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Nathan was looking over several bills the President's secretary had sent over. He was to present them to congress in a few days and needed to make a few changes to them. He was sure he was doing the right thing. By having all people with abilities tagged, they would always be traceable and no one could ever accuse them of wrong doing, unless it was true. This was the only way to protect his kind. Surely they would realize this once it was a done deal.

The ones he held in detention, they were dangerous, they needed to be controlled. And the others, the ones with powers that the government felt could benefit the country, well that was the price they had to pay to insure a normal life for the rest of them. Like Peter, like his mother, like Claire. If she were alive, if he could ever get her back.

Yes, he was doing a beneficial thing for his people and for his country. He knew this was what needed to be done. It was a hard line he had to balance on, but he was a patriot. And as such, he could do what had to be done.

Angela looked over at her son and shook her head. How had he come to this place? Was it her doing? Peter would never do such a thing. The only reason Peter was still here was the hope that he could somehow convince Nathan that this was wrong. But the worse type of zealot was one who really believed they were doing the right thing. How had he become so twisted, she asked herself for the millionth time?

"Okay, so are you guys ready for lunch?" Nathan looked up from his papers and smiled at his mother and brother.

"So, we can go out and enjoy a nice lunch while the rest of our kind live in fear everyday that you'll pick them up and exploit them to further your career? It's just wrong, Nathan! You have to see it!" Peter cried.

There was a faint blink and suddenly Sylar and Claire were in the room with the Petrellis. Sylar waved his hand and the three of them were held immobile. He looked down at Claire and smiled. "I kinda like 'em like this."

Claire rolled her eyes. "Could you release Peter? I'd like to talk to him first." Sylar shrugged and the younger Petrelli fell to the floor.

"Claire! Oh my God! Claire, you're alive. Are you okay? What am I am saying, of course you're not okay! What did you do to her, Sylar? Where did you take her?" Peter ran to Claire pulled her into an embrace. She looked over at Sylar and knew that look in his eyes, so she gently disengaged herself from him and went to stand by her 'husband'.

"Why don't you ask your brother and mom what I did to her? They were the ones who, how shall I word this?" He looked down at Claire. "Set us up? It was like E-Harmony, Company style." He chuckled as his wit.

Claire sighed and went to her uncle. "Peter, sit down." He looked at her in confusion. "Okay, where to begin? I should've really thought this through before we left, huh?" She looked up at Sylar. She took a deep breath and proceeded. "So about a year and a half ago Nathan and Angela put Sylar and me together with the express purpose of getting me pregnant."

A look of abject horror crossed Peter's face. He looked over at this mother and brother. "Is it true?"

"They can't speak, Einstein. Remember?" Sylar smirked.

"Gabriel, please, this isn't helping." Claire admonished.

He shrugged. "Sorry." The tone of his voice told her he wasn't but she'd let it slide.

"It's true, Peter. Sylar and I escaped and I knew the only one who could protect me was him. And, well, we fell in love. For all intents and purposes, he's my husband, Peter." She spoke softly, willing him to understand.

"Intents and purposes? What the hell is that supposed to mean, Claire?" Peter's voice was pained.

"No ceremony or ring." She replied.

"Yet." Sylar added. Claire smiled up at him; the love Peter saw in her eyes floored him.

Peter looked between the two of them. "Claire, he's a psychotic killer. You of all people should know that. Remember what he did to you?"

"Like I could ever forget? We've spent the past year and a half together, Peter. And he hasn't taken a single ability, at least not by killing. And aside from Nathan's, he asks. He's different, Peter. He's…he's not perfect. But I don't need perfect, I need him. And he'll do whatever he needs to do to protect us. And if that means killing, then I'm okay with that." Her chin was up and her shoulders were back, Sylar smiled.

"Oh God, Claire, what did he do to you?" Peter couldn't believe his innocent niece was saying these things.

"He didn't do a thing but love me, Peter. If anyone changed me it was your wonderful family. They pimped me out to reproduce for the Company. And when I fought them, they would've killed me, at least they would've tried. But Sylar protected me, he will always protect me. He takes care of what's his and that's what I am Peter. His." Her voice was hard.

"Claire, you should've come to me…"

"For what, Peter? So you could rationalize what they did? So you could be angst-ridden and tortured by your brother's sins? I needed a warrior, Peter. And that's what I got." She stood up and went to stand by Sylar. "I need you to understand."

"Claire, I don't know…I don't understand, you need to explain it to me." He held his hands out to her.

She looked up at Sylar, she could feel his patience waning. "Please, let me do this? We'll need him, Gabriel."

"Yeah, fine, but make it quick. We gotta get out of here in an hour and we still need to talk to Nathan." He looked up and waved his hand, releasing Angela.

"Thank you." She kissed his cheek.

Angela went to Sylar. "Are you a father?"

His eyes narrowed. "I guess we have something to thank you for. Yeah, I'm a father." Peter gasped.

"Claire, you and him?" He looked at her to deny it.

"Yes, Sylar and I have a son and a daughter. Twins. When we get to work we really get to work." She smiled. "They are healthy and loved and safe." She looked over at Nathan. "And they are going to stay that way." She turned back to her uncle.

"Peter, please hear us out with an open mind. That's all I ask." She pleaded.

"Like I said, make it quick." Sylar groused.

After all was said and done, Peter looked at his mother and brother. "How could you? She's your daughter, Nathan. How could you do this to her? And Mom, why?"

Angela sniffed and looked at Claire and Sylar. "You know why. And that's all that matters. Because of you," she pointedly looked at Sylar, "our kind will continue. You will stop Nathan from the genocide that was bound to happen."

Sylar looked at Nathan, whose eyes held horror at his mother's suggestion. He flicked his wrist and Nathan was released.

"What have you got to say for yourself, Senator?" Sylar's eyes held a deadly gleam.

"No one's going to get killed, mother. That was never a part of it. We are just holding on to the dangerous ones. The same kind of thing you did in your day." He justified.

"And what of the ones that are innocent? The ones that are held at the insistence of the military?" Angela asked.

"There aren't that many. And it's a small price to pay to keep the majority of you safe." He countered.

"The majority of you? Nathan, you have an ability, or did you forget that?" Peter was aghast. "Do you not count yourself as one of us? Are you going to deny us forever?"

"I did it to stay above the fray or I risk compromising all that I've accomplished so far." Nathan sat in the nearest chair.

"Let's get back to that genocide that was bound to happen." Sylar's voice was smooth as silk. Claire looked at him and shivered. She hadn't seen this side of him for a very long time and it frightened her. And excited her, if she were totally honest with herself.

"Nathan will lose control. The President and the military will feel it's in the best interest of the nation to…control us. Once we are all rounded up, which is unbelievably easy as we will all be tagged, they will be unsure of what to do with us. At first we are kept in prisons. But as we become more aggressive, one by one we will disappear. Decades from now, once it is clear that we are merely the progression of the human race, mass burial sites will be found. Once analyzed, it will be released that whole generations of us were murdered." Angela almost lost control of her emotions, but quickly regained them.

"What about the rest of the world, surely they don't follow suite?" Claire asked.

"We are a very powerful country, my dear. And if we 'insist' other allies will follow our lead." She shrugged. "But you will stop this from happening, Sylar. You will bring our kind into the light. It is foretold. Claire was to bring you out of the darkness and you will be the savior of humanity."

"I really don't like the sound of that. I just want my wife and my kids to be safe." Sylar shook his head.

"And you will make the world safe for them to live in." Angela went to him. "We went about it all wrong, in the beginning. The dreams, they were garbled. Julia contacted me two years ago and she told me of the dreams she had. Of your part, of Claire's part. Of your children. I did what I thought was best."

"So, you knew Sylar and I would be together? Not just for making babies, but we'd fall in love?" Claire asked.

"Man, this is so fucked up." Peter raised his head from his hands. "Couldn't we have just killed Nathan? He's the reason for all of this, isn't he?"

"Pete, what are you saying?" Nathan couldn't believe his brother would say such a thing.

"So, you do have a pair after all?" Sylar smirked at Peter.

"Killing Nathan would not have stopped it. There would still be men out there who would pick up his mantle. We need to show the world what we are, what they are. We are the evolution of the human race." Angela finished.

"Okay, so how do you propose we fight this?" Sylar asked her.

"Suresh's research is close. Once he releases his findings, other scientists will validate his work and we will be on the path. However, because of your and Claire's abilities, you will be the ones to front us as the progression of the human race. You and your progeny." She answered.

"I still don't like this. I don't want to be some sort of messiah. I mean, I just came out of serial-killer mode. A year and a half isn't all that long. I don't think the population in general will find this fact all that comforting. Someone like Peter here, he's got that whole Jesus thing down pretty well." Sylar snarked. He went to Claire and pulled her close.

"I don't want this, baby." He whispered in her hair.

"I know, sweetheart. We'll figure it out." She kissed his collarbone. Peter shivered.

"And you expect me to just sit by while you try to do this?" Nathan spoke up.

"Either you're with us or you're against us. Doesn't matter to me." Sylar shrugged.

"Nathan, you will fail now. The president will find out about your ability and you will be suspect. This war must be fought in the public, through the media, through the congress and the senate. You either help us or we find someone who will." Angela confronted her son.

"It's gone too far, ma. Look at these." He pushed over several laws that were poised to go on the books. "I'm supposed to go over them and present them."

"Okay, so rewrite them." Sylar flatly stated.

"Just like that? Rewrite them? And if I refuse? If I don't agree with what you all are proposing?" Nathan stood up. "Are you going to kill me?"

Sylar shook his head. "No, I'll let you do that all by yourself." He sighed. "So you think about it. We'll be in touch." He looked to Angela and Peter. "You gonna stay here or come with us?"

Angela went to Nathan and laid her hand on his cheek. "Think seriously on this Nathan." She then went to Sylar and Claire. "I'll be going with you."

"Ma!" Nathan cried. "Pete? Will you stay with me?"

"I can't Nathan. You need to decide where you stand. You're one of us, don't forget that." Peter went to stand by his mother. "Okay, let's go."

"Place your hands on me." Sylar looked at Nathan and gave him a malevolent smirk that sent shivers down the Senator's spine. "Consider well, Nathan."