Most of you are curious about how far the Autobots are willing to go for Sari. Well, this is an example on how deeply they feel for their "Little human." If I made the mayor or aide OOc, well, I don't remember much about them as they were shown very little. But their attitudes work for this story.

Omake 1: Optimus Prime: Hero or Father

Farzone did not know what he was getting into as he drove to a large warehouse. He had been filling out a report when the leader of the Autobots called him. Normally, this was normal as the leader often had the decency to call him when he captured a criminal or needed advice on how to proceed on something without breaking the law. But today, his conversation was very curt and vague.

"Meet me in the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of New Detroit in 23h00 hours. Come alone" Then he hanged up, not even waiting for his answer.

So here he was, driving down in his car with no back up to meet with Optimus Prime. As he parked his car, he noticed a limousine pull up and the mayor Edsel and his aide come out.

"Captain, what are you doing here?" she snootily asked.

"I could ask you the same." he was not a big fan of the mayor or the aide. The mayor didn't have a backbone and the aide always came off as a snob.

"I can take that badge at a moment's notice. Now what are you doing here?" she demanded as she poked his chest.

Farzone narrowed his eyes. "I received a call from Optimus that he wanted me here."

She raised an eyebrow. "So did I. But for what, I do not know. The mayor need s his rest for tomorrow's speech and we can't do that if..."

Optimus interrupted the rant. "Will you three please enter!" It sounded more like an attempt to be polite rather than a request.

Optimus waited until they all arrived and finished their bickering when they arrived and halted ten feet from him. Optimus crossed his arms and looked at them. Farzone may not spend very much time with the machine (Which is how he liked it,) but he knew enough of the leader to suddenly be worried about he was going to hear. Optimus Prime, though a soldier and an elite at that, was normally very friendly, despite his rather serious demeanour. His face was grim however, and his stance looked very tense, like a cat waiting to strike at any minute.

Farzone had the feeling that whatever Optimus was going to say, he had to listen with two ears.

"Mr. Optimus, why have you called us here? The mayor is a very busy..." Optimus was clearly in no mood to be polite and stopped her rant.

"Which is more important: money or protection?"

The alarms went off in Farzone's head. Optimus was normally very mild-mannered and calm. To hear him speak so brusquely meant that this was more serious then he realized.

"W-what? What kind of a question is that?" the aide sputtered, not used to being cut off so rudely.

"It's a rather simple question. Or do you wish for me to simplify?" He stated as he looked down on her.

Farzone did not miss the condescending tone. Nor did anyone else. Ignoring the glares, Optimus stood straighter and gave her and the mayor a look that reminded him of the way that Sentinel jerk would look at humans in general.

"Very well, allow me to be very specific. Which is far more valued to you: money that Powell has given you or protecting New Detroit as well as yourselves?"

Farzone suddenly groaned in his hands as he realized that his intuition was correct: This was serious! Jesus, Just what did that money-grubbing idiot do now to offend the Autobots? Farzone had been leery about Sumdac's machines before, but he preferred them over Powell's war machines any day! Fact is that he hated the man! He seemed to believe that with money he could get away with anything and was willing to do anything to get it, even pay to have Henry Masterson AKA the Headmaster cleared of charges and back to working in Sumdac Tower, despite the fact that he was a loose cannon and criminally insane.

What the hell did that bastard do now to have Optimus Prime himself here; treating them like those Decepti-creeps would normally treat them?

"What do you mean? Porter C. Powell has not been bribing us, he is an upstanding...EEEEKKK!" she suddenly screamed as Optimus stomped his foot near her, causing cracks on the ground. Farzone stared in shock; this was as close as Optimus has ever gotten to threatening a human with physical harm.

"Do not lie to me. My sources have shown that Powell gave you a large amount of money to make things difficult for us!" He growled.

Farzone frowned. The Mayor and his aide were making things difficult to the very bots that were protecting them from the evil robots that were currently hiding on their planet? Have they all lost their arrogant little minds! So far, their own weapons had little effect on these beings, and they seemed rather obsessed with gaining as much power as possible as long as those allspark shard thingys were still on earth. From what Optimus told him, these guys were conquerors and warmongers that saw organics like humans as either slaves to serve them or pets to play with.

As much as he hated machines, there was no way he was going to lose the only allies he had against them.

"Hey Optimus! I'm sorta clueless here, exactly how they making this difficult." He gave a glare to the frowning aide and the sheepish-looking mayor. That man was not getting his vote in the next election.

Optimus gave the Captain of Police a grateful look for asking the right question before he hardened his expression.

"For the past three weeks, my base has been invaded by a group of inspectors." He answered. "You call them social workers."

"W-w-what?" It was Farzone's turn to be confused.

"They came here to see if we were the correct people to foster Sari." He said as it suddenly became clear to everyone as to what was upsetting the normally genteel Autobot.

'Dear God no! Not her!' Farzone thought as he now understood the true meaning behind his rage. There was one thing that every super villain and criminal understood quickly is that you do not mess with that girl!

Besides being a crook and liar, he hated Powell for what he did to Sari Sumdac. Not only did he remove her from her position as the owner of Sumdac Towers (which he knew was rightfully hers), but he had gleefully kicked her out of her home with nothing but the clothes on her back. He did not know what was said, but the girl was in tears. What had bothered him the most was when he spotted Bumblebee taking her to their home base; in all the time he had known the wise-cracking annoyingly cheerful robot, he had never seen a look of pure loathing in his optics. The only thing keeping that robot from attacking the tower was the weeping girl in his arms.

"At first I had put up with their silly notions and inspections around the base," Optimus continued. "I allowed them to talk down to my men and me, and actually put up with their protocols and rules about childcare. I understand that there are many things about children that we do not know about, but I really do not see how there is a proper number of toys we should buy her or the proper number of sweets we give her would either say we were neglecting her or overindulging her. Their insults about us and our race as a whole and even telling us how we were a menace to society were also put up with, although I'm sure Ratchet wanted to say a few choice words to them. We have been diplomatic with every different inspector who either gave us new rules, new protocols to follow in child care or even newer insults to us." He suddenly looked furious and disgusted. "Our tolerance came to an end, however, when one of them tried to manipulate Sari's words in the interview to make it seem that we were cruel to her. His report stated we were abusing Sari." He spat out the words as his blue optics glowed with rage.

Farzone was now furious himself. He would accuse the Autobots of a great deal of things, but he would never accuse them of hurting a kid, especially Sari! They wouldn't so much as give that girl a death glare. How dare that man charge them with such a crime! He suddenly didn't blame Prime for being so angry.

"I hope you took care of that fella." Farzone said with his eyes narrowed, causing the aide to huff and the Mayor's eyes to bug out.

"He left in quite a hurry when we made it clear to him on how we felt about that comment. I believe he transferred to another city after that." Optimus said airily as he examined his servos. "I had hoped this was the last of our problems until yesterday afternoon, Sari was nearly kidnapped by two police officers."

Farzone snapped out of his anger and stared at Optimus incredulously.

"No way!" one of his men had gotten involved in this crazy scheme?

"Way." He said, looking only a bit sorry for mentioning this to him. "They claim to be trying to protect her from the evil machines and were going to take her somewhere out of our reach forever. They did not have a warrant for it and according to the Autobot I assigned to watch her at the time, they had treated her far too roughly. They had even handcuffed her and slapped her when she bit one of them." Optimus was now growling.

"Did those cops happen to be former officers Garcia and Jones?" Farzone asked with a hand on his face.

Optimus raised an eye ridge.


"Yesterday, they turned in their badges in and begged to be arrested. Said that they would admit guilt to bribery, drug trafficking, police brutality and accessories to a lot of crimes if only we promised to change their identities and send them as far away as possible from that scary yellow robot. You wouldn't know anything about that, would ya?

"Bumblebee is very overprotective of Sari. They should not have been so forceful to her in front of him." Optimus smirked. While normally, he did not like it when humans feared them, the video of the two cops lubricating on themselves while backing away from a deadly yellow supermini was rather amusing.

"Speaking of which, what do you mean by protection?" The aide asked, wanting to get this over with. "Are you threatening us? Are you trying to say that if we took that girl from you, you would harm us? Surely you realise that we can have you exiled from this planet if you did such a thing. The people of New Detroit would not stand to have you threaten the mayor." She haughtily stated, thinking she had power over the Autobot leader. The mayor didn't seem to be disagreeing with her either.

Optimus glared at the woman before he walked up to the back of the warehouse and pushed a large TV screen. He then pulled a disc out and slipped it in the screen.

"Me, harm you? I am an Autobot. We do not harm organics beings. And even if we did," his optics dimmed as he sneered t her. "I am the least of your worries." With that said, he pressed play.

What they saw would give them nightmares for a very long time.

In scene after scene were Decepticons fighting, killing and even tearing to pieces Autobots and a great deal of them laughing and roaring in triumph. As the scene showed them the Great war, another scene froze their hearts in terror.

Alien beings similar to earthlings were being captured by the Decepticons. The scenes showed how some of them were killed off like cattle, others showed them working them off as slaves in mining, machinery and even forcing them to polish them. For entertainment, the stronger males were used as what had to be their version of a cock fight as Decepticons betted money on whom the strongest was. Another showed a beautiful teenage girl singing in a small gold cage for one entranced Decepticon. More scenes showed them being stepped on or attacked simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and another scene showed scientists cutting them open or experimenting on them to see if enhancements could be added.

One scene that scared Farzone the most was the breeding rooms. They forced human to mate and the child is taken from them as soon as it is old enough to walk so it can be 'properly trained'. He had two sons, one was married in Oregon with his new wife and another was just starting college. His wife was even four months expecting. His sons could be taken to the breeders or forced in gladiator fights while his unborn child would be taken as soon as it turned two to begin a life of slavery.

When the screen went blank, he turned to the mayor and aide. The mayor's aide looked close to hysteria while the mayor was as pale as his hair. Farzone gathered his wits and was the first to speak.

"Why did you show us this?" he was not going to be sleeping well tonight if this is what he should expect should the Autobots leave.

Optimus gave Farzone a sad resigned look while he gave the aide and mayor a look that was only reserved for Decepticons. "I do not wish to threaten you. I do not even wish to ever see any planet subjugated to the Decepticons. I do not want to hurt anyone." He narrowed his optics and spoke in a lower voice. "But I do not have to save anyone, either."

"You would leave us to those monsters!" the aide shouted. This was not part of her contract; dealing with snippy alien robots was not part of the deal.

"As my superior once told me, I do not have it in me to be a hero." He looked thoughtful. "Perhaps he is right. I cannot see myself continuing to protect a planet that would take away the sole reason for me to remain." Actually, Optimus probably would continue to protect it because he would have felt guilty to leave any planet to these monsters. But they didn't need to know that.

"My men care for Sari." Optimus stated. "They want her happy and safe. One of the main reasons we have stayed on this planet was to protect her. The Decepticons will stop at nothing to get to her as she holds something precious to them." He sighed. "And many of the human villains would harm her for her relationship with her father or simply out of malice. My men will do anything to protect her from that, even die for her." he stated with so much passion, it was clear it came straight from the spark.

Farzone could see that while Optimus wasn't admitting it himself, it was clear to the police officer that Optimus felt the same way for the child.

Optimus continued on. "If I have to protect her from this planet itself, then so be it. I will simply take her away and have her leave on Cybertron. She may be the only human there but she will have us as her family and she will be safe from both Decepticons and the earthlings trying to harm her and take her from us." He leaned down and gave them a long look.

"I will ask you one more time: which is important: Money or protection?"

It was silent within the warehouse. Even the wind outside stopped blowing and the crickets stopped chirping while the owls remained silent. It was as if the earth itself wanted to know the answer of the important question on whether the Autobots will stay or be ripe for the picking to the Decepticons.

The aide looked at Optimus as she tried to hide the loathing she felt in her eyes. That Powell will be hearing from her office for putting her in this mess. She would not risk her life or that of Earth to those evil machines simply because that fool feared that he would lose a company to a little nobody. If the Autobots wanted her, let them. It's not like she existed in the system anyway. Who cares what they did to her!

"We accept your terms. She is your sole responsibility and there will be no more social workers, police officers or inspections." She coldly answered.

"I will hold you on that promise." Optimus stated curtly. One would think he could read minds with the way he was looking at her. The aide shuddered at the glare and turned to live as quickly as possible. Maybe a few rounds in the bar will make her forget about this night.

The mayor sighed as he followed his aide. He too did not understand the importance of this girl. In one hand, Powell clearly saw her as a threat to his seat of power (Really now, an eight year old?) In another, the Autobots treated her like she was their precious allspark thing. Powell would definitely make things difficult for his next election for this! On the other hand, he did not want to lose the city's heroes and the only things standing between them and the enslavement of earth.

As they left, the only one left was Farzone, who actually gave him an appraisingly look.

"Don't worry about a thing. I'll tell the boys to cut ya some slack and that you aren't attacking police officers. And I'll also tell Jones and Garcia Bumblebee sends is love."

Optimus laughed. "He would love that."

Before he turned to leave, Farzone said one last parting.

"Ya got a lot more self-restraint then I do. Nobody gets between me and my kids. If that idiot did that to anyone of my sons and tried to take them from me, I'd be after him guns blazing, screw my badge!" Farzone stated with a small smile. Then he walked out to his car.

Optimus smiled at the back of him and decided not to mention to the captain that he had, earlier today, sent Prowl to have a 'word' with Powell.


This is the first of omakes that I might make. What do you think? Do you want more? Who wants to see what Prowl says to Powell?