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"And so, Irina has been destroyed for lying about the child." Aro's voice seemed to echo in my head. We were in the baseball clearing, a place that had brought back some memories; none of them good.

We were playing baseball, when suddenly, Alice froze. "Stop! Everybody stop!"

James, inhaling my scent, saying, "You brought a snack."

My dream of Victoria, eyes black ready to kill me as revenge for her mate.

Only a second had passed since Aro had spoken, but it felt like a lifetime. So it startled me slightly when he spoke again. I was startled, but not enough to show. I almost lost control of my shield. "We have come to a conclusion," Aro announced. "Renesmee, Bella, Carlisle – all of you shall live."

If I had still been human at the time, I would have gone deaf. The cheer that ripped through the clearing was one that everyone joined in with. Everyone was screaming, dancing, kissing hugging – even Nessie and I joined in.

Yet at the same time, I felt uneasy. There was something about Aro said it – like there was some sort of double meaning in his words?

In that same moment, I noticed Edward wasn't cheering; or even smiling. He looked paler than normal, and his jaw was set.

"However," Aro started to explain.

Everyone stopped so fast it was like he flipped a switch.

"However," he restated calmly, "There is one condition."

I knew there was a catch. What was he gonna do? Would he –

"Edward?" Aro called out, and I felt my breath hitch in my chest.

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