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Embrys POV

3 months later

I waited quietly at the alter for my Bella. She was now five months along. She had fretted over how fat she thought she was going to look in her dress. I told her she would look fine. She was still on bed rest so we had decided against a honeymoon. We didn't care that much about it to begin with. The music began and soon she was walking up the aisle towards me. She looked beautiful, perfect. I gave her a reassuring smile.

Bellas POV

I reached the alter and Charlie kissed my cheek and placed my hands in Embrys. I smiled at Embry. The ceremony see,ed long. I was focused on Embry. I didn't pay attention to anything until it was my turn to speak.

It was finally time for the reception. I danced with Embry and my father. I didn't dance any after that. I had started feeling tired. Embry had made me sit down. I felt tired and weak. Embry noticed and called Carlisle over.

"Carlisle doesn't look to well."Embry told a few minutes of Carlisle assesing me he turned to Embry.

"Take her home. Shes tired she needs to rest. This a stressful day for anyone much less a pregnant one." He said Embry nodded and picked me up. He carried me outside to the car. He sat me in gently. I was asleep before he even started the car.

4 months later

Here I was laying in a hospital bed holding two beautiful baby girls. Embry was sitting next to me I was resting my head against his chest. After seven hours of hard labor were worth it. I had found out I was having twins shortly after the wedding. I was happy and shocked as was Embry. I felt my eyes start to droop and I was asleep.

Three days Later

Me, Embry and my beautiful girls Kimmy and Zoe were sitting on our couch. I smiled. This was how things were meant to be.


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