And so, after thoroughly convincing Ikuto that he had to wait for the their honeymoon, the strawberry pink haired heroine and her might blue haired cat sat on her black and silk sheet and pillowed bed and watched movies all night long. Their Charas watched the movies with mild interest before deciding to float around and play tag. Effectively breaking Amu's TV because one of them got tangled up in the cords.

The next day, golden amber honey comb hued orbs blinked open slowly, looking around almost confusedly before realizing where they were.

"Eeeep!" Amu squeaked, hopping off of the bed.

Ikuto had pulled her close to his chest, wrapping his arms around her small curvy figure loosely, though, he now was awake, sitting up and looking blankly at her.



"Uh-huh…" The midnight blue haired teen flopped back on the bed, falling back to sleep instantly.

Amu stared at the guy that was her fiancé as he slept, unaware of what day it was.

"Amu! Get up and get dressed! It's shopping day for dresses!" She faintly heard her Momma call.

"Ikuto! Stay here!" Amu ordered his sleeping form with no hesitation and no reply from the cat.

She ran over to her desk and grabbed her Chara eggs, minus Yoru's of course, and grabbed her bag and gently put the eggs in it. With that, she ran out of her room, closing the door and locking it, and down the stairs.

"Alright Momma! I'm ready!" She gasped, nearly falling over on the table as she reached the kitchen.

She had quickly changed into a black spaghetti strap top with a silver studded belt around her waist and a black and red checkered skirt with black and red striped stockings and black flat shoes, her bag hanging on her right shoulder.

Momma smiled. Her daughter seemed to be very excited.

"Alright. When will your friends be there?" She asked as she walked around getting ready.

"A few minutes after we get there." Amu paled slightly. She hadn't told the Charas that the day was dress day.

Luckily at that moment her favorite golden haired Chara popped out of her egg and floated around Amu's head, whispering in her ear.

"We'll be there, Amu."

Amu slightly nodded as the other Charas awakened, popping out of their eggs. All save Nekomi, still asleep and dreaming about fish cakes and saucers of cream. Someone should wake her up.

Momma blinked, jingling the keys in front of Amu. "Come on honey!" With that, she turned and raced off to the car.

Amu followed behind her slowly, anime sweat dropping at the glare that she received from her Dad and a hopeful smile from Ami.

The drive to the dress store was fairly long considering that it was much way out of town. During the ride, Amu sat in the back seat, chatting quietly with her Charas.

"Ok so...About the spell...And you guys being human..." Amu started.

"It'll work!" Ran cheered.

"Yes desuu!" Suu agreed, floating around Amu's head.

"I guess." Miki said, drawing a picture of the Charas being human.

"…" Nekomi stayed silent as she sat on Amu's head, thinking about what she wanted as a dress.

Dia yawned in slight agreement as she nestled herself on Amu's shoulder.

Amu sighed. Her Charas were lazy some times. Really, really, lazy.

As they pulled up to the store, Amu had her Charas fly out of the car window and into an alley before Nekomi could use her changing spell.

Amu and her Momma stepped out of the car, expectantly looking around for Amu's brides' maids.

"Ok! Here we go! Changing spell!" Nekomi said, closing her eyes in concentration.

Miki squealed, feeling her body start to change and become more human like.

When the transformation was over, she stepped out and greeted Amu who gasped softly at the sight.

Miki's blue tresses hung low on her back in small ringlets, her bright blue eyes glittering. She wore a blue shirt with a blue and black checkered pair of pants and white shoes. She carried a bag on her shoulder that held her art supplies.

"Hiya Amu!" She greeted, secretly thinking that being human really sucked.

"Hiya Miki..."

Back in the alley way, Nekomi had changed Ran and Suu and was working on Dia.

Ran and Suu stepped slowly out of the alley way, grinning at Amu. Amu's Momma gasped.

Ran's red tresses were short and croppy, her bangs angled downward as her green eyes sparkled with excitement. She wore a red spaghetti strap shirt with a pair of black Capri's and black flat shoes.

Suu's hair color had transferred to her eyes while her hair had turned the color brown. Her brown tresses hung loosely around her shoulders as she smiled politely at Amu's mother. She wore a black T-Shirt and a pair of black Capri's and of course, black flat shoes.

"Hello Amu!" The two girls coursed simultaneously.

Amu smiled. "Hiya Ran, Suu."

Nekomi panted, she was running out of energy after having changed Dia.

Dia stepped out of the alley way, blushing a bit as Amu and Amu's Momma's eyes widened considerably.

Her golden blonde locks were in a Gothic Lolita styled curl as she looked down, making the big curls bounce, blushing more. Her shirt, a simple yellow T-Shirt with small sparkling diamonds on it fluttered in the cool breeze. Her skirt, black with yellow and gold frills, swayed lightly from its place upon her hips.

"H-Hello..." She said shyly.

Momma smiled bright. "Hello!"

Amu blinked many times. "Y-Yea...Hello..."

Dia turned more red and hurried off over to Ran, Miki, and Suu.

Nekomi sighed softly. Now she had to work on her own transformation. Oh great. Well, here goes nothing'.

After a bright flash of light, Nekomi stepped out of the alley.

Amu's and her Momma's eyes widened.

Nekomi's hair had curled its self, and hung its self high in a ponytail. Her shirt was black with red lace up the sides, and her black skirt bore small red and white skull imprints. She giggled.




Momma grinned.

"Alright, are we all ready to go bride's maids' dress shopping then?"

A chorus of…


"Yes desuu~!"



"I guess."

Answered her. Momma anime sweat dropped.

"Alright everyone! Pile into the car!"

And piled they did.

And so, after a long drive from the place that they had met each other to the dress shop, the girls climbed out of the car with minor injury. I say minor injury because someone is missing some hair.

"Uuuwwaaahhh!!!!" Ran squealed.

Amu's eyes widened. "Oh wow.."

"AMAZING!" Dia screamed.

"Awesome!" Miki yelled.

"…..Joyful." Nekomi said, down in the dumps because Amu was marrying the cat.

"This is 'One Minuet Too Late' dress shop." Momma said, waving her hand in the general direction of the said store.

Amu nodded before running into the store, a flurry of blue, red, gold and black following her. Well...The flurry of black, Nekomi, walked in slowly.

"Ooooooh…Where do we begin!?" Miki said, literally flying from dress rack to dress rack.

"Well hello there, ladies. What kinds of dresses are you looking for?" A middle aged helper of the store asked politely, smiling brightly.

"We're going to a traditional wedding. So...Probably traditional silk?" Ran asked, tilting her head.

"Oh? Who's the lucky girl getting married?"

"I am!" Amu smiled brightly.

"Oh that's great! Do you already have a dress?"

"I believe I do."

"Alright. Then come with me, bride's maids."

The maids followed her, trailing behind her like a traffic way in San Francisco.

They walked around the store, picking out dresses for the five women to try on. Eventually, somehow, they got into the dressing room.

"Oh my God this one is beautiful!" Ran squealed.

She came out dressed in a red silky satin dress that went down to the floor, the hem layered with black ruffles which bore sparkling designs of silver and gold in a rosy flower pattern. There were no straps, and it zipped in the back.

"Oh wow…" Miki chimed in. "It's so...Pretty…"

Dia and Suu nodded, unable to find any words to say.

Amu's smiled brightly. Things were going as planned.

Momma was looking at other racks of dresses.

"Alright! Your turn, Miki!" Ran undressed and then shoved Miki into the dressing room. The poor artist froze. "W-Wha!?"

"Just try it on!"


Miki came out in an oceanic cerulean blue silk dress that reached just ever so slightly above the ground. The hem was flourished with blue ruffles which bore pretty golden designs of hearts. The dress its self had a slit up the right side, though it'd be the left side if you were wearing it, that went to her mid-thigh and had thin spaghetti straps and zipped in the back. The dress in general sparkled.

"So pretty!" Ran squealed.

Suu nodded. "Oh yes, dessu, so pretty desuu!"

"Uh-Huh!" Dia giggled.

"Oh very…" Amu smiled brightly.

Miki blushed and went back into the changing room and undressed and re-dressed in her own clothes before coming out and shoving Suu into the dressing room. Nekomi had abandoned the dressing charade and followed Momma.

Suu came out dressed in a silky satin tree leaf green dress that bared a slit up one side that went to her hip, the hem of it being lined with red ruffles all the way around. The dress its self sparkled, and had no straps, the hem of it otherwise falling to the ground. It zipped in the back.

"Amazing!" Ran squealed.

"Sugoi!" (Amazing, unless I spelled it wrong). Miki giggled.

"Oh yes! Very pretty!" Dia grinned.

"Beautiful!" Amu chimed.

"T-Thank you desuu…" Suu giggled then turned and walked back into the dressing room. She undressed and dressed back into her own normal clothes. As normal as you can get for a Charas that was born in an egg.

"Your turn Dia!" Amu said, shoving the blonde golden haired woman into the dressing room.

Dia looked around at the dresses hanging up and blinked before grabbing the one nearest to her.

She came out dressed in a golden embroidered silky satin dressed that reached the flower and glittered and sparkled with small diamonds and rubies that lay on the hem of the dress, no ruffles. The dress zipped in the back, and had two finger thick spaghetti straps. She blushed.

"Gorgeous…" Miki mumbled.

"Beautiful…" Ran squealed. Again.

"Amazing desuu!"

"So pretty…"

By now, Nekomi and Momma had come back to the group and admired the lovely golden haired woman.

"Very, very pretty."

"Oh yea..."

"Alright! Go change Dia! It's Nekomi's turn!" The Chara's chorused, of course, minus Nekomi who simply scowled with a small smile on her face. Smile-Scowl type of thing. (xD)

Amu nodded and whispered to the cat Chara reverently, "Be good!" before shoving her into the dressing room.

Nekomi grumbled and sighed, listing off things she'd do after this whole wedding thing was over.

After a few long pregnant pauses and moments, Nekomi finally, FINALLY, stepped out of the dressing/changing room.

Her black and other wise highlighted pink tresses hung in loose big curls around her shoulders, her green (yea, I made them green) eyes glittering. Her dress was silky satin raven midnight black that sparkled with small diamonds, embroidery patterns of gold glitter in the form of roses on the hem that bore golden glittered ruffles.

"Marvelous…" Dia murmured.

"Absolutely beautiful desuu..."



"Spectacular!" Amu cheered.

Momma seemed a bit…Shocked. Then she started.

"Alright everyone! Are you sure you want those dresses?"




"You bet desuu!"

"I guess!"

"Alright! Then let's go pay for them!" Momma cheered.

Amu looked on with hazy golden amber hued orbs. She'd be getting married soon. In approximately one week. Just one more week of engagement. And then Tsukiyomi Ikuto would be hers and only hers.

"Beautiful…" Amu murmured, smiling brightly.

And so, (man I say that a lot), after picking out the dresses, and hence forth buying the said very expensive dresses, the bride's maids made the excuse that they had to leave and go home before curfew. They left and behind the dress store, Nekomi changed them back to normal and then the five Charas flew back to Amu's bag.

Momma smiled brightly, though her mood seemed to be dampened. The totally for the dresses was over a thousand dollars/yen. (Don't know what currency Japan uses, sorry.)

"Alright, Amu, we have your dress picked out right? Along with the catering? The guest list?" Momma asked, pulling to a stop in the drive way. They'd gone to a fast-food place for dinner that night.

"Yea! Yep. And yes." Amu answered, gathering the bags of food. Momma opened the front door only to be introduced to a horrific sight.

The sight of…Tadase Hotori. (I think that's his last name. If there's anything wrong with it, tell me.)

Amu blinked.

Tadase blinked, fire blazing in his eyes.

And then…

"Amu Hinamori! How could you!? I'm the one that you love! How could you marry a worthless cat like that bastard Ikuto!? I'm your prince!" The blonde haired bas- I mean kid screamed.

Amu gently handed her Momma the bags of food and the woman scurried off to the kitchen before the fight between the two people could involve her.

"Ikuto is not worthless. In fact, he's more of a man that you ever can, could, or even WILL be." Amu snarled, pronouncing each of the words with malice.

"He loves me for me. Not for Amulet Heart. Unlike you." She backed him into a corner in the room.

"You're a worthless excuse for a man! You only loved me because of Amulet Heart!" She screamed.

Papa and Momma stood there chatting to each other in the kitchen while Ami was in the living room watching TV all while this was going on.

"Ikuto really and truly loves me! You're not even half of the man that he is! I was a fool to even think of having loved you! You made me feel inferior! Ikuto actually makes me feel female! Like a woman!" She screamed again.

"Now get out of my house!" She shrieked, yanking open the door. "And if I EVER catch you around here again, you can count on your death!"

Tadase, now small in the corner, and whimpering because he just peed his pants, quickly scurried out of the house. Never to return. Yay.

Amu sighed, walking to the kitchen. She grabbed a glass and filled it with water before taking it up to her room with her. She entered her room, closed and locked the door, and then downed the water.

She set the glass on the end table next to her bed and stepped out through the glass doors and onto the balcony.

"Ah...Ikuto…" She sighed, smiling slightly.

"Yes my kitten?" A cool, smooth, and over all seductive voice chimed into her ear next to her.

She squeaked and jumped, turning to face her soon-to-be husband.

In an instant she was pinned to the cold stone balcony wall, the dark haired man hovering over her with blazing blue midnight eyes.

"Amu…I saw the show with the kiddy-king…" He purred, nuzzling her neck.

She giggled. "I'm glad...I don't think he'll bother us anymore..." She smiled brightly.

Ikuto pulled back, looked at her and then smiled, saying, "Have I ever told you how beautiful you are? How your hair shines in the moon light? How your smile lights up a room?"

Amu turned strawberry red.

"N-Not lately…"

"Well it does. Your smile is like a light that brightens up my dark room." Ikuto smiled charmingly.

"I love you, Ikuto."

"I love you, too, Amu." And with that, he dipped her like the dancers do and kissed her senseless.

And while all of this was happening, the Charas had gotten stuck in her bag that lay on the end table next to her TV.

(Alright! Time skip to the day of!)

Wedding Day =D In other words, SCREW THE FLASHBACK CONTINUATION! (Hates flashbacks)

Golden honey comb amber eyes stared into midnight blue ones as tears trickled down a slightly blushing face of the pinked haired girl walking down the aisle slowly as though she were in a dream.

She had waited forever for this day to come.

For her to be married to the lovely, handsome, Tsukiyomi Ikuto.

Her bride dress was white. The traditional white. Pearl white, I guess.

A veil concealed her face from view, the crown that held it sitting upon her pink strawberry tresses that hung low in big Gothic Lolita curls around her shoulders to her mid-back. Tears still glistened in her beautiful amber eyes as she gazed up at the man before her.

She wore a corset that overlapped the dress, the thread and laces all being white of course. The corset fit each and every one of her thing curves on her upper body. Her dress down below the corset, hung close to her thin, curvy, slim figure. The bottom of the dress, originally starting at her hips, fanned out into a train, the hem being embroidered with roses and strawberries, ruffles with golden insignias of a cat and strawberry cat-nip.

The train of her dress was of the same style that the dress its self consisted of. Silk and satin. The pattern on the train was of golden glitter swirls and strawberries.

She held the bouquet of crimson blood red roses in her shaky hands as the preacher smiled brightly at the two of them. While the preacher continued with the general biblical wedding ceremony starting, her golden honey comb amber eyes wandered across the crowd.

Her bride's maids', Nekomi, Ran, Miki, Dia, and of course Suu stood on her side, each in their own respective dress while holding a rose bouquet.

Her Momma and Papa and Ami sat in the front row, where Utau, Eru, Iru, (Nekomi had changed the two Charas into humans on account of Utau being Ikuto's sister) Yaya, Nagihiko, Tadase (In a straight jacket), Kukai, Rima, and Kairi sat.

On Ikuto's side was the general population of Easter's corporation that had tried to get the Embryo. Don't ask why. They're just there for the food. And for the Hell of it, Aruto and Ikuto's mother were there too. Aruto was Ikuto's best man. Awkward. The leader of Easter Corporation, Ikuto's step father was also there, standing next to Aruto as another best man.

"Tsukiyomi-san, repeat after me." Those words surfaced Amu from her daydreaming which made her eyes zoom back to look at Ikuto, almost making her dizzy. Her head spun as the black tuxedo wearing man gently gripped her left hand.

(Now, I request that you all tune into "Love is a Beautiful Thing" by Phil Vassar on , thank you.)

"I, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, take you, Amu Hinamori, to be my lawfully wedded wife, my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live."

Her ears had blanked on the part that the preacher had said and only heard the words that Ikuto had spoken with vigilance, pride, respect, love, and overall feeling as he repeated the words he was to say. More tears pricked in her eyes as he slid the ring onto her left hand's ring finger. They'd kept the engagement ring and modified it into a wedding ring.

And now, it was her turn.

"Hinamori-san, repeat after me, please." The preacher smiled.

Amu nodded, her head hazy, as she fought to stop herself from zoning out in the warm and fuzzy feeling.

She spoke the next words loud, clear, and determined.

"I, Amu Hinamori, take you, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, to be my lawfully wedded husband, my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live."

And with that, she slid the ring onto his left hand's ring finger and looked up at him with hopeful, loving, caring golden honey comb amber hued orbs as he lifted the white veil covering her face.

Momma broke down into tears.

Papa comforted Momma while making a silent vow that if Ikuto hurt his little 'bird' that the mean cat-man would perish. Over all, he was crying too.

Ami whined and cried.

Dia smiled, tears trickling down her cheeks.

Ran, Miki, and Suu were crying.

Nekomi stood there, watching the sight. Then she smiled, crying a little, too. At least Amu was happy though. That's all that mattered.

Yoru, who the authoress had failed to mention with his place in being Ikuto's third best man, sniffled, close to crying himself.

Aruto smiled proudly at his son.

Ikuto's step father stared blankly at the sight for a long moment then smiled.

Utau cried while Eru and Iru floated around her, not knowing what to do.

The next words that the preacher spoke were loud, clear, and victorious.

"I now pronounce you man and wife."

A long pause was issued.

"You may kiss the bride!"

Ikuto dipped Amu, holding her in his strong arms as her arms wrapped around his neck. He held her close to him as he kissed her senseless in front of her friends, family, and God. Just the way she liked it.

Woots and hollars and whistles were heard Amu clutched to Ikuto, her hands gripping his shirt as he pulled back from the kiss. He chuckled, purring seductively in her ear.

"Later tonight, my strawberry kitten."

She nodded, smiling brightly as the reception party began.

The song, "I wanna Kiss a girl" by Keith Urban came onto the DJ's playing station.

People flooded the dance floor, dancing around as Ikuto lead Amu off to the table with the cake. They stood there, watching everyone. Until…

"Would you like to dance with me, Mrs. Tsukiyomi?" Ikuto smiled, standing in front of her as he held out his hand.

Amu turned red at the pronunciation of her new name. She nodded, placing her smaller hand in his.

"Yes!" She said. He swept her off her feet, taking her out onto the dance floor.

He twirled her, he dipper her, he held her close. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kept her body against his. She couldn't believe that this wasn't a dream. She loved this man so much.

"I love you, Amu." He whispered in her ear.

"I love you, too, Ikuto." She whispered back.

The other people had formed a circle around the dancing newlywed couple. The people smiled at them, their smiled bright and enthusiastic. Well. Not everyone was smiling. Tadase wasn't. But no one cares about him so he doesn't matter.

At the end of the song, Ikuto lead Amu off of the dance floor and over to the cake.

"Cut it! Cut it!" People chanted, raved, and cried.

Ikuto placed his hand over Amu's shaky one and together, they cut the seven layered chocolate and strawberry iced cake.

Amu immediately grabbed a piece and shoved it into Ikuto's face. He did the same to her and they each took a swipe of icing off the other's cheek. Amu licked her swipe and giggled.


"Oh yes."

Ikuto replied, kissing her again. After the kiss, he grabbed some napkins and wiped their faces off.

"Come on, Amu!" Momma cried. "Your limo's here!"

Amu ran over to Momma and hugged her tight. "I love you Momma! And you, too, Papa!" Papa smiled.

"We love you, too, Amu."

Ami cried, hugging Amu tightly. "Never forget us!"

"It's not like we're moving away! We'll be right down the block." Amu smiled brightly, hugging her sister back.

Then she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Ran, Miki, Suu, Dia and even Nekomi crying and sniffling.

"Oh no…Not you guys too!?" She smiled.

"Amu…" Ran started.

"We've seen how you've grown." Miki continued.

"We've seen you cry and hate." Suu kept it going.

"We've seen you love and adore." Nekomi chimed in.

"Amu…We've seen you shine." Dia finished.

All of the Chara girls hugged her and they had a crying party together.

"We'll always be there! For instance, we'll be in your room waiting for you in yours and Ikuto's house!" Ran said, smiling brightly through her tears.

Across the way, Yoru was talking to Ikuto.

"Amu's a wonderful girl. Miki's really worried about her though." Yoru said, watching the crying group of girls, Yaya, Utau, and Rima now added.

"She's beautiful." Ikuto murmured, smiling. "She's everything that I've ever wanted and more."

"You two had better be happy." Yoru said.

Ikuto smiled as Amu turned and looked at him with those bright, golden honey comb amber hued orbs that he would enjoy looking into every time he woke up with the woman he loved next to him.

Amu blushed a bit, her head zoning out.

And then a yell brought her back to reality.

"Hurry up Amu! It's driving away!" Momma yelled.

Amu gasped as Ikuto grabbed her hand. She looked up at him curiously.

"I'll carry you." He smiled.

She smiled too.

"My own heart, unlock!" Ikuto said.

Yoru smiled a fanged smile and Chara transformed with Ikuto.

"Black Lynx!" He said, sweeping Amu off her feet as he ran out of the building. Everyone looked after them, smiling and crying or otherwise gouging themselves out on the catering food like a certain blonde haired primp little rich boy named Tadase Hotori.

"Ikuto! We won't catch the plane in time!" Amu gasped as Ikuto jumped the roof tops.

"Yes, Amu, we will!" He smiled at her before speeding up.

And after a long time of jumping the rooftops, they landed at the airport.

Amu stood outside of the closet as Ikuto changed inside, Chara changed that is.

He came out in his tuxedo and wrapped his arms around the new Mrs. Tsukiyomi and they walked through the airport.

"What gate are we leaving at??" Amu asked, tilting her head.

"Gate…A-11." Ikuto said, pulling the sheet of paper from his pocket along with the tickets to look.

"Alright! Do you want the window seat?"

"No, that's alright. Won't matter anyway. You're sitting in my lap."

"H-Haha..." Amu turned red.

Ikuto grinned. "Come on Amu, they're boarding!"


Ikuto grabbed the pink haired woman's hand and ran towards the gate.

Making sure that Amu got to go ahead of him, he gave the tickets to the ticket person.

The ticket person smiled, waving Amu to go inside the plane.

Amu smiled, still in her wedding dress, and walked into the plane.

She picked the right seat, thank God, and chose the window seat, smiling brightly when Ikuto sat next to her.

He gently reached over and took her hand in his, lacing their fingers together.

"So…Where are we going anyway?"

"A hot spring hotel in Tokyo." The response was immediate.

Her face flamed up. "H-Hot spring?!"

"Yes, Amu, a hot spring."

Many squeals and weird looks at the person squealing ensued.

And so, (again!) after the long flight on the airplane, they finally landed in Tokyo.

"Come on Amu!" Ikuto called back to her as she grabbed her luggage.

"I'm coming, Ikuto!" She yelled back, walking next to him.

They continued out of the airport until they reached their limozene.

After a long drive to the hot spring hotel, Ikuto paid for the rooms for their two-week honeymoon and they went to their room. Ikuto opened the door and smiled, setting the things down. He took Amu's luggage and set it on her side of the one-bed, one-bath room.

"Well...What do you want to do, Amu?" He asked.

Amu smiled, starting to take off her clothes.

"Let's go to the hot spring. We both need to relax." She giggled, slipping into a black fluffy towel.

Ikuto nodded, stripping and wrapping a towel around his waist.

They both walked out to the actually deserted hot spring and got into the warm/hot water.

Amu let out a content sigh, her face slightly flushed from the steam.

Ikuto laughed slightly, sitting across from her.

"Somthin' funny?" She asked, tilting her head.

"Just the way you sighed is all, strawberry."

"Oh ha-ha..." She murmured, looking away.

The instant she looked away, Ikuto swam up to her and pulled her body against his so she was straddling him as she sat in his lap, her plump breasts pressing against his chest through the towel.

"I-Ikuto! Eep!" She squeaked, pushing back against his chest with her hands. The moved caused her lower body to wriggle which in turn caused Ikuto let out a soft groan.

Amu paused and rocked her back and forth slowly while she straddled his lap, smirking every time Ikuto made a small noise or moaned softly or moved a little.

Then Ikuto's hands suddenly ground Amu's breasts through the towel and he squeezed, causing her to moan and squeak.

Ikuto smirked at her, yanking her towel off.

"You're beautiful, Amu." He whispered in her ear before moving his down and sucking on one pebbled rosy red nipple. The action caused Amu to moan and tangle her fingers in his hair, she tugged it gently.


He sucked.

She moaned.

He sucked and nibbled.

She arched and pressed his head closer to her chest, her cute mouth opening slightly as her eyes became half lidded as she gasped and moaned.

He moved his mouth to the other equally pebbled rosy red nipple and suckled, nibbled and nipped.

The woman that had recently become his wife turned red and arched up at his caress and moaned louder.

While his wife was moaning, his arm moved around her back to hold her to him as his other hand moved down to the precious area between her legs where he'd taken her several times before this.

Ikuto pulled back and looked at the beautiful pink haired woman that was his wife.

Amu pulled back and looked at the sexy dark midnight blue haired man that was her husband.

Though they'd had sex many times before, this time would be different. They'd be making a family together.

Amu smiled brightly. "Go ahead."

Ikuto smiled kindly and went back to suckling on one of her red nipples while his hand stroked her quite literally drenched, puffy, pink folds.

The response was immediate.

Amu bucked forward against his hand, letting out a soft gasp mixed with a moan as she tugged fervently on his hair and squirmed upon his lap while his fingers pressed gently against the folds of her special spot.

Within the slightest pressure, his finger disappeared into her body. The only time she'd ever been this needy, this…this ready for him was when they first did it. He gently rubbed her puffy, pink, drenched, dripping folds then moved his finger up to the humming ad buzzing bud.

Amu cried out soft, shuddering and burrowing her head onto his shoulder while she tugged his hair again. His finger grazed over the bud a few more times and her thighs twitched. He smirked while he watched her from the corner of his eyes.

In one fluid, simple moment, he slid two fingers into her body. This caused her to let out soft and erotically sweet moan as she bucked and rode his hand.

He thrust his fingers into her hard and fast, his finger tips scraping along the walls of her special area while he hooked his fingers. She moaned louder and louder, squirming.

Then he pulled his fingers out and licked them. Then in one moment they were in the warm water and then they were sitting on the walk area, Amu still straddling Ikuto.

Ikuto smirked at the pink haired, flushed face, panting and hazy eyed woman and slid his finger into her mouth. She sucked on it profoundly and nibbled and nipped it.

She pulled back from sucking on his finger and panted needing.

"I need it Ikuto…I really do." She murmured.

Ikuto smirked, lifting her up real quick and sliding off his own towel. His big, juicy, vein throbbing, thick length throbbed under and 'stood' up straight.

Amu glanced down at it and practically purred.

Ikuto smirked again, warmth, love and desire in his eyes as he slowly lowered the beautiful woman onto his thickness. She let out a soft gasp and shuddered, squirming.

"A-Ah…It's so big, Ikuto! It's so big…So…So thick…" She mumbled, biting her bottom lip.

Ikuto smiled seductively. "Just the way you like it, strawberry."

With that, he slammed his thickness into the woman's soft, puffy, red, drenched and dripping folds, earning a loud moan and shuddering writhe from the said pink haired woman.

Amu sat there on his lap for a long pregnant pause as she looked into Ikuto's midnight blue eyes.

"Will you?" He knew what she was asking. She was asking if he'd stand by her if they had a child.

He nodded, the words he spoke ringing loud, clear and victorious.

"I will."

Amu nodded and rocked back and forth on his lap, earning a soft groan from the man.

Then she started bouncing. Or rather slamming her body down hard and fast on to his. She let out whimpers and moans, writhing and squirming as he thrust up every time she slammed down. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and tugged his hair while nibbling his ear lobe.

He wrapped his arms tightly around her waist, one hand fisting in her hair as he thrust up into her hard and rough and fast and deep.

"It's filling me up Ikuto!" She moaned, nearly screaming out in pleasure.

"O-Oh God, Amu! You're...Aaah…So tight!"

"I-Ikuto!" She gasped.

"It's coming Ikuto! Something' coming!"

Ikuto increased his speed and then shuddered; wrapping his arms tighter around her as she kissed him fiercely and roughly while she, too, shuddered and orgasmed.

She pulled back from the kiss with a soft gasp as she felt a warm, sticky, wet heat explode in her special place. Extra sticky, salty, thick, juicy, gooey white stuff overflowed and shot up onto her back and slowly trailed down over her bottom as she bounced slightly from the pressure. Hell, some of the white stuff even shot up and covered her plump breasts and dripped down with a soft sticky noise.

"Aaaah…" She panted softly.

"I love you, Ikuto…"

"I love you, too, Amu..."

They sealed their love with a passionate, promise filled, fierce, rough and deep kiss as more and more moans surfaced from the hot spring area. The owner of the hot spring simply packed up her things and moved out. (Ha-Ha!)

Ah yes.

The two were madly and passionately in love.

And nothing could ever tear that apart.


The End!

Not. Here's the Epilogue.


(If you want, you can listen to the song Strawberry Kisses or Crazy for You. Strawberry Kisses – Nikki Webster, Crazy for You - .com/watch?v=sb1xwpzgj38 )

Nekomi, Ran, Miki, Dia and Suu floated around their now twenty-one year old creator as the young pink strawberry haired golden amber honey comb hue orbed looked for her five year daughter.

"Ooh…That girl…" The pink haired woman scowled, looking around the huge mansion.

"Lose something, babe?" The woman turned and smiled brightly at the dark haired and midnight blue eyed man behind her.


"Hello, Amu."

They embraced each other and kissed passionately.

"Have you seen Celeste, Ikuto?" Amu asked, placing her hands on her ample hips as she glared half heartedly at her husband.

Ikuto smiled sheepishly at his wife of five years.

"Yes. She's in the back yard…"





"Grr!" Amu turned and stomped off to find their dark midnight blue haired and golden honey comb amber hue orbed five year old.

"Celeste!" The pink haired woman called.

"Momma!" Celeste and her own Chara, Ryme. Ryme's hair was blonde and her eyes were blue and she wore the same outfit that Celeste wore. A black sweater with red skulls and black belts around her waist and black khaki pants and black flat shoes.

It seemed that Celeste had broken into her mother's closet again.

"Oh my baby…" Amu picked the young girl up and held her as Ikuto wrapped an arm around Amu's shoulder and kissed her senseless in front of their daughter, Amu's and Ikuto's Charas and their daughter's Chara.

Just the way she liked.