Let Go
The Remastered Edition

Author's Note: I've added more character development(hopefully) and altered several chapters, some minor and some major. Several of the songs have also changed and the story is now longer and officially ended...once I get it all up. I'll post chapters as I finish them. There's few changes in this chapter but please enjoy it. Also, if you do happen to listen to my recommended songs, they can all be found on YouTube, or at least most of them. In case you forgot: Edward doesn't live with the Cullens and this is an all human story.
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Bella's POV
Recommended Song: Mad World-Alex Parks

I'll admit it I was looking forward to moving in with the Cullens, but to be honest, I was somewhat forced to. My parents recently died but my best friend, Rosalie, has been so good to me. She been the 'shoulder to cry on' when I was in need of it and took my mind off the past. I had few living relatives that I was close to so it didn't bother me that I wasn't staying with them. The will that my parents left behind gave Alice's dad, Carlisle, guardianship over me. I've known Alice her whole life. I babysat her for Carlisle a few times while he was at work during the summer. She's just turned four and is so adorable.

Though it's not something I like to dig up, they had died in a car accident. It happened just a month before my birthday. The roads had been covered in sleet and it had been pouring down rain. Apparently, they had been drinking, which is surprising since my dad had been the Chief of Police in our small gossip-filled town, and I guess they lost control and drove off a cliff after missing a turn.

"We're here, Isabella," a soft voice reminds me. I pull myself out of my latest nightmares and memories. We had been driving for two hours or so. I had refused to go to the funeral but Carlisle seemed to respect that. We proceeded to the burial grounds then left. "Oh, okay. Great!" I exclaim in forced happiness. Truth was I was still mourning. It was only natural, I suppose. I unbuckle and open the car door of the Mercedes. The trunk pops open and I grab my two suitcases.

"Here. Let me get those for you," Carlisle suggests. Without another word, he grabs them. I reach for my duffle bag but somehow he already has that too. I slam the trunk close and thank him. "Sure, it's no problem," he tells me. I smile up at him and race to get the door. Alice opens and squeals, "You're here!" "Yeah, in the flesh," I gesture to myself. "Glad to see that you're happy again." "Well, I'm trying," I admit truthfully. She moves aside, grinning, and I roll my eyes jokingly and enter their house.

I walk into the living room and Alice joins me on the couch. The familiar flat screen TV is hung on the wall. I reach for the remote but she gets to it before I do. "Ha," she laughs. I shove her playfully and she shoves back, giggling the whole time. The TV comes to life and cartoon images appear on the screen. The sounds drone on but I'm lost in thought again. I think that I'll like it here. I mean I don't have much choice but Alice is a great kid and Carlisle seemed fine. She finishes her show so I watch E! then Carlisle calls us for lunch. I'm not really sure what to call him: Dad, Carlisle, Dr. Cullen, or what? So I decide to not call him anything. The aromas drift to me and I inhale. Yum, it smells like some kind of exotic Italian cuisine. I hadn't realized how hungry I was until the food on my plate was completely gone. It was excellent and I look at the clock. It's nearly 3:30. Wow, we used to never eat lunch this late. Don't dwell, I warn myself.

"Bella? Hello?" a voice penetrates my thoughts. "Oh, sorry," I say, blushing. "I was thinking." It was Carlisle's voice. He was the one talking. "Are you going to answer?" "Oh, umm, I wasn't really listening," I feel stupid. He sighs but doesn't look upset. "That's fine. I said you wanted your own room, right? It's already set up but we can change that, if you'd like." What kind of stupid question is that? "No. It's perfect. I'd like having my own room, if it's not too much of a problem," I say in an innocent voice but he doesn't seem to notice. He nods and turns to Alice, who is sitting next to me.

"Alice, would you mind taking Bella's things to her room?" I want to melt into the floor. Alice shouldn't have to do that. "I can get it," I speak up. "Alice will get it. Won't you, sweetie?" She looks happy to be of any help. I think he noticed that. "Yeah, Bella. You're our guest." She has such good manners even for a little kid. Carlisle taught her well. She disappears and I detect a faint thump as she drops the load down. I feel his eyes on me as I finish up but ignore it. Was he nervous like I was? I didn't know what to say to him. I quickly get up from the table and take my plate. I rinse it in the sink then place it in the dishwasher. I jump about a foot in the air when I turn around. "Jeez." "Sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." he confesses sheepishly. For some reason, I sense something in his tone. Don't kid yourself, I tell myself and force myself to smile.

"No, it's alright. Uh…lunch was great. Thanks," I stutter awkwardly, staring at my feet. I attempt to go around him but he makes no effort to move. Instead, he places his hand on my shoulder and his eyes find mine, my breath catching in my throat. His smile is mesmerizing and he says in his velvety voice, "You're quite welcome. I hope you like it here." That was all he wanted to tell me! His hand is gone and I'm left standing there speechless. My mouth must have been hanging open because his hand, ever so light, closes it. I blush and leave the room quickly. I grab the things that Alice couldn't carry and sprint upstairs.

I'm mad at myself for liking the way he smiled at me. I'm sure he's got at least five years on me, maybe more. Maybe telling Alice to take my things up was just a ploy? But to do what? Alice walks into my room, sitting on the edge of my bed. "What happened?" she asks in a somewhat annoying tone. "Nothing. Why are you asking!" I snarl defensively. She seems oblivious to it. "Calm down, silly. I just wanted to know if anything happened cause your face is red." "Oh, umm, your dad told me a funny joke." I suppose that was believable because she shuts up…for a minute. "Oh. I'm so glad that you're here. You're like my sister now!" she shouts. "I guess so."

She keeps prattling on and on. I eventually tune her out and lay my head on my pillow. I must have fallen asleep because when I wake up, my room is dark. I feel like a jerk…sorry, Alice. I blink several times. My eyes adjust to the darkness then I let out a small shriek. It looks like someone is sitting in the chair in the corner of my room. No, that's my imagination. I blink again. No, something is definitely there. I'm a little scared to turn on the light. Who or what could it be!

Author's Note: Short but there it is.