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Three months after the entire 3:10 to Yuma ordeal with Ben Wade was over, William Evans thought it was over. He, as well as his mother and little brother had. They hadn't heard from Butterfield, they hadn't heard from Tucker, they hadn't heard from anybody about their debts… and then a new face showed up. A man by the name of Eli Harper was now harassing them about an unpaid debt. He hadn't gotten his goons to set fire to their barn, or house, but the constant feeling that someone was trailing them into town was too much for the Evans family, this time including Dan's older sister Grace. She had come to help them out after hearing of Dan's death. She ended up being quite a good help, but they all knew that they needed an adult male for other jobs. One of those jobs included going into town to get supplies that required heavy lifting. Usually, Will would've been fine on his own… until that day. Will was currently surrounded by a number of Harper's goons, and there was no chance of getting out. He knew that much. He hadn't bothered to bring his father's old gun to town, which was also hurt his chances.

"He Toldja, boy, he wanted his money!" one of them called, with his gun aiming right at Will's chest. "Your mama ain't gonna be too happy 'bout this!"

Will winced, watching as the man, as well as half of the others, moved their fingers to their respective gun's triggers. So this was how it was going to end. Dying in the same way his father did, and for reasons that had nearly gotten his father killed before. He waited for the sounds of gunshots to go off and for everything to go back. Needless to say, because of the action, he didn't quite know how to react when he heard a scrape, a few gasps, followed by a couple of gunshots that couldn't have belonged to any of the men's guns, and a few grunts. He risked opening one eye, then let the other drop open, as did his mouth, seeing an entirely new fight unfold. A man dressed in complete black had dropped down from apparently nowhere and had thrown one of the goons off of his horse, and was now also fighting the others, who had dismounted. However, he didn't need to wonder who it was. Just the way he moved, he knew who it was right away, and wished he hadn't dropped in. Just thinking that, before he knew it, one of the men had gotten behind him, and his rescuer turned his gun his his direction.

"Move, William!" The order came bold and demanding.

Will knew better than to not take a dive to the ground. When he hit the ground, he barely had time to look up before he felt himself getting lifted up by the back of the shirt. Gunshots went off just above his shoulder.

"Move!" The orders just came coming as the two reversed directions and tore down one of the streets. The three goons remained took off after them.

Will couldn't even grasp what was going on. There was too much going on. He was depending completely on the man dragging him along the streets. The chase went on for minutes that seemed like hours, dodging in and out of alleyways and the like. He came back to Earth when he felt himself get thrown to the ground.

"What the hell were you thinkin' boy?!"

Will whirled around. "I was doing just fine until you showed up, Wade!"

Ben Wade raised his eyebrows at the young man. " 'Fine'? You call about to get shot 'fine'?!" he waited for a reply, but when none came, he nodded. "Thought so. Now let's get you home."

"You think my mom will let you back in our own house?! You escaped Yuma even after my dad gave his life for you!"

Ben snorted. "Yeah, I did, but believe it or not, after I did, I did a total turnaround."

"Oh Really?" Will demanded sarcastically.

Ben nodded. "Yeah, and it continues with getting you home… though my method may not seem like it had a turn around…"

"Huh?" Will looked back up at him, but only saw the but of one of the fallen men's shotguns coming at him before everything went black, much like his father had with Ben's boot.


Ben sighed, looking up at the Evans' home. He was impressed how much it had changed, but at the same time, not changed in the past few months. The barn was about halfway through being rebuilt, there was new paint on various things outside, and a better, more sturdy-looking fence made up the pasture where four horses were. He paused, wondering who they were for. The boys had two, of course, but Alice didn't seem like much of a rider, and knowing her, she would've sold one of Dan's to get the money. It was then that he spotted Mark, playing with another boy that couldn't have been much older than him. He figured one of the other horses were for him. He was big enough. He shifted his shoulder, where he had slung Will, and moved towards the house, taking the four steps of the porch two at a time. He drew in a breath and knocked. As expected, Alice opened the door, and with a gasp, went to slam it in his face, but he wedged his foot in the door.

"I understand the fear, Alice, I really do, but if you haven't noticed what's on my shoulder, you may wanna let me in."

Sure enough, when Alice looked at the body and his shoulder, her hands flew to her mouth. "My God… Will! What have you done to him?!" she demanded.

"I didn't do anything. He was getting into trouble with a few of Eli Harper's men. I saved him before they could finish their work."

"They were going to kill him?!" Alice went wide-eyed, but it didn't last long. "How would you know how far they would've gone… and how do you know his name?"

Ben frowned. "…Because I used to run with him." He hoped she would catch his meaning, and sure enough, she did.

"So he's just as bad as you?" she asked.

"Worse," Ben corrected.

"How so?"

"If it was Harper who needed to be taken to the train and not me, Dan would've been dead the night that he left…" he replied honestly. "Alice, something tells me that you know if I wanted to harm you or your boy, I woulda done it already." He nodded inside. "I'm not gonna harm you. Let me bring him in."

Alice didn't want to admit it, but she knew he was right. Will had told her that he had killed his own gang for killing Dan. He had tried to call them off before they even did the deed. Of course, the first thing was violent, but at the same time, it was good for them in the long run. She nodded and slowly stepped aside.

Ben used his free hand to tap the rim of his hat in thanks and moved inside, looking back at her for directions.

"Left through that hall. Door on the right." She replied.

Ben nodded, then walked into the said room. He paused as he glanced back at the other room across from it. Two beds in that one, and now three in the other. He remembered the boy from before, but then who was the other for? "…You expectin', Alice?" He realized how it sounded and explained himself. "With the three, there… family?"

"Yes, family." Alice replied coldly, still taking it as an insult.

"Dan's or yours?" Ben asked.

"Dan's, not that it's any of your business." Alice replied.

Ben nodded. "Fair enough." He set Will down.

"Alice, is someone…?"

Ben turned, hearing the second female voice.

The brunette woman made eye contact with him, and her look of confusion turned into one of shock.

Ben barely had time to register her face and realize that he knew her before her hand flew hard across his face. He waited for the sting to reside, then righted his head and looked up at her. "Hello, Grace…" he studied her. She hadn't changed much. Still tall, then, and had a look of someone who wasn't afraid to speak their mind. If she was Dan's relative, it made sense. They both had that look. However, hers was less… warn and defeated. "So you're related to Dan, huh? Small world…"

Grace Evans addressed Alice without breaking eye contact with Ben. "What is Ben Wade doing in your home?"

"He apparently saved Will's life from Harper." Alice replied. "You two know each other?"

"Uh huh." Ben replied. He too refused to be the first to break eye contact.

"Saved his life?" Grace snorted. "Alice, this man and 'saved' don't go together."

"You'd be surprised, Grace." Ben replied. "What was Dan to you? Cousin? Brother?"

"Brother. Now quiet." Grace replied, then gave in and looked at Alice, but still felt his eyes on her. "Alice, this is insane…"

"He's been in the house before." Alice replied.

"What? Why?" Grace demanded.

"To get me on the train to Yuma prison." Ben replied.

"A lot of good that did." Grace snarled.

Ben raised his eyebrows and smirked.

Grace glared at him, then grabbed Alice's arm. "I need to talk to you."

"I think I've heard all that's needed to be heard." Ben replied. "Nothing's gonna change if you speak here."

"Nobody asked you, Wade."

Ben shrugged again. "Hey, who's boy is that out yonder with Mark? Yours? Don't look much like yours." He pointed out.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Grace replied, before grabbing Alice's hand.

Alice paused, then looked back at Ben.

Ben put his hands up. "I'm outta the room, don't you worry that head of yours." He leaned on the wall. "Go on ahead. Talk."

Grace glared at him before pulling Alice away more. She waited until Ben was out of earshot to talk to her ex-sister in law. "Alice, are you crazy? You shouldn't have brought him in here! He's the Ben Wade!"

"I know, Grace! He didn't leave me much choice… and why are you tellin' me to explain myself? You're the one who knows him as well. You two couldn't even look away from each other. Is there somethin' you want to tell me?"

Grace looked away. "Years ago, I was one of his… conquests." Grace chose the word carefully.

Alice's look of anger faded into shock. "You? Did he hurt you? Did he-"

"No. Well… not physically, anyway…" Grace replied, looking out the window. "Tricked me into thinking he loved me, and I loved him… found out he was an outlaw and not who he made himself out to be, then before I could even confront him, he was gone. Manipulative bastard."

Alice raised her eyebrows. She knew Grace wasn't one to curse. Both she and Dan had been raised by great parents with a high set of morals. Cursing wasn't anywhere in the top behaviors of the family. She remained quiet, sensing there was more to the story.

Grace shook her head. "It was a stupid mistake that I'm forced to remember every day, and now even more so."

"Forced to remember every day?" Alice inquired.

Grace bit her lip, then looked out the window.

Alice followed her gaze, seeing Mark, and Isaiah, Grace's son. However, just the way Grace was looking at Isaiah made her realize what she meant. "…No!"

Grace nodded. "Isaiah came from that. He's just as much Wade's as he is mine."

Alice shook his head. "How come Dan never knew…?"

"Didn't see each other during that time… then I had Tyler. Danny just assumed that he was Tyler's…" Grace replied. "I hate to say it, but Wade's right… if he knew Dan, it is a small world…" she shook her head. "Look. He can't know. I spent Isaiah's whole life hiding it from him, I'd like to keep it that way."

Alice nodded. "Your secret's safe… I just don't know for how long with him here."

Grace drew her lips into a tight smile, then jumped and snapped her head to the right when she heard glass breaking, then Ben cursing. When heard his heavy footsteps, then saw him hit the ground a couple of feet away from them, she realized just what had caused the glass to break. Someone, she had a feeling it was Harper's crew, had followed Ben back, and was now opening fire on the house. She turned and saw Mark and Isaiah running into the house, then over to them. Knowing that they were okay, she couldn't resist temptation, and turned to Ben. "Nice going, Wade!" she hissed.

Ben just growled and took the Hand of God out of its holster. "Looks like I'm gonna be stayin' a might longer than expected, ladies." He loaded it. "Though I imagine you won't care much right about now."

It was in the next moment that Grace had her worst fear happen. Ben looked at Isaiah briefly, and then the look of annoyance faded into a neutral expression. He looked back at her, and she was able to read his expression easily. He knew. Just like that, he knew. However, the silence that spoke volumes between them didn't last long, because after another section of gunfire rang out, Ben flipped over, jumped to his feet and charged out the door, gun drawn.