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"It is now my privilege to introduce to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Black."

Jacob grabbed my hand and we walked back through the rocky beach isle. A crisp ocean breeze blew through my flowing white gown. Everyone cheered. I looked at Charlie and he had a tear in his eye. I'm sure he never thought this day would come, and I'm sure he never thought that it would be to his best friend's son. I looked back to Jacob and he had the largest smile I had ever seen him with. His smile radiated happiness.

He led me back to the tables, positioned just behind the small group setting. He held out my chair and I sat down. I stared out into the ocean and felt the sea mist across my face. It was the happiest day of my life too. It was beautiful.

The rest of our family and friends came to join us at the tables and waiters brought in our food. Sam rose for a toast.

"We are so happy that Bella finally chose Jacob," oh Sam, please don't embarrass me on my wedding day, "we all know how long Jacob has wanted this day to come. Jacob has thought about it every day since you two have been dating. Bella, we welcome you to our family. We are all so thrilled to be a part of yours too." He looked to Charlie, and Renee and Phil. "Congratulations, and we hope that your lives will always be filled with love, laughter, and happiness."

I was truly touched. Sam had always been careful around me and Jacob. He had warned me again and again about Jacob imprinting, but I always told him I didn't care. I stopped myself and shook the thought away. I didn't want to think about that threat today. I should just be happy Sam had finally given us his blessing.

"Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!" The crowd started chanting. I leaned over and carefully pecked Jacob's rough cheek. He just snorted at me with a grin. His eyebrows crooked slyly. Oh no! He wrapped his arms around me lifting me clear off the seat, practically in his lap, and planted one right on my lips. He moved our lips together until I could hear cheers from the pack boys in the crowd.

I pulled my arms into his chest and pushed against him trying to separate us. He wasn't having any of it. I could feel his lips curl upwards on my mouth. He was enjoying torturing me!

I tried to speak through our kiss while his mouth was occupied smiling. "Jake, please."

He let me slip through his arms back to my chair. My face reddened. I looked to my plate and tried to stifle my own smile. He must have caught it from the corner of his eye because he leaned over and blew into my ear, "I knew you liked it."

My face blushed again.


The reception was wonderful. We rented out a local hall in Forks instead of trying to fit everyone into Billy's or Sam and Emily's. There were white flowers everywhere and all that was left of a six tier wedding cake at the back. The lights were dimmed for the romantic music and dancing that was now going on.

Jacob and I took slow dance lessons for weeks, mostly for my benefit. He was amazing on the dance floor. He had such grace. It came so easily for him since his first transformation two years ago. I thought about my junior prom he tried to crash and what a klutz he was then. The thought made me laugh.

Jacob caught my sudden burst of enthusiasm and dipped me. I clung to his shoulders. "Bells, I'm not going to drop you. I've never dropped you."

"Yeah, I know. It just makes me nervous." He laughed and pulled me close into his chest.

My whole body relaxed. Something about his warmth always touched me like that. Even through the layers of his flat black tux the heat seemed to call to me to be closer. I complied. I laid my head on his chest and exhaled as he danced us throughout the floor.

A few minutes later the lights came on and the music quieted. Paul's voice came from the onstage microphone. "Bella beautiful, please come up here." My heart sank. Paul was the worst about teasing me and this couldn't be good. I turned back into Jacob's chest, trying to pretend I didn't hear him.

"Bells, you better get up there before he comes down and slings you over his shoulder."

"He wouldn't."

"He's Paul."

I swallowed. He would. Jacob started pulling me to the front and then helped me up on the stage. I stepped carefully towards Paul, but evidentially not carefully enough. The toe of my flats caught on a speaker wire and I landed right into Paul's arms. "Hey baby, I know you want me, but this is your wedding." My face blushed with a force. I could cry. He helped me stand up straight, but kept his arm around my shoulders. I looked pitifully to Jacob who was smiling away on the floor; he just shrugged.

"Now, if there are any beautiful single gals out there would you please come front and center?"

The group parted and a few ladies made their way to the middle. I recognized Kim, Jessica and Angela, and a few others. "Leah," Paul taunted, "come on over."

"Not a chance," she spat at him from across the room.

Seth leaned over, "oh, come on Leah. This is Jacob and Bella's special day. Just play along,"

She shot him daggers with her eyes. He shrugged and picked her up firefighter style. She started kicking and screaming, "I'll kill you Seth!"

"Whatever Sis," and he plopped her in the center of the girls. They spread a bit. I giggled. I wouldn't want to stand next to her like that either.

Emily startled me. She was on the stage now handing me the bouquet I used earlier. It finally dawned on me. The bouquet toss. Well, at least Paul wasn't going to push me off into the girls like I was thinking.

I turned around facing the band and threw the flowers over my head. Being me I tossed a little over generously and started to trip backwards. Paul and Emily both already had a hand out to catch me. "Thanks," I mumbled.

Luckily nobody else caught that I tripped on stage again, they were all looking to the bouquet on a collision course with the ladies gathered together. Leah stuck a leg out inconspicuously and Kim toppled over, the favored catcher. The flowers flew over her head and directly into the arms of Angela. She beamed with pride, holding them high over head. The crowd cheered, minus Jared who scowled at Leah. She just winked back at him, making him bare his teeth. She laughed.

"Alright Jake. Come on up." Jacob leapt up to the stage easily. It made me slightly jealous. He came and stood beside me flashing a Jacob smile into my face. I wrapped my arm around his back and leaned my cheek into his chest. "Time for the garter!" Whistles came from the audience and my eyes widened.

I looked up at Jacob. My eyebrows furrowed. He winked and threw me into his arms bridal style. He sat me in a chair behind us and then gave me a sly look. Gulp.

He sat down on his knees and gently brought my foot to rest on his lap. He placed his hands delicately on my ankles, caressing them for a moment. He then slid his hands under the bottom edge of my dress. He slowly crawled up massaging my calf. His hands were unbearably hot. He kept moving up then flipped my dress over my knee. He leaned in and kissed the side of my knee. My breathing picked up and my chest started to blotch with red patches. His hand kept sliding up my thigh and reached the edge of the lacy garter. He pushed his hand further up my leg and I tensed. Jake kissed the top of my thigh and grabbed the elastic in his teeth. I froze. My breathing stopped completely. Paul let out a guffaw behind Jacob and I remembered how to breathe again. Jacob pulled the band off easily and stood, flinging it into the audience of boys now gathered to the center.

I didn't notice who caught it. I was still tense, glued to the chair, eyes on Jacob. That was the single most pleasurable moment of my life and it was witnessed by all my friends and family.

He caught my awed gaze and smiled flashing his teeth. "Come on Bells, let's get out of here." Adrenaline flooded into my veins and I bit my bottom lip. How did this go from the single most pleasurable moment to single most terrifying?

It's not that I was terrified of Jacob. It's that I was terrified of that. We had saved ourselves for marriage. Was it going to be bad? Would I do it wrong? My life seemed to flash before my eyes. Why was I so scared? That is what married people do. That is what married people do on the night of their marriage.

Jacob woke me out of my daydream, or was it my nightmare? "Bells, come on people are waiting for us." He took my hand and helped me stand; my legs were shaking from fear and excitement. I looked around and people had dispersed outside.

We walked hand in hand through the doors and people started throwing birdseed at us. It wasn't nearly as neat having birdseed caught in the edges of our clothing and hair as all the romantic movies make it look, but we just brushed it off and then we noticed our getaway "car."

Our motorcycles were parked on the sidewalk together with signs hung lazily off the back saying "Bride" and "Groom". Unwrapped candy was stuck carelessly across the handlebars and body. My eyes followed the lines of ribbons hanging off the back holding onto old cans and shoes, but worst of all, a full box of condoms. My face reddened, but not with embarrassment this time. I was angry. That was an understatement. I was furious. I could have punched someone if they dared come close.

I heard Jacob's bellowing laugh beside me. What the heck was he laughing about! This was horrible! I can't ride a motorcycle in my wedding dress! I can't ride a motorcycle with gooey candy all over it. I definitely can't ride a motorcycle with a condom box strapped to the back!

"I am not riding these," I growled through my teeth.

He laughed harder, "Yeah, it will probably be hard to get all that candy off the rental." He looked down at his tux.

Phew. He agrees with me. I sighed. Now, who to ask to borrow their car? I began to look around my friends and family back at the doors. Without warning, I was lifted high up into the air and landed across the "Bride" motorcycle. The candy was already sticking to the inside of my thighs. Jacob roared the bikes engine from under me. "No, no, no," I kept whispering pitifully and looked up pleading with him.

He leaned down mouth next to my ear, and asked, "Would you like to go back inside? Mike Newton might like a chance to dance with you."

My pleading turned into a glare. That wasn't fair. "Fine," I growled under my breath. I kicked the bike into gear and sped off without him. I looked back over my shoulder to see him rushing to turn on his bike. I laughed quite devilish to myself. I wonder if I could make it to the motel before him. I leaned forward and revved the engine faster. I only lead for a minute more.

Jacob caught up and rode along side me. I slowed back to the speed limit. He frowned a little then slowed with me. He looked back and grinned while mouthing, "I love you." I mouthed it back smiling too.

We arrived at the hotel an hour later and sure enough my dress was blackened around the edges and candy pieces were stuck along both our legs. He just laughed and placed his arm at the small of my back. I laughed too and reached my arm around him. We strolled to our hotel room and keyed the door.

It opened into a honeymoon suite fit to rival any five star hotel. It was breathtaking. The first thing that caught my eye was the burgundy staircase that curved to a loft above. It was outlined with brilliant white half height posts that rose with the staircase and along the outer edge of the loft. On the lower level four pillars stood from the clean white tiles of the floor. They surrounded a Jacuzzi tub for two in the center of room, and behind it stood a small cherry wood table and chairs in a comfortable nook. Rich golden motifs decorated the soft white of the walls. I could see beautiful deep red satin fabric from the comforter peek through the slits in the white posts above.

I didn't dare step in. It was too beautiful. It was like I was looking into a scene from a storybook. My eyes still scanned the room when I tried to speak. My voice was low, as if giving this place the reverence it deserved, "it's stunning."

"You like it then?"

I could barely nod my head as I gazed up to his dark sparkling eyes. He bent down and kissed me softly on the lips as he took me into his arms and crossed over the door and closed it behind us, already unzipping the back of my dress.