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It was any other typical night, and James Wilson had settled in for a nice and hopefully uneventful, night of sleep. The type of sleep where there were no dreams, just relaxing darkness. All in all it had been a relatively normal day, no terminal patients and even House had been quiet.

"Perhaps it's a new case." he supposed aloud, as if to convince himself of his friend's absence. Sighing tiredly, he allowed his eyes to close.


The ringing of his home phone should have been the first clue that this night would be one he'd never forget. Groaning, Wilson contemplated letting his machine pick up the call. Sleep won the battle and darkness once again claimed our beloved oncologist.


This time when the phone rang, Wilson swore and reached angirly towards the reciever.

"HELLO?!" he barked, then quickly checked himself. "Um. Wilson." he answered, his voice much lower. No one replied, and Wilson promptly hung up. "Stupid kids." he mumbled, easing back into the land of sleep.


When the phone rang again, Wilson didn't even stir. If it was truly an emergency, his pager would go off, wouldn't it?


The phone had been ringing off and on for the past hour, and Wilson was no longer sleeping. He was no longer peaceful either, seeing as how every time he picked up his phone someone's breathing was the only respnse he got. The number was blocked, so no way of figuring out who it was. . .


By now Wilson's blood pressure had to be off the charts, and he was sure his left eye was twitching. Who the hell had he pissed off in a past life to...and then it hit him.


In the middle of the first ring, Wilson flung himself at the phone.

"House." he greeted through clenched teeth, his head starting to pound. A breathy chuckle was his reward for his deduction.

"About time Jimmy. I was beginning to get tired of pushing redial." By reflex, Wilson pinched the bridge of his nose.

"House. Couldn't you have waited until tomorrow to-"

"No. I couldn't. See I-"

"Look. It's been a relatively nice day and I kind of wanted to keep the ball rolling and have a nice, normal night. You know, one that doesn't include popping pills or drinking myself into a stupor." Wilson cut him off, pausing to control himself. "House...don't you ever get tired of these games?" he asked quietly.

"Not with you. You such a little puzzle, so full of twists and turns...I could never assume anything with you Jimmy, ever. And I love it." The words were spoken so freely, so openly, that Wilson removed the phone from his ear to stare at it in shock.

"Are-are you high?" he finally managed to ask, a hidden piece of him desperately wanting House to say no. House laughed.

"No. I'm not. I just wanted to play one last game with you, and tell you goodbye."


"House I don't understand. If this is some kind of sick twisted game-"

"Oh please. Even I have standards James. No games anymore. No pain, no lonliness, just death. And I wanted to tell you some stuff before..."

"Before you off YOURSELF?!"

"You're yelling."


"Technically, I'm about to commit sucide. Technically."

". . ."

"Don't make this harder than it has to be. Christ, I sound like my father. Or the man that raised me because you know biologically speaking..."


"James. Oh god we're using first names."

"You called me James first!"

"You're yelling again. And I called you James to highlight the seriousness of the situation."


"Enough with the yelling! Fine. First names. Now stop avoiding. Look, I just wanted to tell you GOODBYE. I didn't want you to hear it from Cameron or Cuddy that I was found in a pool of my own blood, I want to give you closure. I want you to understand. Because we both know how you are when you don't understand."

"If I might recall, you're the one who goes crazy with the unknown."

"True. But if MY best friend up and died with no explanation I'd go crazy not knowing why and with all that's unspoken between us..."

"In that case, we'll be talking for awhile."

"I know. Why do you think I called your house phone?"

In case it wasn't clear enough, House blocked his number to screw with Wilson "one last time." Reviews are love, and suggestions as to what they will talk about are welcomed! Have a nice day^^) Oh! And this story is VERY strong friendship. yeah.