This is a human/mech fanfiction. I do not normally make mature content, but there is a first time for everything. Though I think that I may be new to gore and sexual implication

This takes place after "Where is thy Sting". I kept wondering where was Sari and where has Wasp disappeared off to after "Five servos of doom". My imagination created this story.

I do not own transformers Animated. If I did, I would have continued it and at least tied up most of the loose ends.

Chapter One: Destined for one another

If anyone had looked out their window, they would have noticed a large metal ship land near the outskirts of Detroit. A mysterious figure with glowing violet eyes was watching the city from a distant.

Wasp looked at the photos of the Autobots on earth that he had stolen from his former comrade, Ironhide. In the photo, one bot in particular caught his eye. A yellow Autobot with blue optics, holding a tiny organic human girl on his shoulder plate.

"Bumble-bot on Earth. Now Wasp can make Bumble-bot pay. Oooooohhhh yessssssss, Bumble-bot will pay dearly." Wasp smirked as he got out of his shop. He released a cackle that frightened a great deal of humans and stray animals like, as if they felt that something evil had entered their world.


Outside of Sumdac towers, a tall figure climbed out of the window and landed on her feet from a sixteen foot drop. The unknown feminine figure was shaking in despair as she walked out of the company that was her home. She could not stay inside, she could not sleep. Every time she closed her eyes, she would see him: on the ground, bleeding oil, his blue eyes slowly powering down.

The female ran down the streets and into the darkness. Not caring about the danger or that there was a storm coming.


Wasp growled. Somewhere along the line, he had forgotten to find out where the Autobot Base was. Really, in a planet full of tiny organics, how hard was it to find five thirty feet tall robots?

Wasp had to do it quickly. He did not want to have to deal with the elite capturing him again. He was not going back in the stockades, no matter what.

He suddenly gained an evil idea. Why not let Bumble-bot take his place while he stayed on Earth?

He smirked. That was brilliant! Bumble-bot would be the one going to the stockade while he stayed on Earth. He shuddered. The thought of impersonating that annoying little bumbler was not high on his list of fun things to do, but it would be so worth it to see that mech was where he belongs.

'He'll like Kaon. Maybe my old jail mates will give him the same warm welcome I was given.' He snickered evilly.

Wasp was just about to pass another block while following the tracker when suddenly; he felt a strong overwhelming pain in his spark.

"Who did that? Show yourself?" Wasp snarled as he transformed and brought out his stingers.

Growling at whoever made him feel this, he scanned a passing green Chevrolet and drove after the source of his pain.

Sparks were the very source of life for transformers. It not only held their main personality, but also their feelings, and very essence. Not much is known about them; but when taken out, sparks were able to feel the presence and sometimes emotions of other creatures in an empathic way.

However, the spark wasn't out. So whoever that was he was feeling either had a strong empathic power or it was something deeper than that.


Meanwhile, in a park, a girl was sitting on a swing set, trying to stop her tears from falling any further. She didn't care that it was starting to get dark, or that she might catch a cold from the cool air, she was in too much emotional pain to care.

"I am so obsolete." The young lady cried as she sat on a swing-set. This woman was Sari Sumdac, who, last week, had been a normal eight year old girl. Now she was a teenage girl with several upgrades gone horribly wrong. The upgrades that were supposed to help her friends fight the Decepticons had instead not only nearly killed her, but nearly killed her friends. Bumblebee had taken the full blunt of the attack when he had tried to save her, she had almost died inside when she had stabbed him in the abdomen, where his spark chamber rested.

She had been lucky that Ratchet had been able to fix him after this. If Bee had died, she never would have forgiven herself.

"How could I have been so stupid?!!"

She looked at the now rendered useless key that she still kept around her neck to remember the good times. When she had the key, she had felt special. She had been the chosen guardian of the All-Spark, the one who healed or upgraded Autobots. She will admit, she didn't always take her duties seriously and at times caused some trouble with the Autobots because of her constant abuse with the key, but at least she had done more good than harm.

Sari buried her face in her hands and wept, wishing that she had never used the key on herself. Now she was worse than useless to her friends. She was now a liability, should she ever lose control again.

Sari continued to sob as she sat on the swing set. She didn't notice a green Chevrolet with violet headlights drive by and stop near to wear she was, nor did she see it transform and focus it's optics on her.

Wasp immediately found the source of his spark's pain. At first, he didn't see anyone in the park. Then his audio receptors picked up a noise. It sounded like someone was either grievously injured or was in great amount of emotional pain. Wasp knew that pain anywhere: He got it whenever he was either injured by the beatings from the Elite guards or Decepticon prisoners, or he was depressed on how even his own family believed he was a traitor. He remembered screaming in anguish every night after the first two orns, when he realized that no one was going to release him. After that, his thoughts focused on how he would make Bumblebee pay dearly for this.

Wasp spotted a human that he would assume to be a teenager, sitting all by herself in the park. Frowning as he realized it was a human, he was just about to leave when the organic went into a new bout of crying. Snarling to himself in disgust, he turned and walked up to the fleshing.

What a soft-spark he was turning out to be.

As he moved closer, he started to ascertain her features. She had a distinct dark skin and had a figure of a femme. She had long scarlet hair on her head, but nowhere else. She seemed so small and fragile, like a little doll. By now, he was about three feet behind her, but she was so miserable and in pain that she failed to notice Wasp. Wasp, however, noticed that there was a large amount of leaking behind her optics. Disturbed, Wasp reached forward and carefully picked her up.

Startled; Sari looked up, thinking that it was Bumblebee or one of the other Autobots. When she was met with a pair of violet optics, she gasped and nearly fell off Wasp's hand. Wasp held a firm yet gentle grip on her and held her up to his optics.

For a few moments, Sari could only stare at the strange cybertronian as he scrutinized her. Wasp then lifted his other servo and used one digit to, with surprising gentleness; wipe the tears off of Sari's face.

"Why is fleshy femme-bot leaking in the optics? Is fleshy femme-bot malfunctioning?" He finally asked, concerned.


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