Monsters And Heroes

Chapter # 3

That afternoon, Tony and Ziva walked into a rundown apartment building and headed to the second floor. They were looking for James Bryant. They found the right apartment and Tony knocked on the door, it was opened by a man in his early twenties with long hair and reddened eyes. They could tell that the man was almost high.

"James Bryant?" Tony asked.

"Who wants to know?"

"Agent Tony DiNozzo, Officer Ziva David. Were NCIS." They showed him their ID.

"What's NCIS?"

"Naval Criminal Investigation Services." Ziva answered. "We would like to ask you a few questions."

"What about?"

"The murder of Lieutenant George Maynard." Tony said. "We were told that you two had a few run ins."

"That nosy jar head kept poking his nose into my business."

"So you killed him?" Tony asked.

"I didn't kill anyone."

"Where were you this morning?" Tony asked.


"Any witnesses?"

"No. any more questions and you can ask my lawyer." Then he slammed the door shut.

"He's hiding something." Ziva said.

"Ya think?"

"Should we break the door down and arrest him?"

"We don't have proof. Not yet."

Gibbs walked into autopsy and saw that Ducky and Palmer were in the middle of the autopsy of Maynard.

"What ya got Duck?" he asked.

"Cause of death was a 45 slug, I sent it up to Abby for ballistics. From the path of the bullet, I'd say the shooter was about the same height as our Lieutenant."

Gibbs' phone rung and he answered it, then hung up.

"Abby has something."

Gibbs walked into Abby's lab and found her and McGee working at the computer, he handed a Caff-Pow to her.

"Thanks Gibbs."

"What have you got?"

"We think we know where Christina and Amanda are." McGee said. "We dove deeper into her laptop and found that she booked a room at a hotel on Baker Street, it's booked for a couple more days. They may have gone back there."

"Let's go."

Gibbs and McGee left, heading towards the hotel.

"Christiana is really intelligent." McGee said, as Gibbs drove. "How much trouble do you think she'll be in, with the hacking and stuff?"

"Not sure. It's her first offence, so probably probation."

"She's got a real bright future, she can go far."

Gibbs pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and the two men exited the car. The door to the room was locked, so Gibbs picked it. Walking inside they saw that the girls were not there.

"They'll be back." Gibbs said, nodding towards a child's backpack on the bed. "What is a Power Puff Girl?"

"Not sure Boss. Do we wait?"

"Yeah, wait here. I'm going to talk to the manager."

After her shower, Chris realized that she didn't have a shirt to wear except one that was covered in blood. she wrapped a towel around her chest, then her and Mandy left. They went to the hotel's laundry room, there was only one woman inside the room. The girls hid outside until the woman left without her clothes, it took about half an hour.

Chris quickly opened the only dryer that was going and smiled when she saw a red tee-shirt. It was big on her, but it would work.

They made their way back to the room and went in, they were startled to see a man sitting on one of the beds.

"Who the Hell are you?" Chris asked, stepping in front of her sister.

"Agent Tim McGee." Tim showed them his ID "NCIS."

"Damn." Chris mumbled. She grabbed her sister's arm and made a run for the door, but Tim anticipated the move. He made it to the door first and blocked her exit.

"It's okay, Christina. I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to talk."

"You know a rat bastard by the name of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs?"

"Yes, he's my boss."

"You have my sympathy."

"I need you two to come with me."

"Sure, I just need to use the bathroom first." She walked towards the bathroom, with Mandy behind her.

"One at a time." Tim said. "I don't want you two sneaking out another window."

"Wait here, Mandy." Chris walked into the bathroom, a couple minutes later she ran out.

"There's a spider in there!" she yelled, breathing hard. "Please get it out."

"A spider?" Tim asked.

"Yeah, a huge one. Please, I really have to pee."

Okay, I'll get it out. Stand over there." He pointed to the far wall. He didn't want them to make another run for the door.

Tim walked into the bathroom and looked around, but found no spider. He was about to ask where it was when the bathroom door was slammed shut. Tim tried opening it, but it wouldn't budge. "Not funny, girls." He called out. "Now let me out."

As soon as he entered the bathroom, Chris slammed the door shut and used one of the straight back chairs around the small table to jab under the knob. With a smile, she grabbed Mandy's back pack and they headed for the door.

Chris was about to reach for the handle, when the door was opened. There stood Gibbs. He looked at the girls, then at the blocked bathroom door and smiled. He knew Tony would never let McGee live that down.

"Christina." Tim's voice called out. "Please open the door, let me out."

"Hello, Christina." Gibbs said.

The fourteen-year-old's eyes flashed with anger and she aimed a kick towards the man's groin, but Gibbs saw it coming and stepped back. The kick missed.

"Settle down." The man said. "Now." His voice was gentle, but firm.

Gibbs knelt down and got eye level with the younger sister. "My name's Jethro."

Chris grabbed the phone by the table by the door and swung it at the man's head. Gibbs saw it coming, but did not have to move. It connected and he fell to the floor, the girls ran past him and out the door.

Gibbs staggered to his feet and walked outside, but the girls were gone. He walked to the bathroom and removed the chair. Opening the door, he saw the bottom half of his youngest agent. Tim had tried to climb out the window, but had gotten stuck.

"Christina, is that you?" Tim asked.

"No, it's me." Gibbs said.

"Boss, the girls came back."

"I know."

"Where are they now?"


"Can you help me get unstuck?"

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