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The Death Note

How to Use It

Touching the Death Note is not the only way to regain one's memories of the Note

I stared at the handcuffs on my wrist. This was stupid. This was a prime example of stupid. L was a very intelligent person, so why couldn't the man find a more acceptable method of constantly watching me? Why was camera surveillance good enough for Misa, but not sufficient for me? Not that I wanted Misa to be handcuffed to L... the thought made me shudder.

Of course, I wasn't big on being handcuffed to him, either.

I glanced at the detective who, at the moment, was staring at me. What a nice change. Note the sarcasm. He had been staring at me almost constantly since we had been chained together exactly- I checked my watch- four hours, thirty-two minutes, and fourteen... fifteen... sixteen seconds ago.

Not that I was counting.

I had tried to focus on my work, but the raccoon eyes continuously glaring from beside me made any kind of concentration difficult, by which I mean impossible. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply: a strategy that almost always worked against annoying people. Breathe in. It was okay. Breathe out. I could deal with this.

"Ryuuzaki, may I ask you a question?" I said, forcing my voice to be calm.

"Of course, Light-kun," L replied in his falsely friendly tone, the one only I was able to see through. Asshole.

"How are we supposed to change clothes with these handcuffs on our wrists?"

"I can unchain us for that. But unfortunately, Light-kun, that's the only time."

I think my eyes nearly popped out of my head. "The bathroom?" I demanded. I wasn't showering in front of him. It wasn't going to happen.

"Should you need to relieve yourself at some point during this period of time, I will be following you and probably taking the opportunity to do so myself."

"You're sick."

"You're Kira," he fired back.

"I'm not Kira!"

L didn't reply to that, simply bringing his thumb to his bottom lip and staring at his monitor. "Light-kun, take a look at these statistics."

Reluctant to get any closer to the strange creature I was (unfortunately) handcuffed to, I sighed and rolled my chair closer to... him.

"What," I said flatly.

"Do you notice anything about the ages of the people whose deaths we suspect are associated with the group?"

I skimmed the small print on the screen, enjoying the feeling of my brain automatically and easily sorting the information, comprehending it, and organizing it more quickly than most people can even read. I pointed out the correlation I saw- the one that only he and I would ever notice because it was too damn obscure.

"Yes, that's what I noticed, too," he said in his flattest voice. I glanced at him sidelong. His large, dark eyes reflected the small square of blue that was the glowing monitor. The darkness of the room washed him out, turning him as white as paper, making his already contrasting hair stand out even more.

I knew that I, however, was probably made only more beautiful by the soft glare- in my experience, it turned my hair darker and made my skin perfectly pale and flawless, my eyes a deeper shade of that indescribable color they are. (Have I mentioned that I'm modest?)

When he tried to turn to stare at me again, he realized how close he was sitting and subtly put a little distance between us for politeness' sake. This was Japan, after all. I took advantage and shifted into the newly evacuated space, allowing myself a better view of the monitor. "What does that imply, beyond what we already know?"


I drooped. If we couldn't catch this bastard, I would be stuck with Ryuuzaki forever. Or at least for a few more days. Any longer and I would be forced to strangle myself with the chain. No one would blame me and I would be glad to go.

He made a sound that was almost a sigh. "Light-kun, if you would, what time is it?"

I consulted my watch quickly. "Almost two in the morning. Why?"

"Do you not usually go to bed at midnight?"

I blinked at him. How did he know that? I think... yeah, I was definitely bothered that he knew that. "Well... yes... but you don't so I assumed-"

"Just because I have handcuffed you to my person does not mean I wish for you to suffer. I can work just as effectively on a laptop in our room as you sleep. If you do not sleep, you will not function as effectively." He gave me his smallest smile, the one other people thought was cute but I could only see as sarcastic. "After all, we both need to be at our best in order to catch Kira."

I was pretty sure my eye was inwardly twitching. Besides the fact that he was, as usual, subtly calling me Kira, he was telling me to go to bed. I hadn't been told to go to bed in years! I was eighteen years old!

"Ryuuzaki, I am not a child."

He just blinked at me. Was I more likely to be Kira if I punched him in the face? "I do not recall saying you were a child."

"You practically established a bedtime for me," I insisted.

"I apologize, Light-kun." For the first time, I kinda bristled at the "-kun" because now I was thinking about the age difference. "That was not my intention. I was attempting to be compassionate. I suppose I am not very good at it, am I."

Stubbornly, I said, "If you intend to work late into the night, then I'll be right here, working with you."

"It's not the same thing, Light-kun," he said in his most annoying patient voice.

"What isn't?"

"Ryuuzaki staying awake all night and Light-kun staying awake all night. I do not deprive myself of sleep by choice."

"So you're an insomniac?"

"One could say that."

"Somniphobic, then?"

"No, Light-kun."

"Then what?"

He didn't reply right away, and the silence in the room became suddenly eerie. Aside from the quiet hum of the multiple computers, there was nothing. During the daytime hours, someone was always walking by, or Matsuda was dropping something, or Aizawa was yelling at Matsuda for dropping something, or we were arguing, or...

It was never silent. Not like this.

Almost as if he had noticed and been disturbed by this (but didn't that imply that he had social consciousness?), L spoke more loudly when he finally answered, "I dislike losing that time, those hours per day that most people devote to unconsciousness. I dislike it to the point that I am oftentimes completely unable to sleep, even when I try. Now, Light-kun, shall we go to bed?"

Huffing, trying not to think about how that was actually a pretty good explanation, I just nodded.

Because he couldn't help but be a freak of nature, he apparently decided that it was completely necessary to stand up at that exact moment without any kind of warning. We had yet to work out the physics involved with being handcuffed to another person, and I was starting to believe that the legends of his genius had been dramatically exaggerated over the years, because for some reason he didn't realize that suddenly pulling on me would result in the chair tipping over and my face being introduced to the floor.

I landed hard on my knee (and my face, and my elbow, and my everything else) and happily lost no time in loudly cussing him out for it. "Damn it, Ryuuzaki!"

Seemingly unconcerned and definitely unapologetic, L trotted the few steps back to me as I crawled out of the chair's clutches, nursing my banged knee, which was radiating waves of red pain. L corrected the chair before helping me, then proceeded to not help me. I wanted to kill him.

"Are you alright, Light-kun?" he asked benignly.

I glared at him, rolling up my pant leg to check on my injury. It was going to be a very nasty bruise and there was a cut down the already blackening center. "Ow!" I accused him.

"It's not bleeding badly," he scolded, as if I was being ridiculous. "Let's get you to our room and clean it up."

Our room?

"I bet we have one bed, too," I grumbled.

"Yes, two would be impractical." He nodded to himself. "The chain would cause constant discomfort," he added.

I managed through gritted teeth, "Naturally." Trying to hide my limp, I followed L up the stairs (asshole, there's an elevator) and to the room we would tragically be sharing until L was good and ready to realize I wasn't a sociopathic serial killer obsessed with mass genocide.

At least it was a nice room, I thought as we entered. It was big enough, inviting and comfortable. The floors were carpeted, which was a nice change from the rest of the building. Maybe L had some kind of thing against carpet. Allergies, maybe? A large-ish double bed (which I would have to share with him... Kira, kill me, take my life...) was in the center of the room, headboard against the wall, already made up with (I was willing to concede it) soft-looking bedding. To the right of the bed was a little wooden end table with a drawer in it and a lamp on top, giving the room a warm, human glow that contrasted comfortingly with the computer's mechanical glare. There was a huge window on the wall furthest away from where we were standing that appeared to open like French doors, affording a beautiful view of Tokyo. It had a little ledge upon which one could probably halfway sit if one desired.

The wall across from the bed had two additional doors: a closet and a bathroom. Dammit. Bathroom. We were gonna have to share.

"This one is the bathroom, Light-kun," L directed unnecessarily. "It should have bandages."

L led the way and made it before I did. He already had a Band-Aid open and waiting for me, little paper slips of backing on the counter beside him.

"Sit here," L said, indicating the counter. Restraining the glare I badly wanted to shoot him, I pushed myself up on it and sat, staring at L as he put the bandage on and... leaned down to kiss it?

"What are you doing?" I demanded, pulling my knee away, succeeding only in hurting myself more.

L looked up at me blankly through his hair, and then straightened up ("straight" being a relative term- he straightened up into his normal slouch). "Is that not customary? I have never put a bandage on another person before, but I have been told that it is customary to 'kiss it better' once one has done so."

"If it's your mother and you're four," I snapped, trying to decide whether or not wiping frantically at my Band-Aid would counteract feeling his breath on it or not.

"I see. I apologize; I was unaware."

He didn't mean it. I knew it. I wanted to start something, but I had to keep the peace with the person I would be spending the rest of forever handcuffed to.

Deep breaths again.

Searching for something to say that wasn't 'I hate you, you demented freak of nature,' which could be considered impolite, I shot my gaze quickly around the room. Needed inspiration.


"So, did you have all this added in while I was confined? Or was it part of the layout when you had it built? I notice that there are two shower heads in the shower, and two sinks."

L looked absently at the shower. "Oh... yes. It is a recent addition. I had Watari install a second shower head and a second sink in preparation for our rooming together. That is why there is only one toilet, incidentally. He did not have time to put an extra one in."

I was proud of how pleasant I had remained thus far, although my level of pleasant wasn't very pleasant. Diplomatically, I said, "It would look too cluttered with two toilets, anyway."

L nodded blankly in agreement and for a moment we just stared at each other, out of things to say and having no work to change the subject to.

"So..." I started. "I'm going to bed now."

"Very well." L dragged me towards the closet. We were gonna have to talk about that 'let's not warn Light when I'm about to drag him places' thing. "Turn around," he ordered.

I didn't ask, because I didn't want to know. I simply obeyed, figuring it out only when I heard the clink as a cuff loosened and fell to the floor. Then there were cold fingers on my wrist, and the sound of a key turning in a lock, and he was free as well.

For a moment, I wildly considered running. Valuing my life, however, I crushed the notion before it could develop. That would be like admitting I was Kira. Which I wasn't.

"Alright, you may turn back around," I heard L say, bored. He was clenching a little steel key between two fingers.

"You may change your clothes now, Light-kun," L prompted as he removed his own shirt.

I turned around just in time to get an eyeful of the detective.

Well. Didn't see that coming.

"You couldn't find two people more

Different on the shores of love

And wading together is dangerous

'Til she grabs you by the wrist

Disarms you with a kiss, and you

Forget about the angry shadows hanging

Round your neck."

-Happiness and Disaster, Stabilo