Vampires Can't Touch Me

The moonlight danced off my surroundings. This place was more beautiful than last time. I was seated on a large stump in the middle of a small meadow. I could see grey rocks and tall grasses. The tree line was thick around me. If I were any other nineteen year old girl I would never know what was about to come, but I had my own special way of knowing. I smiled at the thought.

I stood gently from the stump trying to listen to the stillness in the air. No, I don't have the sense of hearing that my Father does, but it greatly exceeds that of my friends or of a normal human. I listened and waited. It would not be long now. I inched around the meadow teasing my fingers through my long chestnut hair.

The feeling never changes. The tenseness that someone is following you. The adrenaline that pumps fear into your system. I haven't been afraid of this for years, but the thrill still sends shivers down my spine. Someone just through the tree line, watching, waiting and I know they are there now. Like me they are waiting.

I pulled my hair into my fist at the back of my head exposing my delicate creamy skin at my neck. BINN went a tiny sound from my left, and I felt warmth press against me. My face turned into a smirk.

It begins.

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