Today was the kick off of our fucking awesome 4 day get-away. Jazz and I had endured a couple weeks of dick-neglect so the girls could butter ole Charlie up enough to even let Bella go. Nobody was in for listening to Ed piss and moan and pout if she wasn't able to go and we dragged him along. And we'd all feel like shit if we went without him, and her too. She was just as much a part of our family now. I couldn't imagine feeling any different about her if she was my biological sister. Thank God her mom pulled out her pussy-whip trump card and convinced him to let her go. I've been fucking dying to get Rose alone but with all the damn 'Christmas is a time for family' togetherness bullshit I haven't even been able to feel her up for half a week. I'm starting to get a little jittery I think.

I had just finished getting all of the things I needed to pack on my bed; 6 shirts, 6 pairs of pants (various materials for various activities), 6 pair of boxers so the boys can breathe easy, 6 new pair of socks, assorted toiletries, and NO FUCKING PAJAMAS cuz my ass is sleepin' nekkid! I'm gonna be in a hotel room with my baby girl and we are gonna let it ALL hang out, literally. I did realize we were going to only be gone for 4 days but Rose has taught me well…always be prepared for what could happen. Besides I was going to get as many head jobs and hand jobs as possible and nobody wants to walk around sporting pecker track maps of Africa on their belly.

I went down stairs to grab my suitcase and what to my wandering eye should appear? But a pain in the ass elf and the Queen of Fear….and they were surrounded by fucking pink polka dot and purple multi-colored striped luggage. "What the FUCK is that?"

"Oh, this is our luggage. You and Jazz need to put your things in here too. That way Charlie won't know you guys are coming with us and it will take care of the need for that frickin' bus you rented out front."

"Wha? You expect ME to put my fucking clothes in THERE?"

Just then Jazz came walking in sporting a fucking joker grin. He must have had some plans for Alice this weekend as well. "Dude, did you know they want us to put our shit in those fucking…bitch bags!"

"What?" Jazz's voice went up a full octave. I could tell this shit wasn't flying too well with him either.

"Baby, this way Charlie won't know you guys are coming with us and it will explain why we need that big of a vehicle for 3 girls."

Why the hell does she have to be so fucking good at planning shit out?

"Or you can risk ruining it for Bella and not use our luggage. But I'm pretty sure that will cause a rather extended headache, if you get my point." There was no getting around it, Jazz definitely got the fucking point. He grabbed two of those polka dot bitch-bags so fucking fast I thought one of the handles was going to go fucking flying off.

I gave Rose a look that told her there was no fucking way I was putting my shit in those vaginas with wheels. She just smiled back and walked into the kitchen. 'I'm the fucking maaan!' I thought to myself. My woman knows I won't be intimidated; she respects her man's pride. I strutted into the kitchen to get a little manly grope on before I went to get my own luggage. Rose was standing at the kitchen counter, her back facing me. I took a second to take in the view. She was wearing a pair of hot ass jeans and a tight black turtle neck. She amazes me sometimes how she can show almost no skin but look as sexy as I've ever seen someone. She was fucking beautiful and I was gonna be all up in that for FOUR days. I nearly fucking squealed like that skank-whore Jessica. I shooed that thought out of my head and eased up behind Rose. I wrapped my arms around her waist, grinding my already firm ram-rod against her tight apple ass. I growled in her ear, completely full of myself from my recent testosterone display.

"Hey baby." She said in her soft sexy voice.

"Hey" I groaned as I nibbled on her ear and pulled her hips tighter against me.

"So, you don't want to use my luggage,huh?" That's right baby, I'm my own man!

"Not really."

"Hmpf…guess I can condense my bags then."

"mmm hmmm" I continued nibbling on her ear and kissing her neck. At this rate I might have to drag her ass up stairs for a quicky before she leaves to get Bells or I'll be showering with the jellyfish again.

"Well, I guess I can leave this here." She reached into her bag and pulled out a container of something and sat it on the counter, making sure to turn the label so I could read it. Oh shit, strawberry nipple cream.

"…and I can take these out to make some room." I watched in silence as she pulled out three pair of barely-there g-strings; a leather pair, a white lace pair, and a pair with little pink flowers on them…little pink flowers on them. Then she reached back in and pulled out a new outfit….handcuffs? That did it. I could feel the frown growing on my face.

"…and I guess I won't be needing this either." She reached in and pulled out a black box. I hadn't seen that before so I looked over her shoulder to read the name on the box.

"Oh shit…which bag do you want me to use?" What the hell did you expect? I'd rather look like a pussy than be denied it, especially with strawberry nipple cream, little pink flower g-string panties and a game where I get to try new sex techniques.

"There's one next to the stairs for you, baby. I'll be right there to help you, just let me pack these things back up." I could fucking hear the smile on her face but I didn't fucking care. I swear that woman is PERFECT for me.