Warning: gore, kakuhidan, swearing, and all that good stuff

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Five hearts…

How can someone have five hearts and still be heartless?

How can someone be alive and at the same time dead?

What was the point in living when the people you had fought to protect turn their backs on you?

When your heart is as cold as ice, would anyone dare to get near you again?

After a while, even the most persistent people go away. He never blamed them, how could you help someone who didn't want to be helped? You couldn't, no point, give up, game over. They all do in the end.

The first thing I could remember is pain, and then warmth… the warmth that can only come from another person.

My eyes snapped open, without any thought I moved, quickly grabbing the hand that was resting on my forehead, and twisted it behind its owner's back.

" ! THAT HURTS!" My hands loosened, letting the slender body underneath me slip away. "'The fuck you do that for?" The one who had spoken was a small boy, around 13 years old, with shoulder length white hair, and purple eyes.

I never knew how to deal with kids, they were one of the few things I never learned how to control, and particularly loudmouthed little kids were no better.

my mind slowly took in my surroundings, they were modest to say the least. It was a small room with barely enough space to contain all but the basic furnishings. I was sitting on a twin bed with black sheets, to match the black walls. Across the room was a chair and next to it was a small end table, which held all of my things. I shifted to stand up but the boy moved so that he was blocking my view of the end table.

"You have a fever, you shouldn't move." I tried again but the boy would not move. "My mom always said that when you have a fever you have to rest." I easily picked up on the past tense, but personally I didn't care what kind of personal problems this little brat had.

"It's not a fever, I always run warmer then most people." The albino glared at me for about a minute, and without any word or warning rushed at me. The unexpected attack, coupled with weariness from sleep and injury, caused me to be caught off guard, hid shoulder connected with my stomach, sending me crashing back into the bed.

"Cut the bullshit! No good shinobi gets pushed over that easily! You're either a really suck-ass ninja or you're sick!" the young boy slowly walked towards the door. "I'll bring up some food and water so stay there 'k?" I sat there dumbfounded, not knowing what else to do I nodded, signaling to the boy that he could now leave.

They boy returned again, with a jug of water and a bowl of fruit. He sat the food on the bed and the water on the floor, all the time watching me intently. I didn't know what it was, but having someone what me so intently made me almost uneasy, so much so that I wasn't able to eat until I was entirely sure that the kid was downstairs.

It had been a half an hour before the boy came back, one exceptionally long half hour that I spent listening at my abdomen yelling for more food. The boy stepped through the door, this time sporting a short ponytail, and a plate bursting with hot food.

"Holy shit! You were hungry!" He said setting the plate down on my lap. "Eat up!" I was practically ravenous but the kid just stat her and watched me, even going as far as sitting on the floor. I could see his smile becoming more strained as the clock ticked by, before he jumped up and shrieked, "Take off the fuckin' mask, and eat!" I used all the self control I could muster not to laugh.

So, that's what he's after…

"I eat, when you leave." I felt an immense amount of satisfaction, as he gave a defeated sigh and shuffled out of the room.

I mentally thanked whoever made the meal. I savored the taste, it was not the best I had ever had, but not having eaten a hot meal in over six months made me more then grateful for the simple meal. I cleaned my plate of any remnants, I had even gone as far as eating the fish, which I wasn't really a fan of, making my plate look almost unused. The kid was back again, this time only carrying a jug of water.

"My mom always said that you should drink lots of water when you're sick."

"How did I get here?" the sudden change in topic caught the younger male off guard, who fumbled with the jug almost dropping it.

"I-I found you passed out on the road outside the village…"

"What village is this?"

The boy played with his hitai, and I wondered how a boy that young could possibly be a ninja. I snapped back into realty just in time to hear him mumble. "Y-Yugakure."

"Do you mean that failure of a village, the one that dissolved into a tourist site?" Bingo! The reconnection in his eyes was unmistakable.

"Shinobi are weapons, we are born to kill, and once we take a peaceful route we become useless… they were all a bunch of sinning heathens and deserved to die!" His whole body was shaking in anger, purple eyes filled with hatred.

"So everybody's dead?"

"'Cept for me. Jashin-sama passed judgment on all of the nonbelievers."

"And Jashin-sama is?"

"My god."

For the sake of self perseveration I dropped the subject, religion was one of my no-go topics.

"What's your name?" the mood in the room changed almost automatically, from the dark repressed mood, to one that could almost be considered ecstatic.

"My name is Hidan! I was top in almost all my classes, except for genjustu, I'm not so good at that. My birthday is on April second and I'm blood type B" The words tumbled out of his mouth, all too happy to fulfill my simple request. I found myself stepping back into my usual stride, people were easy to control, and what was a child but a miniature adult?

"And what killed everybody?"

"I fucking told you already! Jashin-sama passed judgment on them."

"How did he pass judgment?" Hidan's body suddenly relaxed, his head turned to the ceiling, his smile suddenly taking on new characteristics that I simply could not name.

"It's hard to recall… but there was blood… and I hurt… and lots of screaming, and I remember thinking…" His eyes closed and the room became quiet but there was no tension, it was a tranquil silence that came with prayer. "Before it happened I remember thinking 'you all deserve to die' and Jashin-sama heeded my prayers." Our eyes met, his were misty, blinded with a form of pleasure that I could never understand. The feeling in the room solidified, an underlying understanding between the two of us that the conversation was over.

"Boy, get me more food."

"My name isn't boy, you son of a bitch! It's Hidan!" I exhaled, releasing the breath that I wasn't even aware I was holding.

"Hidan, get me more food. Now."

"No wonder you weigh so fucking much." He slipped out of the door without another word.

I raised his head a little to look at the clock. It had been two hours and Hidan had not come back with food. The table sat across the room, almost taunting me, it would be so easy to grab my things and slip away without a sound.

However, in the end the I found myself walking down stairs, my feet pulling forward when my mind could not quite understand the action. Stepping into the kitchen, I was not only able to see, but feel the poor condition the house was in. It was as if it was once a happy place and had now lost everything that had kept it running. Like the summer sky without a sun.

Hidan was fast asleep in a chair, with a small trail of drool trickling down his chin. I once again looked at the clock, now seeing more then just the passage of time but the time itself. It was past six in the morning, and Hidan had carried me inside and then taken care of me all day without rest, it wasn't surprising at all that the boy was out cold.

When I stepped forward and he didn't move I was concerned. Ninja, out of habit and necessity, were light sleepers, but I was now only inches away from the boy and he was still fast asleep. It would have been so easy to slit his throat, a flick of the wrist and it would have been over. I could revel in the blood that spill from the boys pale skin. One quick movement and Hidan would be a fond memory. I would never have to see those large purple eyes again.

I moved even closer, close enough to count Hidan's pores, when i heard something that made me stop. It was quiet and half mumbled but the words that escaped the boy's lips were unmistakable.

"Mother… please come back." It was the only sound that broke the silence other then my rapidly beating hearts.

He is a child, and if he hadn't found me I might be dead. My mind began to whirl, trying to rationalize with my irrational bloodlust. He is just a child who misses his mother. There is nothing to gain through killing him. The words repeated in my head but something, deep down inside of me, still wanted to kill. Usually I can quell these emotions, but having something so small and vulnerable in front of me was almost irresistible.

Bracing myself against the back of the chair, i positioned his foot under Hidan's legs so that when i kicked up Hidan flew across the room and landed, hard.

"THE FUCK YOU DO THAT FOR?" He was yelling which probably meant that he was fine. I couldn't help but smile as I watched the younger shinobi shakily stand up, luckily this went unseen. His pale hands kept going to his nose, trying to stop the free flow of blood.

"I want a tour."


By now, Hidan had forgotten about the nosebleed, and was completely focused on the person before him.

"A tour. We walk around town and you show me intresting things." The albino broke into another one of his odd little smiles and grabbed my hand.

"There isn't much, but I'll show you some really cool shit, seriously."