I leaned back against the desk now, with the taste of Principal Cullen's cum still fresh in my mouth. My heart was pounding furiously at the way things had unfolded between us. He'd called me his slut…and I actually loved it. It felt so bad…my body was still tingling as the thought ran through my mind once more. Without thought, my hand ran down my naked body and too my pussy. Edward was staring at me now, curiously. He smiled devilishly.

"You missed a spot…" he chided me, and took my hand from my pussy and guided it to my cheek. He ran my fingers over the soft flesh, and over a bit of his cum I'd missed. Then he guided my hand back down to my pussy. I sighed in delight now, as I watched his breath cum faster as he stared at me.

I ran the cum coated finger over my clit. My body felt like it was on fire now as I realized Edward's cum was on my clit. Oh God. I let a moan escape my lips. I moved to my wet folds now, rubbing the finger over them slowly, and then letting it disappear inside. I felt a jolt of electricity flash through me as I pushed my finger deeper into my warm pussy. Oh God…his cum was inside me now, I thought wickedly. I shivered with the realization. But it wasn't enough. I wanted more. I wanted all his cum in my pussy. Principal Cullen's voice snapped me out of my daze.

"Oh God Bella. That's it…play with your pussy. Fuck…that's so hot." He said lustily.

I licked my lips as he spoke, and then jumped up onto the desk, and spread my legs wide apart. I spread my slick folds, and grinned as I began to work my finger in and out of myself. Edward watched me now, with his cock in his hand. He was slowly moving his hand up and down his shaft. I could see now he was completely hard once more. I decided to tease him.

"Mmm Principal Cullen…" I moaned. "You know what I like having in my pussy?" I whispered now. Edward's eyes were open wide. He hesitated for a second before responding.

"What?" he said simply.

"Your…cum." I finished, breathless. My voice was little more than a gasp as I struggled for breath at my words, and the way my body was reacting to hearing myself say the dirty thoughts aloud. My heart was racing double time now as I watched Edward eying me hungrily, and still rubbing his cock.

"It's all I've wanted for these past few months…" I confessed to him now. Oh God, my cheeks were red, and my body squirmed as my fingers probed my pussy deeper and deeper…pushing Edward's cum into me. I closed my eyes now, losing myself in the moment. When I reopened them, Edward was moving toward me slowly. He smiled at me, and motioned for me to come to him. I obeyed him instantly. When I got close to him…he pressed his body against mine, and kissed me hard on the lips. I felt the pressure of his mouth on mine, and then his tongue slipped inside me. I liked feeling his tongue in my mouth. His kiss was short though – only a few seconds. He pulled away, and looked at him confused. He reached for my chin now, and I felt his fingers on either side of the soft skin of my chin. He tightened his grip slightly, and I felt a slight pain. My eyes opened wide in surprise.

"What are you?" he asked me now, appraising my face.

I was confused. What was he doing? What did he mean? A student? A girl? Oh! A flash of insight flashed through me now. I smiled under his forceful touch.

"A slut…" I answered firmly. Edward nodded his head at my words, and relaxed his grip ever so slightly.

"And whose slut are you?" he asked me now. My knees felt weak as I answered him.

"Yours, Principal Cullen…" I answered him truthfully. His smile grew wider now at my second correct answer.

He spoke once more, and it caused a tremor through my body.

"And how long will you be my slut?" he asked me now. I paused a bit, reflecting on the question. His eyes narrowed perceptibly at my hesitation, and I felt his grip tighten around my chin once more.

"Always" I answered him finally. He seemed satisfied, and let go of my chin. My chest was heaving now, exhilarated that I had passed his test.

"Turn around." He ordered me. I did as he asked. I heard movement, and then he guided me to the desk. He placed my hands on the ornate wood, and then told me to spread my legs wide. I spread my legs apart, and heard him move away from me. The room got quiet then, and all I could hear was my heart thundering in my chest, and my own ragged breath.

"You have a lovely ass…" Edward complimented me, in his velvety voice. "Has anyone ever told you that before…?" he asked me.

"A few people, actually." I admitted, turning only my head slightly. I stared at him over my shoulder. He cocked his head to the side slightly, considering my words.

"Anyone from Forks High?" he asked me now.

"Yes. A few boys have commented on my ass." I told him now, a touch of laughter to my voice.

"Amazing. I guess this school isn't filled completely with idiots." He said with a smirk. He moved to me then, and I watched as his hand made it's way to my face. He turned my head around, so I was facing away from him once more. He got on his knees, and then I felt his hands running up and down my legs. I shivered under his graceful touch. His fingers wandered up and down my legs, over my thighs, exploring my legs completely. I trembled now. I bent over at the waist, letting my chest and head rest against the cool wooden desktop as Principal Cullen worked his magical fingers over my smooth skin. He got to my ass now, and my body was so filled with desire.

"Such a lovely ass…" he whispered. His voice sent shivers down my spine.

I felt his lips on my ass cheeks then, and my eyes snapped wide open. Oh God. I had goosebumps now as he ran his lips over one ass cheek, and then the other. I couldn't breathe. None of the other boy I'd been with had ever paid much attention to my ass, other than to say it was "hot". But Principal Cullen was not a boy, and certainly not like the others I'd been with. He planted kisses across my smooth bottom now, and my head was dizzy at the sensation. His tongue poked out now, and I felt him trace patterns over the smooth skin of my ass. I couldn't speak, or even move. I was spellbound with his light licks. I felt him spread my ass cheeks apart. My body froze now. And then I felt his tongue run up the crack of my ass. I gasped. The feeling was unreal. He let his warm wet tongue run up and down between my smooth cheeks, and my body was practically convulsing under the sensation. He playfully licked my asshole now, and my body temperature seemed to skyrocket. My cheeks – the ones on my face anyways, were red hot now. I gasped for breath, seemingly unable to gather enough air in each lungful to ever feel satisfied. Edward continued to work his tongue all over my ass, and I could hear him sighing as he explored my virgin ass with his mouth for the first time. After several minutes, and when I was sure my body couldn't take any more…he got up off his knees. I looked at him, dazed with the sensations, my eyelids drooped over my brown eyes.

"Has anyone ever done that to you before Bella?" he asked me lightly.

"No…" was all I could respond with. I felt confused, drained. My body was unused to being aroused for such a length of time. I felt intoxicated with the way Principal Cullen made my body feel.

He smiled at my words. "Don't worry Bella. That is definitely not the first thing that is new, that you will experience with me." He said with a chuckle. My pulse accelerated at his words. I considered the unknown sexual territory that Principal Cullen spoke of. My mind swam with ideas now, each one more perverted than the rest. A small moan escaped my lips. I didn't know exactly what he meant of course, but I did know that I wanted to explore that territory. I wanted it bad.

"I can't wait…" I confessed in a small voice. I couldn't see Edward now, but I could imagine him smiling now, at my willingness to go there with him.

I felt him move closer to me now, the warmth of his body so close to mine. My body was ravenous with anticipation now. I just wanted to feel his hard cock inside me. It was all I'd thought about the last few months. Even as I fucked all those other stupid boys, it was Edwards dick I was dreaming about. I heard my small voice now break the silence in the room.

"Fuck me…" I pleaded. "Fuck me Principal Cullen. Please. I just want to feel…" I began, struggling to speak, as my own desires began to cloud my mind. I just wanted his cock in me. I just wanted him to literally pound my tight pussy until I was senseless. I didn't want him to make love to me, or even have it be soft and gentle. Just fuck me like a slut…because that is what I am. But I was his slut…

I felt the head of his cock against my smooth ass cheek then, and it caused my voice to falter. He ran it over the soft skin, much the same as he had run it over my face. It seemed such a long time ago. I felt his cock running over the creamy smooth skin of my ass, working it's way across from one cheek to another. I whimpered now.

Then I felt it slowly travel down the crack of my ass. My eyes opened wide once more. Oh God…would Edward fuck my ass, I wondered? My heartbeat stuttered momentarily. But no, it continued it's way down until he hovered exactly between my legs – at the entrance to my pussy. He paused, driving my already wild body to an even higher degree of wanting. I couldn't wait any longer. I pushed myself backwards slightly, until I felt my slick folds make contact with the head of my cock.

I felt Principal Cullen's hand on my back now, pushing my chest against the desktop. It wasn't a rapid movement. He slowly pushed my chest down until by breasts flattened somewhat against the cool wood. Then I felt his hands work their way to my sides and he took my wrists in each one of his strong hands, and brought them to rest behind me. My arms lay on my back now, my wrists crisscrossed, in his tight grip.

"That's more like it…" he said in a growl now, marveling at my position. I was so vulnerable now. I couldn't move my arms, and my chest and face were pushed against the desk. I could barely move if I wanted. Principal Cullen seemed to approve of my body's lack of it's own control.

"Yes. That's definitely better…" he said, slightly happy. And then I felt his cock make it's way inside me. He started off slow. He let his cock edge it's way deeper inside my soaked pussy, driving me wild. Each half inch seemed to only increase the pleasure I felt as my love muscles wrapped around his hard cock.

"Damn. That's a tight pussy…" he said approvingly now. I smiled at his words, even as my pulse rose to a frantic tempo. Oh God! Principal Cullen's cock was inside me now. I struggled to grasp the seemingly impossible scenario. But it was real. He was here, and I was bent over, and his deliciously thick cock was even now stretching my tight pussy, as it made it's way deeper and deeper. I whimpered once more, under not only the idea, but the sensation.

Once his cock had filled me completely, he remained motionless momentarily. Both of us remained still now, savouring the sensation. And then he began to move in and out - slowly at first, but increasing his tempo. I was in ecstasy now. With each thrust, the sensations in my pussy seemed to amplify. I wasn't sure how much more of this I could take. My moans and sighs increased now too, as did Edwards. His one hand remained locked on my wrists, and I felt his other hand turn my head to the side. He used a light force to push my cheek against the wood now. He seemed to like making me feel helpless, like he could do anything he wanted to me. In truth, I would let him. He pressed my cheek harder into the wood, and gazed into my one visible brown eye with his own piercing ones. His gutter mouth was back, but it only caused me to become even more aroused if that were possible.

"Fuck Bella. You're so fucking hot. So fucking tight. MMM You're a bad girl Bella." He began. I sighed at his words. "Yeah…you like this? You like when I fuck you like this?" he asked me.

"Yeah…I…love…it…" I said between thrusts. His body reached a frantic pitch now, and I could feel his balls slapping against my body as he rammed his dick into me again and again. I could see perspiration covering his face, and running down his chest as he fucked me hard. I gasped for breath, my own perspiration beading down my back now, as my body approached the blissful overload I'd been waiting for.

Edward could sense my orgasm. "Cum Bella. Cum on my cock. Fucking cum on my fucking cock. You're my slut. I want my slut to cum on my cock. Cum Bella! Fucking cum…!" he said, his voice a blur with the rapidity of his words. The fire in my body seemed to only spread farther now. It searched out every cell of my being, and then seemed to rapidly be pulled inward. I felt the impending buildup make it's way back through my body, steadily progressing towards my wet quivering pussy.

"Oh God…I'm…cum....ming!" I cried out between gasps. The energy in my body focused itself now, inside me. And then, it released itself in a tidal wave of pleasure. My body convulsed, and my love muscles spasmed around Edward's cock. My entire being was bathed in ecstasy as my orgasm spread outward, in a seemingly endless torrent of euphoria. I was vaguley aware of Edward still talking, encouraging me to cum more and more, until he too was finally over the edge. His thrusts were so powerful now...as he slammed his cock into me again, and again and again as I continued to cum. My violently shuddering core was too much for him now though.

"Fuck...!" we moaned together, as Edward began to cum inside me. He was thrusting madly, and with each thrust more of his sperm filled my pussy. I could feel the powerful jets as his cock throbbed wildly inside me, spewing more and more of his seed deep within me. I was in heaven it seemed. I began to come down from my orgasm now, as Edward was still in the throes of his.

"Fuck me! Pump your cum into my tight little hole! Fill your slut with your cum! I love when you cum inside me!" I yelled. Edward was lust driven now, his eyes glazed in his head as he heard my words. Gradually, his orgasm subsided, and he collapsed on top of my back. He kept his cock inside me as we both struggled for breath. My hair was soaked, and my body was glistening with sweat from the experience. Edward was much the same. His body was soaked with perspiration, and his breath was as ragged as mine. Finally, he withdrew his cock from me, and plopped himself down in his expensive leather chair.

I picked myself up off the desk, and sat on the dark wood now. Edward watched me silently, as some of his cum ran out of my pussy and down my slick labia. It trickled down my inner thigh then. I scooped it up with my fingers, and pushed it back into my pussy, with a sigh. Edward arched his eyebrow now.

"I like your cum in me..." I replied to his unasked question. "It's all I've been thinking about for months." I said in a whisper.

Edward chuckled then. "Was it worth the wait?" he asked me seriously.

I pondered the question. "Yes...it was" I said slyly.

"Just wait until tomorrow..." he replied then. I smiled at his words. My mind wondered what tomorrow would bring. I grew excited at the thought. But what made me even more excited than tomorrow, was the thought of the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that...

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