Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. I only own Aphrodite Malfoy. She's my invention.

The war was over finally. They had lost many but in the end they had won. Harry walked through the castle, and towards the lake, wanting to leave behind all his worries. It was there when he saw a girl so beautiful, she looked like an angel to him.

She had white-blonde hair that cascaded down her back like a waterfall, and she was wearing an old white dress that had become bloodstained. As if sensing him she turned around and Harry saw her clear blue eyes.

He walked towards her entranced and asked,

"Who are you?"

"I am Aphrodite Malfoy. You are Harry Potter. You've set me free." She responded.

"Set you free?"

"Yes. I didn't agree with my family's ideas. This Dark Lord thing, it was horrible. I was kept a prisoner in a cell down in Riddle Manor. My brother freed me awhile ago. He didn't agree with him either." She said, suddenly aware that her dress was nearly threadbare.

"Are you staying at Hogwarts? The common rooms are available for your use at anytime. I'm staying here as well."

"I've never been here. I was home schooled since age ten. My parents didn't want me here because I could get ideas that they didn't agree with. I was taken away from them at age twelve. The Dark Lord had returned, by then."

"How old are you?"

"Fifteen. I turn sixteen next April."

"Come on, it's cold outside." Hrry said, as he removed his cloak and gave it to her. "Let's go inside the castle. I'll try to arrange for you to be able to stay and finish school here. I could tutor you if you need help."

"That's very kind of you, Harry. I'd love for you to tutor me. You're not at all how my brother said you were. I'm glad." She said in a whisper.


I got this idea from Unexperienced-Wisdom's profile. I've made a Harry/Draco's sister's story now. I'll try to update regularly.