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House sighed. Wilson inhaled slowly, then exhaled sharply.

"This must be some type of game."

"You must be in some type of denial. Wilson..."

"I don't know what you want me to say."

"How about 'Don't do it? Live?' That'd be a nice start."

". . ."

"Are you okay?" House asked, a little unsettled by Wilson's lack of response to well, anything.

"Shouldn't I be asking YOU that?" Wilson responded bitterly. Realizing he would be getting no rest for at least a few hours, he sat up in his bed, resting comfortably against the headboard. House seemed to have already made himself comfortable, as there were no noises in the background.

"Hmm...bitchy. Didn't expect that."

"Well I didn't expect to be woken up by my best friend who is apparently suicidal."

"We're not best friends. Never were."

"What?" Wilson gaped in shock. House scoffed.

"Shut up Wilson. We'll talk about that later."

". . ."

"Are you crying?"

". . ."


"I. . .don't feel so well."


"I think I'm going to throw up."

"Damn it, you're always doing something."

"No Greg, that's you! You're always doing something!"

"Are we back to the first names again?"

"Oh god-" Wilson rasped, and the next thing House heard was the phone hitting the floor.

"Uh, Wilson? James?"

". . ."

"Um, yeah. Call me back when you're done puking-"

"DON'T YOU EVEN HANG UP!" Wilson roared from somewhere far away. House sighed. After a few minutes, and rushing water, Wilson picked up the phone. "Okay. I'm Ok."


"Whatever. Talk."

". . ."

"Oh so now you're the silent one? Greg-talk. You wanted to talk, so talk."

"I don't think I like your attitude JAMES."

"Well jeez. I'm so fucking sorry that I have an attitude. How did you expect me to react?"

"I have a feeling that's a trick question."

"Did you want me to hand you the gun? Sharpen the razor blade-"

"Prescribe the pills?"

Wilson's blood ran cold at the statement. For a moment he could've bet his soul that he was about to throw up again. Placing the phone down, he fought hard to contol his breathing. He wouldn't cry. He would not cry.

"I really don't want to fight." House said softly. Wilson picked the phone up again.

"Please don't do this Greg."

"I need to."

"And I need you!" Wilson yelled, and for once didn't attempt to explain his words.

"Yeah. . .Is that supposed to make me feel better? Good Saint Jimmy needs the crippled bastard Gregory House. Fuck you Wilson. Fuck. You." With that, House hung up the phone. Wilson was pretty sure he'd thrown it, because he heard the sound of some piano keys, and then the line went dead.


This time it was House who was about to go crazy. His phone had been ringing non-stop for the past fifteen minutes.

"Stop calling my damn phone!" He yelled into the reciever.

"The hell I will! I talk and you hang up on me?!"

"I'M supposed to be talking. You're supposed to listening jackass. But forget it."

"Forget what?" Wilson's heart dropped.

"Everything. See you at work Monday."

"You're lying."

"Shut up Wilson. Go back to sleep. This is only a dream."

"I'll call Cuddy. The police too!"

"Oh I'm really scared now." House laughed loudly. The fact that it sounded so sincere made Wilson's eyes burn.

"I swear on everything Greg. I'll call them right now." He reached for his cell phone.

"Go ahead James. I'll be dead before they can even dispatch an ambulance to my address."

"Why? WHY do this?" To me?

"I can't do it anymore. I'm too tired." Can't you see?

"Of the pain?"

"No. I can deal with the pain. I mean it sucks, but I can't deal with people. My JOB."

"I thought you liked your job."

"Your patients die. All the time. It's to be expected. But my patients have a chance to be saved. Most of them. It's like, I'm this world famous doctor because of how smart I am. How great I am at diagnosing patients, treating them for an illness someone else missed. But when I fail, I'm looked at like I'm some type of failure. I'm like Kobe Bryant. Only popular when I win. But when I lose. . ."

"I had no idea-Greg, no one blames you if you can't solve a case."

"Have you met Foreman?"

"He doesn't-"

"And Cuddy? You know, the one with the nice ass?"


"Then it's like 'Why couldn't you save her House? Too high to even notice? Or care?' I'm not some fucking addict. I don't pop pills to get high. I pop them to function. And just because I don't go around hugging trees like Cameron doesn't mean I don't give a damn. I hurt like anybody else. I feel like anyone else. I just don't express it, and all I wanted was for somebody see that. Acknowledge it."


"Yeah. WOW. The beast has a heart. Call the papers!"

"You're not a beast Gre-"

"And Wilson. Always calling me an addict. Giving me looks of disgust whenever I asked for a refill. I could move past the infarction. I could even get over the pain and the hideous scar. I can't-won't move past being treated like a failure at life, you looking down on me."

"You have a problem House."

"I'm not an addict. I just abuse prescription medication."

". . ."



"It's not about the fucking pills! I needed a friend! Support-"

"Don't even think of saying I've never supported you House. I've always been there, maybe if you weren't so-"


". . ."

"High Wilson? Is that what you were going to say?"


"Don't call me that."

"I didn't-"

"Go to hell. You're more heartless than I ever gave you credit for."

"I'm not heartless." I'm just scared.

"Do you think I'm proud to admit that a pill holds so much power over me? Do you think I like limping around in constant pain? Then when I take my usual normal dose I still get dirty looks. Do you-" House broke off into silence.

"I didn't-" Wilson hesitated. "I don't consider you an addict addict House. I know you don't pop pills just to get high. I never-"

"YOU never took the time to try to see the real me. And you didn't care. As long as you were needed. You still don't see me. And I'm sorry, but that's just not acceptable anymore."

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