"Watching me all this time while I peer from inside, Ai?" Hanuka guessed.

"Yes, ma'am," spoke Ai softly.

"Go take a break, get some rest."


"Ai, just go do what all people do. Go to sleep."

Ai bowed to her "master" and left the main hall.

Outside of the Sun Palace, Hiyomi was listening closely to Hanuka.

"What's she sayin'?" asked Kagami. Kira gasped and pointed towards and open window. She saw her Cosmic Pine Child.

"Ai....." She finally spoke.

"She said something, Kagami! Kira what did you say again? I couldn't understand you." Hiyomi was excited for a bit.

"Ai....." she said again in a soft tone.

"Sister, you finally spoke. This means she's reunited with Ai again."

"Kagami, what else do we have to do?" asked Hazuki.

"Get the Child and the fangs," answered Kagami.

Hanuka's voice was heard from outside, saying that Ai should take a nap. Hanuka then peered from her open window and found the four vampire girls.

"What? Who are you?" said Hanuka.

"I am Hazuki, this is Hiyomi Suzaku, and this is Kira and Kagami."

I know you know me, and you didn't have to introduce me to Kagami and Kira. We used to live together before I took the throne."

"Hi..." spoke Kira.

"Don't worry, it's her first time after two years speaking again," Kagami reminded Hanuka.

Ai stayed in her bed, thinking aloud.

"What if I may not live for long?" she said.

"Hanuka has been so nice to me, but I want to be reunited and recognized, but how?" Ai was about to cry.

Hanuka heard little gasps in Ai's bed.

"Excuse me for a moment," said Hanuka bowing her head.

"What's the matter?" Hanuka sat by her side.

"I want to be reunited with my sister again. Would you let me see her, please?" Ai begged her. Hanuka sighed and rubbed her back calmly. Ai calmed down, but she still wanted her to accept her freedom. Hanuka looked at her and said, "Fine. I'll let you free, but come back any time, all right?" and Ai hugged her in return.

"Thank you, so much," Ai cried in happiness.

Outside, Hiyomi took a good nap in the soft grass while Hazuki scratched the walls. Kagami and Kira took a nap against a wall.

Hanuka and Ai came out and calmly woke up Kira to see Ai again. Ai shook her gently and said, "It's me, sister. It's me, Lucky Sister. It's Ai Hanako. Don't you remember?" and Kira woke up and smiled up at her. "You came back," said Kira, crying.

"It's alright, sister," Ai hugged her gently, trying not to hurt her. Kagami woke up suddenly and saw Hanuka standing right in front of her.

"What's up?"


"No, no, Kagami. mean, what's goning on, and yes, it's me."

Kagami rubbed her eyes.

"Thank you for reuniting Kira and Ai again, but we're not done yet."

"What do you mean by that?" said Hanuka.

"We need the Crystal Fangs," Hazuki said while holding Hiyomi in her arms.

"Oh, yes! I have them!" she said.

"Here it is, right here. Go on, take it if you want Ai to be recognized by her peers."

Kagami took the Crystal Fangs and thanked her. After Hiyomi woke up, the five waved goodbye to Hanuka and wished her the best.

Back at Moon Paradise, after using the one second shortcut the twins told them about, they went straight to the Prism Temple, showed the fangs to the Sakura Painting, and the painting turned into a portal. The five of them jumped in and floated in a dark-like place called the Universe Circle. Ai pointed to her Universe, and grabbed hold onto a flying comet with all her friends on board. They reached Ai's Universe and used Ai's magic powers to unlock a gate to Ai's Castle.

There was a huge gathering in honoring of their leader, Ai. The five showed up, and the crowd cheered and gasped at their arrival. Ai bowed at them and thanked them for their patients.

Ai was finally recognized, and was able to cross between two worlds to meet Kira and her sister. Her Star Friend, Luminous, gave her a gift from the Star Princess called Riyu.

"Thanks so much, Luminous," said Ai, "and thank you, Kira."

"It was nothing, sister. Big sis, where'd you go? Sis?" Kira was looking for Kagami, but she was never found. What could she be up to at this time of celebration?

Kagami was with her Star Friend named Raine, talking about Kagami's adventure with Hazuki, Kira and Hiyomi.

"Isn't Luminous your sister?" said Kagami. Raine nodded.

"Luminous, Raine!" Kagami snapped her fingers.

"Yup, it does make sense if you put my sister's name first then mine. Luminous rain sounds cool, huh?"

The two of them laughed.

"Ai, Kira. Let's go play!" said Hiyomi and Luminous.

Ai and Kira giggled at them and at each other and decided to play games with them. Hazuki smiled in delight and said, "At least I'm having fun here."

"Where's Kagami, Hazuki?" asked Kira.

"I found her talking to Raine earlier," she answered.

"Oh, okay!" Kira didn't even care if her big sister was alone with her friend.

"Aren't you coming too, Hazuki?" said Hiyomi holding Luminous' hand while playing a game.

"Yep, I am," she said.