Author's Note: Hello! I'm a brazillian girl.

First, my English is not good, so if there's some mistake in my little text, tell me, please! Second, it may have some spoilers for those who didn't watch all the movie. Third, I hope you enjoy it! :]

Disclaimer: Casablanca doesn't belong to me (I wish I could!).


As Time Goes By says: "man must have his mate". I disagree. I had every woman I could, but I never had a mate. Don't think "I messed up his life", because you didn't. When you went to my house in that night, you gave me Paris back, Ilsa. I won't need a woman while I have Paris. Those days were the best days in my life.

Sam told me you're happy in America. He also told me you have a beautiful daughter, shiny eyes like the night in Paris, our city. To know you found happiness is better than anything else for me. As I said to you when you left Casablanca, if you stayed, we would finish in a concentration camp. Now, I know I did the right thing. Your history is finished, and you had a happy end, as you deserve.

Here's looking at you, kid.


A.N.: Hey!That's very short, I know. :]

Well, thank you for reading it, guys! I hope you enjoyed.