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So here is your important info:

Bella and Edward are engaged at the beginning of the story.

All Cullens are Vampires.

Bella IS human.

Takes place shortly after Eclipse.

Bellas POV

I frowned. It was sunny today. Which meant Edward would not be at school. The day had passed agonizingly slowly for bell rang announcing sixth period was over. I raced out to my truck. I drove straight to the Cullens. I walked to the front door and walked in. Not bothering to knock I never did anymore. I raced up to Edwards room and opened his door. I froze in place. I was unable to choke back a sob. There before my very eyes was the one thing I had always feared would happen. Edward and a strawberry blond girl were on his bed. Edward moaned loudly not even realizing I was there. Tears streamed down my face. Then suddenly Edward jumped up so he was standing next to the bed and looked at me. The blond girl looked up at me. I heard footsteps down stairs and there were suddenly gasps behind me.

"Bella...love..." Edward spoke softly. Then behind me there was a shriek.

"Tanya." Alice screeched. I glanced down at the engagement ring on my left hand. At Edward then the girl I now knew was Tanya.

"Bella love say something," Edward said softly. I looked at him and did the only thing I could think even though I knew it would hurt me more than it would him. I slapped him. Pain seared through my hand.

"I fucking hate you Edward Cullen." I said my voice cracking. Edward had a look of shock on his face. He grabbed my arm and I tried to pull away from him.

"Let me go Edward." I said angrily. He refused to and I jerked harder. Emmett was suddenly behind Edward.

"Edward man let her go." He said his voice holding an unspoken threat. Edward released my arm. I slid the engagement ring off my hand and gave it to Edward.

"Here why don't you give that to her. Since she was obviously good enough that you slept with her. I really hoped you enjoyed it. I don't want to see you ever again Edward Cullen. I don't want you to even think about me." I said my voice dripping in venom to hide the hurt. I turned one foot to see the Cullens standing there. I made my out of his bedroom. I ran down the stairs and to my truck. I sped all the way to La Push. The tears poured from my eyes. I was heading for Jacobs but I ended up at first beach unable to make any further than that. I got out of my truck and walked onto the beach collapsing in the sand. A sob ripped through me. I didn't even have the will power to get up.

Edwards POV

She had given me her ring back. I couldn't believe it. She was still mine. I was just going to have to remind her of that.

Alices POV


Bella had driven to La Push. She was at first beach lying there in sobs. It was like she didn't have the will power to get up. Like she never even wanted to move again. then everything went blank.

End of Vision

I was beyond pissed at Edward. I ran back up to his room. I looked at him with pure hatred in my eyes.

"You fucking idiot. you have no idea how bad you hurt her." I snarled at him.

"What do you mean?" He asked indifferently

"I mean shes at first beach in La Push lying there in sobs with not will power to get up. Then everything went blank. She wasn't pissed earlier she was hurt and she was hiding it." I yelled. Edward simply shrugged and I wanted nothing more than to kill him.

Bellas POV

I must have passed out or fell asleep or something because when I woke I was no longer lying in sand but instead a warm comfortable bed. I glanced around and my eyes fell on a young guy maybe about my age. I looked away from him and stared blankly at the wall.

"Bella...." He said softly. I jumped and looked at him. How did he know my name? I studied him for a moment. He had dark hair and eyes. Was nicely tanned and muscular, tall. He was a wolf.

"I'm friends with Jacob." He said still talking softly. I nodded. He sat next to me on the bed.

"Can you tell me why you were passed out on the beach?" He asked me. I swallowed hard and tears sprang to my eyes. I nodded anyways.

"I walked in on my fiancee and another girl....I was heading to Jake's but...I didn't make it there. So I stopped at first beach and just kinda collapsed on the beach." I said shakily.

"Oh.... Jake is out with his imprint." The guy told me. Jake imprinted? He didn't tell me.

"Oh. I-i never caught your name." I said. He gave me a smile.

"I'm Embry." He said softly.

Embrys POV.

I had just imprinted on this beautiful girl before me. I couldn't tell her though. Not after what she had just told me. She wasn't ready for that. I told her I would be right back and walked outside and into the woods. I was pissed. Stupid fucking bloodsucking leech. I phased unable to control it still mentally cussing that stupid fucking leech.

Embry? Sam's voice said in my mind.

What Sam? I snapped at him.

Why are all your thoughts say stupid fucking bloodsucking leech or something similar? He asked me.

Because I just found Isabella Swan collapsed in the sand on first beach. I imprinted on her. But that has nothing to do with me cussing that fucking leech. He slept with someone else and Bella walked in on it. Thats what she was doing collapsed on first beach in the first place. I answered him.

I will kill that stupid bastard. Jacobs voice came in.

I thought you were with Sarah? I asked Jacob.

She had to go. He answered.

I had better go check on Bella. I said calmly.

I phased back and ran back to the house. I stepped into the bathroom and found some clothing sitting in there. I slid that on and then walked to my bedroom, where Bella was. She had fallen back to sleep. There was a knock on the front door and I opened it to see Jacob and Sam standing there. I stepped back for them to come in.

"Be quiet shes asleep." I told them quietly.

"Okay," Sam said quietly while Jacob just kept his mouth shut. "Are you going to tell her?"

"No. I can't. She just caught her fiancee sleeping with another girl. I don't think she could handle it right now. Shes a wreck." I told him softly. I heard a whimper from the bedroom and winced.

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