"Ikuto…" A broken voice whispered in the darkness. A figure of a little girl could be seen standing in an alley. "Ikuto." The voice whispered again.

That one name.

That name must be important.

Right? Right.

But..Not that important.



The figure tensed then relaxed after a moment and sighed sadly as it continued its way through the ally, glancing left and right for the one named Ikuto.

Pink short, cropped almost, hair tied up in one section with a red X clip bounced in the figure's honey comb eyes. Honey comb eyes that were slightly filled with sadness and more so filled with depression with a slight tinge of bitter sweet mirth. The figure chuckled, a low broken sound and kept moving through the dark alley.

A short red and black checkered skirt swayed, a leather studded belt moving with it that held a silver chain which held a red egg with hearts on it, a blue egg with a spade, and a green egg with a clover. Attached to a pouch that also hung on the chain were a golden egg with diamonds on it, and a black egg with a red heart on it. A white button-up shirt wrinkled slightly as the red tie bounced as the figure started running. Golden eyes blinked as the body slowed to a stop at the end of the alley.

The figure sighed. "I can't find him…I'll never be able to. No matter how much I want to...I won't be able to. No matter how many times I call to him…He won't come. Ikuto…." The sad voice whispered. The heart egg cracked and a little figure in a pink sports outfit with pink pompoms appeared. "Amu! It's late. We need to get home." The figure squeaked. The blue and green eggs cracked and opened as well.

"Yea, we need to get home." The blue figure stated, looking around as it started sketching on the pad it held in its hands.

The little green figure sighed, a small sound of sadness and sympathy. "Amu, Go home desuu. Maybe he'll be there desuu."

Amu nodded, pink bobbing and falling in her face. "Yea. Maybe, Suu, maybe. Ran, Chara Change. Miki, go scout ahead." She mumbled, staring blankly at the ground.

The little figured nodded as Ran began the Chara Change process. When it was done, Amulet Heart, or rather Amu jumped on the roof top of the building nearest to her. Miki and Suu scouted ahead. Amu followed them, not looking behind her with a second a thought.

What was behind her was a soon-to-be torn down amusement park. And tea cups. Moving tea cups. The ride Ikuto and she had ridden when he showed the wonderful place to her. Amu sighed, landing in front of her door. She changed to normal, Miki, Ran, and Suu going back to their eggs.

She immediately opened the door, ignoring her Moma's call of, "Where have you been, Amu-chan? It's nearly midnight!" as she ran up the stairs, slamming her door shut when she entered her room. She locked it before flopping down on her bed on her back and staring blankly at the ceiling.

"I need…I need to talk to him. I need to talk to Ikuto." She whispered to the silence. Then suddenly there was a slight knocking at her patio windows. Amu sat up and her head flew to the windows and she swore her heart jumped at a speed of at least one-hundred and one.

"Ikuto!" She smiled, blushing slightly. She seemed to have forgotten about her problem and need to talk to him when suddenly a small aching pain blossomed in her chest. She blinked, her once lightened eyes darkening and becoming saddened.

Ikuto blinked, seeing the little strawberry light up at his arrival. What had gotten into her in these past days? Then he blinked again, slight concern gracing his features as the strawberry seemed to deflate and become a big cloud of depression, the sweet blush gone from her face.

Narrowing his eyes, Ikuto knocked again on the window. Amu jumped, falling off of her bed and nearly tripping over Ran, Miki, and Suu as they hatched and looked around then spotted Ikuto.

"Ikuto desuu!" Suu grinned. Miki sighed, shaking her head. Ran blinked and nudged Miki.

"What? You depressed 'because he didn't bring Yoru?" Miki lit up and shoved her back. Suu watched the two fight while Amu and Ikuto talked to each other out on the balcony.

Amu sighed, opening the sliding door and stepping out on the balcony, Ikuto standing next to her.

"I...Hadn't noticed that new egg until now. When did you get it?" Ikuto murmured, watching Amu closely for her reaction. He hadn't planned on teasing her tonight.

"What new egg? Diamond?" Amu seemed to be her 'Cool and Spicy' self more and more around him. Except for when she blushes. It seemed she was having a hard time being herself around him. Ikuto smirked, a smirk that Amu didn't see; she was looking at the stars.

"The black one, with the red heart." Ikuto murmured again, slightly moving closer to Amu.

Amu shifted away, leaning back against her window. Wrong move. "What…Oh. I don't know when I got it. But I do know, I won't be letting it go any time soon. Not before it hatches." She murmured, glancing away. Wrong move again. (Me: Damn girl! O.o. Amu: T.T Ikuto :….)

Ikuto frowned, watching her. Then with a slight sigh he pinned her against the window, ignoring the fighting Chara's inside. "Ah…Ikuto..." Amu muttered in shock, looking up at him. Ikuto blinked then leaned down to her neck and nibbled gently on it.

"Amu..." He could feel her breath hitch at the seductive tone in his voice when he said her name like that. Then her felt her heart stop for a moment, starting up again in a slow dull beat. He sighed softly and moved to nibbled softly on her ear, his strong arms wrapping around her thin small waist and pulling her against him.

Ikuto groaned silently, feeling her small breasts push up against his chest as he wound his arms tighter around Amu's waist. Then he paused.

Amu wasn't responding like she normally would. She was still, silent in his arms, even though her hands rested against his chest. Then with a powerful shove, he was forced away. Shock appeared don his face as he blinked, seeing Amu swing open her balcony door and walk into her room. She hadn't closed it. She sighed deeply and flopped down onto her bed again. Ikuto blinked then casually walked in, looking around. "Amu…What's wrong?"

"Get out." Amu hissed, looking at him with a cold steely look in her eyes. Ikuto blinked.

"No. Tell me what's wrong, kid." He blinked again, seeing Amu bristle.

"GET OUT TSUKIYOMI IKUTO!" Amu screamed, tears pricking at her eyes as she began to shove Ikuto out onto her balcony. "And...And…Don't...Come...Back." Tears fell with each word she ended their conversation with. Ikuto blinked, shocked.


"Just…Go….Away." Amu then slammed the door and lay down on her bed, her back facing the window doors. Her shoulders shook slightly, tears staining her bed sheets.

"Amu! Amu!" Ikuto banged his hand against the window. Amu shook her head and buried herself deeper into her pillows and blankets.

"Damnit Amu!" He yelled, fully concerned and worried for the little strawberry girl. She hadn't responded to the caresses he was giving her. He should've noticed something was wrong at that moment.

Amu shuddered when she heard Ikuto yell her name again, over and over until finally silence reigned. She heard a faint knock at her bedroom door and in the next moment she heard her Moma's voice.

"Amu? There's a guest…guy…at the door. He wants to see you. And, your Papa and I are going to leave soon."

"What's his name? And...Ok…" She called faintly back, Ran, Suu, and Miki floating around her worriedly and fretting.

"He says...His name is...Tadase." Momma replied, after getting his name.

Amu blinked and slowly sat up, her head feeling almost woozy. "O-Ok….I'll be down in a moment."

Her Momma smiled to herself. "Ok. Oh, your Papa and I are leaving; Ami is at her friend's house. Bye Amu." She called, walking down the stairs to the front door. Papa met her there and opened the door for her, walking past 'Tadase'.

Amu sighed and stood, looking around. "Ikuto..." She said longingly. She wanted to see him so badly. So very badly. But it would cause her heart more unbearable pain and grief than needed.

Ran looked at Miki, worried for the pink haired strawberry. "I saw Yoru a few moments ago. I don't think that's Tadase waiting." Miki blinked and nodded slightly, her heart clenching at the sound of Yoru's name. "Yea."

Suu sighed. "I'm worried for Amu-chan desuu." She said, watching Amu walk out of her bedroom and down to the front door. She opened it and gasped.

Ikuto stared at her coldly, his eyes narrowed. Black midnight blue stared into golden hues as he tried to figure out her emotions. With a soft sigh, the eyes softened and with a quick step, the door was slammed shut.

Amu suddenly found herself pinned against the wall nearest to her, the wall by the stairs. Ikuto's arms were on either side of her, his hands on either side of her head. His legs tangled somewhat with hers, one of his legs in between hers and with every breath he took, rubbing against the very center of her.

Amu's wide golden honey hues stared into his narrowed dark midnight eyes that looked at her with slight concern, possessiveness, and lust. With a slight tint of an unreadable emotion. Amu's eyes, however, reflected confusion, slight lust, a little of that unreadable emotion, and more of shock than anything.

Ikuto's chest vibrated as he sighed and leaned closer to her, their faces about almost an inch apart. Amu gasped slightly, her face lighting up like a strawberry.

"I-I-I-Ikuto! Wh-What are you d-doing?!" Amu stammered, her eyes becoming slightly glazed when his eyes shot to her lips then he changed his direction and started softly sucking on her neck.

"What does it look like?" His smooth voice answered, slightly chuckling.

"You…You're teasing me….Again…" Her voice seemed to break on "Again", tears gathering in her eyes.

Ikuto blinked and pulled back to look at her. Her face was red, flushed with heat as an aching pain started between her legs. She had her head tilted down, bangs covering her tear dripping eyes.

Silence echoed between the two of them, each tear drop making Amu's heart sink deeper in her heavy chest. "Amu, tell me what's wrong." Ikuto softly commanded, lust replaced by concern as he backed off and gazed at her.

Amu dropped her arms; they had taken the courtesy to place themselves on his shoulders. They hung limply at her sides. "Ik….Ut…O…" She softly murmured.

"Why do you always tease me?" She asked suddenly, her tear filled eyes finding his shocked dark ones.

Ikuto swallowed thickly. How should he answer? Tell the truth that he was in love with her and risk her freaking out or telling her a lie that she was worth teasing and he felt nothing for her and risk having her possibly full out sob? He didn't want to see her cry but he didn't want to tell her just yet.

"W-Well?" Amu stammered, feeling rather giddy.

"….You're worth teasing. That's all. I tease you because you're worth it." The words sounded wrong. Fake. A lie. A lie he had told himself thousands upon thousands of times before this moment.

The reaction came immediately. Amu's lighted golden hues widened then returned to normal, cold. She looked away, trying to stop herself from crying. She wouldn't let Ikuto see her cry. Not now, not ever.

"I….I see…Well…" She murmured sadly, smiling slightly in spite of her now blossoming depression as the ache in her heart increased and the heat between her legs subsided and soon enough, disappeared.

Ikuto leaned against the wall next to her. "…Amu…"

"Go, Ikuto. Go. I...I can't see you. Maybe later…Maybe." Amu's broken voice sounded, broken and sad and defeated.

Ikuto glanced at her, nodded swiftly, and then headed to the door. His hand paused on the door knob. "Amu…I'll see you later ok?" He hesitantly called.

Amu nodded in a short quick bob as she headed upstairs, hearing the door open and closed gently, followed by a short click. Ikuto had used his metal claws to lock the door.

"Ikuto…I love you." Amu whispered heartbrokenly as she flopped down on her bed. Ran, Miki, and Suu were asleep in their eggs. Unknown to Amu, the black egg started shaking then it cracked a little. Right through the heart.

The next day at the Guardians' meeting, Amu found herself spacing out a lot. More than usually. And this time, she was staring at the Humpty lock. Rather than Tadase. The creepy prince.

"What's wrong Amu-chi?" Yaya pouted.

Rime blinked, running a hand through her blonde tresses. "Amu is daydreaming about the cat." She said matter of factly, daring Amu to disagree with her. Which indeed she did.

"I'm not! I wasn't! Who would?!?" Amu yelled, standing, which in turn caused her chair to fall back with a slight screech. Nagihiko blinked. "Amu, perhaps you should go. You seem very out of it."

Tadase blinked and nodded. "Yea. You should go home and rest." Yaya nodded as well as the guardians' charas.

Amu sighed, her eyes falling to the floor. "Yea. See you later, everyone." She mumbled, turning g and walking away. Ran, Miki, and Suu floated after her.

She sighed. What had gotten into her? Ikuto didn't know how she felt so why should she be so nervous at anything? She sighed again, keeping her eyes straight ahead of her. Maybe she'd tell him.

Maybe. Then she would smile to herself as he laughed at her and told her he was just playing around with her and it didn't mean anything. Yep, perfect plan indeed.

Amu blinked, glancing around as she suddenly realized she was lost. "Awww crap! I'm lost!" She scolded herself for getting caught up in thinking of Ikuto so much that she got lost. She gritted her teeth, turned around, and started retracing her steps when she noticed that Ran, Miki, and Suu weren't there with her.

"…Ran! Miki! Suu!" She called into the darkness. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder. She shrieked and turned, only to find it was the person that had haunted her thoughts.

"Ikuto!" She yelled, surprised. Then she found herself pinned to the wall of an alley, Ikuto's arms on both sides of her. She stared at him, golden hues boring into midnight eyes.

"Ikuto..Let me go." She murmured, the ache starting again in her chest. It spread like wild fire, cold ice through her blood as Ikuto leaned closer to her face. She turned red, her eyes becoming half lidded as he leaned down.

"Amu…Are you lost?" He whispered, suddenly a foot away from her, leaning against the wall opposite of her. Amu blinked and looked away then nodded slightly. "Yea."

"Mm. Maybe I could help you with that?"

Amu looked at him, surprised. "Yea…I guess."

"Good. Follow me." Ikuto stated, turning and walking away. Amu stared after him, a little unsure. Then with a soft humph she followed him, Ran, Miki, and Suu floating around her head while Yoru sat on Ikuto's shoulder.

"Miki, Suu, I'm worried for Amu." Ran stated, whispering.

Suu nodded. "I blame Ikuto desuu."

Miki nodded slightly, sketching a sketch of Yoru. "Indeed."

"Then what are we going to do?" Ran whispered frantically, glancing at their pink haired strawberry girl who was currently staring dead set on Ikuto's back. The black egg twitched, sensing its creators call to painful agony and enriching sadness in its pouch next to Dia's egg. The crack got bigger.

Suu and Miki shrugged and disappeared into their eggs, dragging Ran with them. Yoru blinked and went back into his egg as well with a soft, "I'm tired nyya."

Amu picked up her pace so she was next to Ikuto. "…So why are you doing this?" She asked softly, glancing away while slightly blushing.

"Because it's dangerous for a little girl like you to be walking out this late." Ikuto smoothly replied, glancing at her with his smoldering black midnight blue eyes.

Amu's own confused golden hues stared back at him for a moment, their holder suddenly caught up in the urge to hug him around his middle and never let go. Amu looked away, blushing a little more.

"Yea..I guess so right?" She murmured, feeling the ache in her chest grow slightly with each breath she took.

Ikuto gritted his teeth then suddenly stopped, turned, and pinned Amu to the wall right next to her house. He sighed softly, leaning in close to her face, smirking a little as she turned red then looked away with a slightly pained expression. He frowned, concerned and worried for his strawberry. Wait, his strawberry? Where had that come from?

He sighed and used his musician fingers to turn her face back to him. "What's wrong, Amu?" He smirked a little when he felt a shiver run up her spine as she blushed more. The black egg twitched again, the crack growing and growing until with a small burst of light it appeared in front of Amu and Ikuto.

Amu gasped. "The egg! It's...its breaking!" She stated with wide eyes. Ran, Miki and Suu heard her and appeared next to her as Ikuto backed away, Yoru appearing next to his head and staring at the egg in wonder.

The crack grew then finally the egg broke. Out popped a little girl with long dark black hair which held pink highlights, golden honey comb eyes, wearing a black gothic Lolita dress with a red ribbon tie and black shoes.

The hair was done up in a croppy bun with a red X clip to hold it in place while the rest of the hair fell down in a swirl.

The eyes were lined in a light blue gold.

Atop her little head sat two black cat ears and a little black tail with a bright red bow which held a golden bell swayed from her behind.

The little girl figure turned to Amu, a small smile on her pale face. "Hello, Amu. My name is Nekomi."

Amu blinked then smiled a genuine smile. "This is Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia." She pointed to the floating Charas and to the diamond decorated egg that sat in her bag.

Nekomi nodded and smiled then turned to Ikuto. Her smile dropped and her expression turned to a neutral one. She stared blankly at him.

"…You've hurt Amu haven't you?" She suddenly asked, her eyes glowing with blue gold fire that grew in honey comb embers.

Ikuto blinked. "What do you mean?" He asked, trying to play innocent. (Authoress: Ha!)

Nekomi scowled and glared daggers at him. "You hurt Amu! You must be punished!" She yelled.

She then turned to Amu, flashing a little smile. "Chara change!" She chirped, golden eyes shining. Amu smiled and nodded, Ran, Miki, and Suu floating back and watching.

"My own heart, unlock!" She commanded the Humpty lock. The lock glowed in response and thus, the transformation began.

Amu's hair grew longer, about down to her mid thigh and it was held up in a silk red bow, a black X clip in the middle. Her eyes became shimmered with a soft outline of a hazel and blue green. Her clothes changed to a black and red gothic Lolita top that stopped just above her stomach. She also wore a short semi poofy black and red gothic Lolita skirt and black boots with red silk laces and bows.

A top her head sat two black cat ears, and a black cat tail with a red bow and a gold bell was swishing behind her. She grinned, cat eyed pupils glinting.

Ikuto could've sworn he had a nose bleed right then and there while the other charas gazed at her with shock and amazement. Even Dia peeked out from inside her egg and caught a glance. She smiled; she could sense Amu's radiance growing and becoming a blinding light that would soon be released.

Amu looked at herself in a mirror. She blushed darkly. Sure she was very beautiful, but the clothes were a little revealing. She blushed more when she caught Ikuto's midnight gaze looking her over from top to bottom and back again.

She shivered slightly when he smirked at her, eyes shining with mirth a tint of an unreadable expression. And, possibly, maybe even lust? She turned more red and looked away, trying to be 'Cool and Spicy'.

It didn't work. Didn't have a chance.

'This...Is gonna be sooo interesting. Stupid perverted bastard....' Amu thought to herself, glancing at Ikuto.


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