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This is the Outtake for reviewing Chapter 33


I pulled up to Rose's house and knew by the look on her face that today was gonna be hell for somebody. She was wearing her power suit, a tight white button up shirt, a dark gray pencil skirt that showed her ass sooo nicely and a tight little jacket that buttoned up to just below her boobs making them bounce like two kittens playing under a blanket. My dick was already hard before I spied the fuck-me pumps she was sporting. My girl could rock a pair of fucking high-heels like nobody's fucking business. I jumped out of the Chevelle and grabbed my backpack. I knew there was no way Rose was riding in my car today. She was on a fucking mission and definitely had the bull by the horns…or the balls, whatever.

She walked straight to her car and stood by the driver's side door. I knew I had to of had a smart ass grin on my face. I loved it when she went on a power trip. I ran up and grabbed her up in my arms, snuggling my face into her neck and growling against her throat.

"Do we have time? You're driving me crazy here." I pushed my rather cramped Johnson against her hip bone.

"Sorry baby, I have things to do this morning before class. Are you ready to go?" She gave me a little peck of a kiss that told me there was no room for negotiation this time.

"Can I at least drive? Mr. Pleasureby can't handle being shot down AND riding bitch."

"Ok, fine. You have to park behind the auditorium by the performer's entrance." She walked around the car and I couldn't help but drool as I watched her walk away. I snapped out of my booty-trance and ran around the car to open the car door for her. She thanked me with a little buddy-juggle of the wonder twins and I had to readjust so I could sit to drive. I shook my head at myself…there really was no doubt, she owned my crotch. I was helpless.

The drive to school was relatively quiet. Rosalie was eerily calm. I pulled up to the performer's entrance and noticed a rather sizable gathering of people just on the other side of the door. Rosalie didn't wait for me to open her door. She was out and around to the back before I made it around to her side of the car.

"Trunk, please, baby." I obeyed and popped the trunk. Inside was a box filled with black shoulder bags. There must have been thirty of them in there. I guess Rosalie and Alice must have made a pretty sizable donation to the charity at Hot Topic to get all of those bags. As I contemplated what awesome shit she was holding out on me from her most recent shopping extravaganza a crowd of people formed around us.

"Ok, listen, you know what to do and how to do it. I don't want to see any of you doing it but I want it done by lunch. Understand?" They all shook their heads and in assembly line fashion distributed the shoulder bags and dispersed.

"I don't really even want to know, do I?" I shook my head.

"You'll see soon enough." The Grinch would have cowered from the evil fucking grin on my girls face. It made me hot. Shit, would this day ever end so I could let her take control of me.

The morning went on as it usually did. Every now and then I'd catch a glimpse of a black shoulder bag but then it was gone and I couldn't even tell where I thought I'd seen it. Who would have known that Forks was home to the fucking shoulder bag ninjas?

The morning finally ended and I picked Rose up outside of her English class and headed to the cafeteria. I had to double step it a few times to keep up with her. She definitely had something in mind and I don't think it was the mystery meat that was drawing her.

I paused momentarily as we entered the cafeteria as the sound of the endless chatter hit me in the face. Something strange was definitely afoot at Forks High. I scanned the room searching for what the buzz was all about and I saw a tri-fold color pamphlet in nearly everyone's hand. A big fucking light bulb flashed above my head. Jessica.

Rose made a beeline right past our table and straight toward Jessica Stanley. I wasn't the only one who noticed. It was like a scene straight out of fucking Forest Gump. At first it was her and I walking then little by little people were joining us until we looked like the fucking Verizon Network coming straight for Skankzilla herself.

Lauren was sitting with her, of course, but by the time Rose had come to a screeching halt face-to-face with her she had run scared. So much for Jessica's backup.

"Jessica. I've had enough of your disgusting ass fucking up the air we breathe and my friend's lives. It is time for you to pay the piper."

"Oh, and I suppose YOU are the piper, am I right? What are you going to do, Rosalie? Beat me up right here in front of all these people?" Wow, Jessica was acting pretty ballsy. You would think that by know she would have figured out that Rose would have NO problem beating her up right here in front of everyone.

"No, Jessica. That would make ME feel better but it wouldn't help Edward and Bella at all."

"Edward and Bella? Aren't they broke up anyway. I heard Chief Swan sent her back to her idiot mother. Come to think of it, I haven't seen Edward's delicious ass around anywhere. He must be so upset. Maybe I'll go comfort him." Jessica tried to take a step away but Rose was having none of it.

Rose stepped into Jessica's path with one fluid movement. She instinctively backed up as Rosalie stepped forward. "Oh Jessica, I don't think that Edward would be interested in adding his face to this." Rosalie was like fucking Houdini. She whipped out that pamphlet from God knows where and held it right in front of Jessica's face.

Jessica was speechless. She just stood there, mouth gaping open and eyes flowing over the numerous pictures of her perched naked on various guys laps, hand around a cocks, ass being tapped, and various other assorted sexual photo op's that she was famous for. Rose had strategically placed black out shapes so you didn't see any penetration or any of the guys faces. (my girl wasn't going to sling pornography, although Jessica had turned 18 earlier in the year. Her dumb ass was held back in elementary school. She was too busy chasing boys on the playground to learn anything else apparently). Nobody in their right mind would want to be associated with her after this little piece of literary genius was released.

"That's not all, Jessica. Included in this little diddy, is a convenient list of medications to remedy all those pesky STD's that seem to follow you wherever you go. I wonder who could have made this? They know an awful lot about you, don't they? Oh, and what's this? Quotes from members of your very own student body reflecting on the merit or your character. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I don't think some people like you very much, Jessica. It says here 'That stinking whore gave me crabs then gave my best friend a blow job. I hope her clitoris falls off.' Oooo, you must have pissed that guy off good. Oh, here's another one, 'I tried to ask Jessica out but she said she was more interested in my sister.' Hmmm, interesting."

The crowd was absolutely silent. You would think with a gathering of that many people that it would be difficult to follow a conversation but you could've heard a pin drop. I'm sure even the lurkers in the way-back could hear Rosalie loud and clear.

"I like this one the best." Rose changed her voice to mimic one of Jessica's bimbo friends. "Jessica told me that she could give birth to a black baby and Chief Swan would believe Edward had raped her and got her pregnant. She said Chief Swan was a completely incompetent idiot with little dick syndrome."

The recognition in Jessica's eyes was priceless. "I wonder what Chief Swan thought about that little piece of information? I'm sure he got a copy, don't you think?" Rosalie looked back at the crowd but didn't direct the question to anyone in particular. There were snickers coming from every direction. The message was clear; Chief Swan had definitely got a fucking copy.

Jessica was shrinking like a dick in the pool around mid-October. She was defeated and she knew it. Rose knew it too, but she wasn't done toying with her yet.

Rose turned to address the crowd. "Some of you might be interested in the list of medications that Jessica has been on over the last 6 months or so. In fact…." Rose's pouty little contemplative look made my dick wake back up. "If you've had the unfortunate luck of tapping that ass in the last half a year or so you probably want to take your shit to the school nurse…immediately. Wouldn't want extra things growing or essential things falling off now, would you?"

There was a distinct sound of a small stampede heading out of the cafeteria and the crowd was significantly thinned. "Not to mention if you…." Rose shook at the mere thought of what she was about to mention. "…were brave enough to get near that nasty shit orally then you should go too. Some of that shit can be transmitted even if you don't see the sores." There was a collective "Ewwww!" from the remaining bystanders. A few more guys made their way out of the cafeteria. Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, except Jessica's I guess, Lauren turned and ran out of the cafeteria crying and holding her mouth. I don't know if it was because she had sores in there or if she puked in her mouth a little bit. Either way, that was an eye opener. Added a completely new level to Jessica's skank-factor.

Much to my dismay, the lunch bell rang and everyone started dispersing to their assorted destinations. I was enjoying watching my woman assert herself, and the fact that Jessica was the one on the receiving end of the horns was a bonus.

I though Rosalie was finished ensuring Jessica's social death so I turned to leave but I was wrong. Just when I thought she was going to join me, Rose took a step closer to Jessica. She whispered something in her ear too low for me to hear then cocked back her arm and slugged Jessica straight in her fucking cum-drum belly.

"Oh shit, baby!" I was as surprised as everyone else but probably more excited by it. Rose just turned on her heels and walked away. Jessica slid to the floor and I was pretty sure I heard dry heaves as we walked away.

I couldn't contain myself anymore. I pushed Rosalie into the nearest janitor closet and pushed her up against the wall, grabbing her face and kissing her hard. Apparently her little rant made her hot too because it wasn't too long before we were going at it like porn stars on Ecstasy. We finished and made our way to our classes. Luckily my route took me over to the gym. As I walked by an open door I saw Jessica standing out by the picnic tables talking to her mother.

"Mom, I don't want to talk about it. Just call Aunt Mary and tell her I decided to come help her out after all. I KNOW, Mom. I'll finish my last year and a half out in Alaska. I know Tanya, I'll make new friends, I don't care. Just tell her. I'm on my way home now. Call the airline. See what is the earliest I can fly out."

Rose, I love you!