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Jacob's POV

Bella lowered Nessie onto my back, telling her to hold on tightly. Then she turned back, and the fight ensued.

I ran off into the trees, carefully lowering my passenger to the ground. I morphed back, pulled on my pants, and scooped Nessie up, all in three seconds. She put her hand to my face, asking me a question.

"Don't worry. Your mom's gonna be fine. And so is everyone else." As if to demonstrate, Bella suddenly ripped that bitch Jane's head off. "Yikes. See?"

Nessie nodded. "Good."

In fact, we were winning. Just barely, but winning. Our sideripped them apart and burned them before you could blink.

Then I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. Esme. I realized. She had put herself back together.

Before I could change my mind, I dashed over, grabbed her arm, and dashed back.

"You okay?" I asked. "I'm fine. A little shaken, but fine."

"Good." I said. We didn't say anything else, just watched the fight. Then, as soon as it started, it stopped.

And we had won. But something was off…

"We're missing three people." I announced.

Emmet looked around, saying, "Peter, Charlotte, and Stefan."

Edward spoke up. "They were overpowered, and they had it out of Carlisle's hand for a few moments…"

He didn't finish.

Then, that Vlad guy stepped forward. "I will miss Stefan. But he died doing the one thing we wanted to do."

"Annihilate the Volturi?" Esme guessed.

"Yes." He stated.

"What will you do now?" Bella asked. I was kind of wondering myself. What does a revenge seeking vampire do after he gets his vengeance?

"I don't really know." He said after a few seconds.

"You don't have to worry about it right now." Bella said. The sun peaked out from behind the clouds, making her skin sparkle.

Edward suddenly spoke up again. "Why don't we all celebrate today? For today, we freed all vampires from the Volturi's reign!"

A giant cheer ripped through the crowd, much louder than the one earlier. Even the Nomads, mourning over their loss, joined in.

I joined too. Why? Because we had not only saved each other, but we had also saved Nessie. And that meant just as much to me as it did to her parents.

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