stared idly at the young man, before answering. "I suppose, it depends on what Kurogane-kun chooses to do will determine if their matters are related.... Fai-chan."


Yuuko smiled again, before taking to the crowd once again. "Ah! It seems Tomoyo-hime-chan has finally made her entrance!"

"Wha-" Fai blinked, following her gaze to the front of the hall, where the very small girl stepped out, with her sister and a guard behind her, causing an uproar with the guests.

"And look, there's Kurogane-kun, too." Yuuko also pointed out as well, referring to the melancholy figure at the opposite side of the room, just staring at his princess, while Yuuko turned away, gazing into her glass. "Hn... I think I'll be taking my leave, now."

"Wait-!" Fai shouted as he caught her shoulder. "What are you planning...?"

"'...planning?'" You expect to much of me." Yuuko said softly, shrugging off Fai's hand, as she began to fade into the crowd.

"...It's not my decision what he decides to do with her."

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