Jeff pulled the hood of his jacket over his head. He hadn't said a word for the past several hours. His dad Gil was driving him up to New Jersey so he could go live with his older brother Matt. According to Gil, he was becoming too "difficult" to handle. He personally believed that was a crock of shit. His going out and partying every night hadn't bothered Gil until the older man had found out he was gay. Then, in an extraordinary coincidence, Gil had "had enough" of Jeff's crap and now he had to live with Matt, or as Gil now liked to call him, "the other fag". Originally he had just been "the fag", but seeing as how Jeff was gay too, there needed to be a distinction between the two of them.

"Damn boys are buying into the perception that being gay is okay," Gil muttered under his breath. "It all fucking started when everyone had to start being politically correct you know. Before then, homos were shunned, as they rightfully should be. But now we have to all be nice to you butt fucking sons of bitches and the country is falling apart at the seams."

Jeff clenched his fists tightly and just kept staring at the window. It was really hard to resist the urge to punch his dad right in the mouth.

"Boy, you listening to anything I'm saying to you?" Gil snapped impatiently.

"No, I tune out fuck heads like you," Jeff muttered.

That earned him a slap upside the head. "Fucking disrespectful bastard," Gil said with a shake of his head. "I'm glad your mother isn't alive to see what you've become."

"Well I wished you had died instead of her," Jeff replied. "I fucking hate you."

Gil snorted. "Well it's not like I'm thrilled with you either. You're gay, you don't play sports, your teachers are hounding me because you're not going to school, you're a drug addict…"

"I'm not a fucking drug addict!" Jeff snapped. "I can quit any damn time I want to! I just don't feel like it because life fucking sucks and the drugs take the edge off it." As he said this, he stuck his hands in his jacket pocket. He had a bottle of pain pills in there that he had only just opened last night. They were the only thing he had left because he had thought Gil was going to throw his other shit out, so he had used all that stuff up first.

"At least we can agree on that," Gil said. "Life does suck. I got stuck with two queers for sons, but at least Matt's trying to make something out of his life. He's not as worthless as you."

The words stung Jeff deeply. This wasn't the first time he had been called worthless, but it still hurt him to hear the words coming from his own dad's mouth. So he decided to do what he always did when he got angry: he lashed out. "Well maybe if you had been a better father, I would have been a better son."

"Or maybe if that fucking condom hadn't broken, I wouldn't have had to deal with you for seventeen fucking years."

Their conversation ended on that sour note. Jeff found himself longing to take some of the pills he had on him, but he couldn't because Gil was right there. If Gil saw him with the pills, he would be going to the nearest rehab instead of Matt's house. And even though he resented Matt for leaving him for a new and better life, he still would rather go live there than live in some fucking clinic.

The trip took about another hour to complete. When they finally did get there, they saw Matt and a blonde man waiting for them on the porch. "Who the fuck is that?" Gil said under his breath.

"I don't know and I don't care," Jeff said in response. "You just keep your fucking hands off my things. I'll unload all my stuff myself."

"I didn't even offer you my help boy," Gil snapped as he parked the car in the driveway.

"Go fuck yourself asshole," Jeff growled as he got out of the car. He slammed his door shut and then opened the back door so he could get all his stuff out.

Matt and the blonde man walked over to Jeff. "Hey," Matt said. He looked like he wanted to hug Jeff, but he didn't seem sure if he should.

"Hey," Jeff grunted, using his body language to tell Matt to stay the hell away from him. He did not want to be touched right now.

Matt's face kind of fell because of the lack of warm greeting he was receiving, but he tried to do his best to hide it. "This is my boyfriend Adam," he said quietly so Gil couldn't hear. "Do you want us to help you with your stuff?"

Jeff just shrugged as he got the last of it out of the car and set it on the ground. "I don't care." He knew he was going to need help if he didn't want to make several trips in and out of the house, but he wasn't going to admit it out loud. "Do whatever the hell you want."

Adam and Matt both exchanged looks before they started to help Jeff bring his stuff into the house. Gil drove away without saying a word to anyone, which was just fine with Jeff. He personally wanted his dad to crash his car into a ditch at this point. "So how long have you two been together?" he asked, even though he really didn't give a crap.

"Two years," Matt replied. "We live here together."

Oh, so you're boy toy is more important than me? I see how it is. Jeff bit his tongue in order to resist the urge to say that out loud. He did not feel like starting a fight with Matt already. He was tired and in a desperate need for an escape, and would rather be all pilled up inside his new room than somewhere out on the street. The last thing he needed was to get busted by the cops.

Matt and Adam led him up the stairs and into the third door on the left. "This is your bedroom," Matt said, pointing out the obvious. "The bathroom is right across the hall, and we're just a couple of doors down." He set the boxes he had been carrying down on the bed. "We were thinking of ordering pizza tonight for dinner. Is that okay with you or do you want something else?"

"Pizza's fine," Jeff said. He wasn't really hungry, so he didn't give a shit what there was to eat.

The three of them just stood there in an awkward silence. "Uh…do you want help unpacking or anything?" Adam finally asked.

Jeff shook his head. "No. I want to do it myself." He was trying to tell them to leave without actually saying the words.

"Okay," Matt said. "Just uh, call us if you need us."

Jeff watched them leave and then waited a moment to make sure they were really gone. When he was sure they were somewhere else, he took the pill bottle out of his pocket, opened it, and popped three of them in his mouth. He swallowed them dry, way too good at it for his own good. "That's better," he muttered as he laid back on the bed. He would unpack his stuff later. Right now, he was just going to let the pills work their magic. New place, same bullshit…God I hate my fucking life. I'm trapped no matter where the hell I go.