A/N: This will hopefully eventually be twenty drabblish little glimpses into the lives of Soubi and Ritsuka over the span of 10 years, beginning after my story "Firsts," aka after Ritsuka turns fifteen. They are definitely not in chronological order. The titles will tell you when the entry takes place. For example, the first is "Eighteenth Summer," which means that it takes place the summer after Ritsuka turned eighteen. Pretty simple, but I didn't want to confuse anyone by not explaining. And freshly baked cookies to the person who can guess the game Ritsuka's playing in this one.

Dedicated to "Xenell", who knows who she is, for forcing me to read the first Loveless manga. Good times, good times.

"You want me to what?" Ritsuka asks, turning his head momentarily from the video game he is playing to glance at Soubi. When he turns his attention back to his game, the little green, kitchen-knife-bearing nightmare he is fighting has already killed one of his party members and is working on the rest. Swearing under his breath, he pauses and drops the controller, walking over to Soubi and standing behind him. "Where did that come from, anyway?"

Getting up from his chair, the older man repeats, "I want you to pose for me."

"Pose?" Ritsuka asks uncertainly, tucking a length of hair behind his ear. "Why?"

"Because you've never been painted before, only sketched. You're a wonderful muse," he adds, running a hand down Ritsuka's arm and letting his fingers curl into the boys. "Why wouldn't you make a wonderful subject?"

"Pose like how?" the boy asks timidly, his voice getting softer with every syllable. "As in…naked?"

Soubi smiles and shakes his head. "Not necessarily. Only if you wanted to add that to our private collection." Ritsuka blushes slightly at the mention of the sketches Soubi had done of him over the years, the ones hidden away in a folder under the bed. Most of them are, from a stranger's viewpoint, perfectly innocent, but Ritsuka knows that they were inspired by his Fighter's desire for further, deeper intimacy. Soubi laughs softly and hugs him, adding, "And I meant that you should pose for one of my classes."

Ritsuka looks up sharply. "For a class? Why?"

Soubi looks away for a moment, trying to decide whether or not to tell his Sacrifice the truth. "They all want to meet Agutsuma-sensei's famous boyfriend, and I think it's about time they painted a subject who still has his ears. A win-win situation, I think."