Ok, well down there is a better summary, I just copied it from my THF page so you can get the full range of things....well here it is and I hope you enjoy it!!!!!

With another one of Bill's fathers crazy experiments gone wrong, Bill ends up pregnant at sixteen and now he is risking losing his boyfriend.

With all the weight already on his shoulder, Bill meets Tom, A Wanna-be thug that scares Bill. But can Bill look past his fear of getting beat up by the Gangsta to actually see that the boy is head over heals for him.

Categories: Slash
Characters: Andreas, Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing, Gustav Schafer, Original Male Character, Simone Trumper, Tom Kaulitz
Genre: Alternate Universe, Fluff, Humor, Mpreg, Romance, Twincest - Not Related
Main Pairing: Tom/Bill
Side Pairing: Bill/OMC
Warnings: Adult Content, Cross Dressing, OOC, WIP


"Thank you and have a nice day!" A talk dark haired named Bill said, his voice dripping with fake enthusiasm as he laid a dollar and change into a strangers hand. The stranger nodded while grabbing a cup of hot coffee off the glass top counter where cookies and other treats were stored. The man dropped his change into a jar and shuffled out of the door in a hurry.

Bill was about to turn around when a women walked in. the young boy about had a heart attack. This woman was the biggest pain the arse to work with. She couldn't hear a thing and was about half stupid. He was already have a shitty day and then this women shows up and is going it make it a hell of a lot worse!

"Can I help you?" Bill finally asked, loudly, after contemplating on whether he should hit her over the head with a glass and carry her out back and steal her purse so she couldn't come back to bye coffee.

"You don't have to yell lady, I can hear you!" she grunted vociferously as she sloppily threw her purse on the counter.

Count to ten! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6....

"I want a one those frap-o-chino things!" she said at full volume. Bill clenched his fist. This was the same damn thing the women got everyday and everyday it was wrong, it wasn't what she ordered.

"What size?" Bill asked pushing her button.

"No lady I don't want no damn fries, just give me my coffee!" the women snapped flinging her purse open. Geez, what a potty mouth!

"NO, I asked, WHAT SIZE!" now Bill was mad. Being called a girl once was harsh but twice, this woman was getting poison in her coffee. Damn, I don't have any!

"What is the smallest you got?" she asked squinting up at Bill with her beady eyes though her bottle-cap thick glasses.

"Small," Bill said finally on the edge.


Bill was about to reach across the counter and wrap his fingers around her old wrinkly neck when his senses got the better of him.

"SMALL!!!" he shouted


"Yes, lady a tall."

The women looked around, "I didn't see that lady fall."

Bill heard a snigger behind him and he whipped his head around to glare at his friend behind him. His friend, Andreas, squeaked at Bill's glare and disappeared behind the door.

"Listen I have other customer," that was a lie, but anything to get this women to leave him the hell alone is worth lying about. "Do. You. Want. A. small. Or. Large?"

"You know what, I don't like your attitude missy, I'm taking my service elsewhere!" she humph-ed and turned and waddled out of the store.

With a few curses and threats Bill saunters into a room behind a set of swinging doors and seen his best friend sitting at a table with a glass of foamy cappuccino.

"Want some?" the bleach blonde boy asked sliding his cup across the coffee stained table. The boy smiled before taking a drink and giving it back.

"If I ever see that women in a dark ally, only one will leave and it won't be her," Bill grumbled slumping into the cheaply made plastic chair.

"So, have you decided on how you will tell him?" Andreas asked taking a drink. The raven slumped down further into his chair; his body going floppy.

"Hell no!" he sounded. "You know it won't go over well, it never does, I don't even know if I should."

"Bill you have to tell him, it's his kid."

"What the fuck do I care for, you know he will just break up with me!" he said back in his defense.

"Yea but don't you think he deservers the right to know."

"Hey I'm the one knocked up here; I'm the one going to decided who knows what and when."

"Ok, but I would want to know."

Bill quirked an eyebrow at his friend before sitting up again, his hand traveling over his stomach. Inside him was a baby.

Bill's father was a scientist. He did all sorts of experiments and Bill was the test subject. Most of them were harmless. Like maybe a cure for bad breath (which would kill and leave Bill's breath smelling like God knows what for at least 3 days, he didn't like those). Sometimes it was a weight loss pill, Bill would eventually gain like 20 pounds, but his father would get it right and he would lose it all back.

So Bill was used to the experiments; they were like a second nature to him.

But one day, Bill's father hatched a huge plan to help the human race grow. Because as if we don't have enough snotty brats and stupid old ladies running amuck, he wanted to add more to the already growing issue. Anyways, due to the increase of gay males, his father wanted to create something that will allow males to reproduce. So when he had the prototype done, along came Bill. His father watched over him and studied his body, finding that all his hard work did nothing.

Then about a week later, Bill had sex with his boyfriend for the first time. It was magical for Bill and everything was well with the world. Then he started getting sick. Throwing up here and there, getting really tired and cranky.

Bill's father noticed his son's unusual behavior and ran some test on his son, only to find out that Bill was pregnant. His father was ecstatic about the news. Not so much Bill though, because he is only sixteen. He still had high school to finish, college, and a life. But now it was all ruined thanks to his father. But Bill didn't keep it against him; it wasn't entirely his fault, Bill should have made sure Tod, his boyfriend, wore a condom.

"Damn why didn't he wear a condom!?" Bill shouted with frustration.

"Getting caught up in the heat of the moment you don't think, oh, put your hot and heavy breath on hold for a sec, I need to stick a rubber on, don't want you getting pregnant!" Andreas waggled his finger at Bill.

Bill laughed at his friends' sense of humor and lightened up.

Suddenly, the bell at the front desk was sounding and Bill stood up going to go kill who ever was destroying his break. If you though he was mad before, when he seen the women from earlier at the front desk he was about to go off.