Monsters And Heroes

Chapter # 1

SUMMARY: The only witness to the murder of a Marine is a fourteen-year-old girl, whose Father Gibbs arrested eight years before. The team must protect her and her four-year-old sister.

WARNING: Will contain the spanking of a minor child and teen in later posts.

WARNING: Contains reference to past child abuse. Not real graphic, but still disturbing. (Which any aspect of child abuse is disturbing.)

WARNING: Contains a few swear words, but no more then in the actual show.

Fourteen-year-old Christina Ritter sat on the bed in her hotel room and watched her four-year-old sister, Amanda, sleep beside her. The younger girl was curled up, clinging a worn stuffed teddy bear to her chest. The older girl gently kissed her sister on the forehead and sighed.

The two had been in the hotel for the past week, and she knew it was time to move on. They never stayed at one place more then a week, they had to keep on the move. They had been living from one hotel to another for the past six months, since the death of their Mother.

After the woman's death, the girls were supposed to be split up, sent to different group homes. But Chris, as she preferred to be called, wasn't about to let them be separated. They were all each other had left and she was determined to keep them together.

Chris was a computer wizard and used her laptop to hack into hotel computers, then she'd enter false information and reserve a room. Then she'd go to the desk and tell them that her Dad had a meeting and that he wanted her to get the key to the room. So far it had worked very nicely.

Chris made money by picking pockets, a skill one of Mom's many boyfriends taught her. She was pretty good at it.

The younger girl woke up and looked up at her with a smile.

"Morning, Mandy."

"Morning." She said with a yawn.

"Go ahead and get dressed, I'll go grab some breakfast."


Chris left the room and headed across the street to a McDonalds, she got their food and then hurried back to the room. She hated leaving Mandy alone, even if it was only for a few moments. When she got back, Mandy had changed into a purple dress with lace outlining the neck.

"Will you braid my hair?" she asked.

"Sure, after breakfast." Was Chris's replay.

"We need to leave today." Chris said, as they started eating.

"Where to?"

"Not sure yet."

"Can we go to Texas?" the younger girl asked with a smile.

"Why Texas?"

"Cause of horses." The four-year-old answered.

"They have gorses in other places."

"Can we get a horse?"

"Honey, a horse can't stay in a hotel room."

"Oh." Mandy looked disappointed, then smiled and said, "We could get a house."

"Not right now, Honey. Now finish your breakfast."


After breakfast, Chris and Mandy brushed their teeth. Then Chris grabbed a brush and some hair ribbons and sat on the bed, Mandy sat in front of her. The fourteen-year-old gently brushed out her sister's hair and braided it into a thick braid.

The two girls looked a lot alike in the face, but they were very different. Mandy had long and thick red hair, that came to the middle of her butt. A splash of freckles covered her face. Her green eyes was filled with love and trust. The youngest Ritter sister preferred to wear dresses and have tea parties.

Chris had very short red hair, just a little longer then a military cut. She also had green eyes, and a few light freckles. Chris always wore jeans and tee-shirts. The older girl lost her trust in people a long time ago. She tried her best to shield her sister from the reality that the world was full of evil, but sometimes it was very hard.

"You're all set." Chris said once she was done. "Go and grab the stuff out the bathroom, I'll get the stuff in here."

They didn't have much to pack. Chris had a laptop computer, two pairs of jeans, a couple tee-shirts, and a cell phone. The computer had internet access, which she obtained by hacking into the internet company's computers. She did it four months ago, and it had not been discovered yet. The same was for the phone. It was free and very hard to trace.

Mandy had two dresses, a pair of pink pants, a pink shirt, her teddy bear, some coloring books, crayons, and a few story books. They also had tooth paste, tooth brushes, hair brush, and hair ribbons.

After packing everything into two backpacks, one blue jean and one Power Puff Girls, they left he hotel.

"There's a bus stop a few block from here." Chris said. "We could hope a bus and see where it takes us."

"Cool." Mandy saw the whole thing as an adventure, and Chris hoped she would stay seeing it like that. She didn't want the child to know that they could be caught at any moment. That Mandy would be sent to a group home and that Chris would be sent to Juvenile Hall. She didn't want her to know that they were totally screwed.

They made it to the bus stop and walked around for a few minutes, until one was ready to pull out. The two girls slipped behind the man taking tickets and entered the bus, but they were seen.

"Alright, out you get." The ticket taker said.

"Get ready to run." Chris told Mandy as they were exiting the bus.

Chris stood in front of the angry man and smiled. "Problem?" she asked.

Before the man could answer, Chris kicked him hard in the groin and her and Mandy took off running. The man doubled over and was in no shape to pursue the fleeing kids.

They ran into the bus terminal and over to some benches, where a group of preschoolers were taking a tour. Chris smiled at their luck of finding the tour.

"Listen." She said, kneeling in front of the girl. "Follow the tour, stay with them. I will be right back."


Chris kissed her cheek, then stood and rushed off. She had to find another way onto a bus, and she knew one teen walking around would cause less notice then a teen and little girl. Since security was looking for them.

The fourteen-year-old saw two guards walking towards her and ducked into the nearest door, which turned out to be the men's room.

"Great." She mumbled, hurrying into a stall before she was seen. Chris stood on the toilet incase the guards saw her and started to check the stalls. She peeked out between the gapes in the door, trying to make sure no one was there. She saw two men enter the restroom and stand in front of the door of the stall.

The teen got curious when she saw that one of then men was peeking under the doors to the stalls to see if anyone was there. The other man had not moved. The first man moved back in front of the second man and Chris could his reflection in the mirror. She could also see the gun in the man's hand.

"You had to be a hero." The gunman said. "You had to try to save the world."

"You can't get away with this, Brant." The second man said. "The police will find you."

The gunman didn't respond to the statement, he just pointed the gun at the man and pulled the trigger. Chris didn't hear the gunshot, but she saw the man slump to the floor and saw the blood that splattered the wall.

Chris covered her mouth with a hand to stop the gasp of surprise.

"Goodbye hero." The man said, then left the bathroom.

Chris slowly opened the door, peeking out and not seeing anyone except the dead man. She knelt beside to check on him. He was dressed in a Marine Lieutenant's uniform. He was still alive, but not by much. Chris pulled her backpack off and pulled a tee-shirt from it, then applied it to man's chest.

"Take it easy, Man." She said, using her other hand to pull her phone out of her pocket. "Hold on."

She called 911.

"What is your emergency?" A female voice asked over the phone.

"A man was shot in the men's room of the bus station on Madison Street. He was shot in the chest."

"Is the man still alive?"

"Yeah, but he's not good."

"Apply preā€¦"

"I am."

"Help is on the way, what is your name?"

Chris hung up the phone.

The man's eyes fluttered opened.

"It's okay." Chris said. "Help is on the way."

The man's eyes closed and Chris knew he was dead.

Chris knelt there for a few moment, still holing the bloody tee-shirt to the dead man's chest. The door opening broke her out of her trance.

"What the hell?" A man asked in shock as he entered the bathroom.

Chris stood and ran past the startled man, leaving her backpack behind.

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